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Harry Potter: Voldemort's Heir

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How does our little Harry Potter react to such dreadful news about himself and his past? Well you should read to find out shouldn't you?

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Harry Potter the boy who lived killed He-who-must-not-be-named ten years ago, with a counter-curse his mother, Lilly Potter gave him. She died along with his father, James Potter their son was left orphaned and scared, he was sent to the only living family he had left, The Dursely’s. They were proud to say that they are perfectly normal, thank you very much. Their Small son Dudley often tortured Harry when they were young and now. Number Four ,Privet Drive is thee last place Harry would want to be, but there was no escaping it he was stuck there until he turned eight-teen, that seemed like a long, long time, dreadfully long. He lived under the stairs in a little cabinet with no more than a small bed and some broken toys Harry had found, the blanket that he was given was nothing more than a moth feast and was soon to be eaten the rest of the way.
“Wake up wake up!” His Aunt rapped on the door. Harry moaned at his sudden awake-ness so to say and hit his head on the top.
“Are you up yet?!” She yelled at him again rapping at the door. Harry had abandoned any hope of getting any extra sleep.
“Nearly.” He snapped back at her but she had gone to the kitchen and starting cooking some beacon. Harry opened the door slouching towards the kitchen ready for another dreaded day.
“Now I want you to cook up some beacon and eggs. Don’t you dare burn them boy, I want everything perfect for my little Dudly-kins!” She said cradling over her large son who was counting presents.
“How many are there?!” He shouted at his parents.
“36, my dear.” Harry could feel a Dudly tantrum and gobbled down his beacon just incase Dudley to it out on him, Aunt Petunia sensing danger quickly added.
“You didn’t count Aunt Marge’s present, see underneath the big on mommy and daddy gave you.” Harry rolled his eyes at the drama of it all. Harry knew that if Dudley got in a few tears that he would get anything he wanted.
“So 37 then....” Danger was still in the air.
“And after going to the zoo mummy and daddy will go out and get you two more presents, alright Dudley-kins?”
“Bad news dear. Mrs. Fig has broken her ankle and won’t be able to take him.”

At the zoo, that Harry was forced to go to he had already been kicked several times by Dudley and Peers and hit too many times to even count. Dudley finally led them into the reptile house. Finding a large king Cobra and started raping at the glass. What would happen next was far beyond ordinary.

As Harry was enjoying the zoo a lot I might add, Olette was getting ready for her first day of school. The day before she had received a letter from an owl saying:

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chief Warlock,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)
Dear Miss Olette D. Riddle,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted
To Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please
Find enclosed a list lf all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no
Later than July 31.
Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

Olette was small and skinny looking as though she hadn’t eaten a decent meal in years. Olette had white hair as the snow and eyes to match. The cloak she was wearing was black the same as her clothes. Her ashen white wand 13 inches, dragons blood and basilisk venom with a faint of a phoenix tail, was giving off a slight glow as she read in the dark. A tall hood stood over her lingering as she read on, his long, bones for fingers curled over her shoulder slowly making its way to the letter. She finished reading with her head down, the hood snipped the letter from her and slid it in his pocket.
“Well you’re in Knockturn Alley go get your things.” Hissed an all too familiar snake-like voice from the hood; Olette just nodded swinging around and headed for Gringotts Wizarding Bank. She walked faster sliding in and out of wizards and witches. Finally she stood before the Bank; a goblin bowed her in as she opened the door. It had been raining outside and she was a little wet as she took off her hood. Olette walked up to a goblin who was recording some number and names in a large book. She stood before his very tall desk and cleared her throat getting his attention.
“Yes?” His voice rang harshly.
“May I make a withdrawal?”
“Name?” He asked in a scratchy voice, like nails on a chalk board.
“Olette Riddle.” The goblin peered over and down at her.
“And does Miss Olette have her key?” She held up a silver key with a silver snake wrapped around it.
“Yes.” She hissed angry, the goblin clapped his hand and a smaller goblin waddled up to her and took the key.
“Vault number?” A squeaky voice came out from him.
“999.” She followed him into a cart zipping down passage after passage, slope after slope, and numbers after numbers, finally they came to an abrupt halt.
“Vault number 999.” He helped her out of the cart and on the cement flooring. The stout goblin to the lantern and held it up to the door. Olette took the lantern as he had held it up for her to take. The goblin stuck the key inside turning it as the door flashed a snake made the door melt and disappear into the ground. Thousand upon thousands of gold Galleons stood with hundreds of silver Sickles, and loads of bronze Knuts. Olette took 999 galleons and left the vault. The vault melted back into place and the snake moved locking it from anyone who doesn’t have a key.
She had enough money to get her well through the term and more. She turned into Flourish & Blotts for her books.

The snake hadn’t moved so much as a muscle so Dudley and Peers went to torture some other creature. Harry stood there watching the snake; the snake raised its head and winked at Harry.
“I get that a lot.” He motioned over to Dudly, “People stuffing their faces up to me.” Harry wasn’t sure he head right, but the snake just talked right?
“I know it must be pretty annoying at times.” The snake nodded.
“Say have you ever talked to anyone before?” The snake shook his head, saying no.
“Right.” Harry smiled at the snake asking it more questions and the snake seemed to be enjoying itself plenty. Well that is until Dudley had to go and ruin it for him.
“MOM!!! DAD!! Look what the snake is doing!” The Dursely’s came rushing over knocking Harry down onto the ground. Harry glared at the glass, and as the Dursely’s turned around looking for Peers, the glass disappeared. And Dudley fell in, squirming around trying to get as far away from the snake as possible.
“thankssssss...” The snake hissed on it way out hissing at everybody scaring them out of the zoo. Dudley stood up trying to get out but the glass was back and he couldn’t get out. Peers was laughing and so was Harry, But Uncle Vernon turned towards Harry and Harry immediately shut up. Harry didn’t know why but whenever there was trouble he always got blamed even if it was impossible, how could have he made the glass disappear?

At home Dudley was wrapped in a warm towel and sat down in front of his presents to calm him. He stared to undo the wrapping paper on them. But Uncle Vernon had some business to attend to business meaning locking Harry in his cupboard.
“No food for a week!!” He was so made that Harry could see him turning into different colors, with veins popping out of his neck. Uncle Vernon marched away leaving Harry in a dark hole with spiders and such that he could eat.
A week later he was let out of his cupboard and treated like a dog who had used the floor as a restroom.
“Get the mail boy.” Vernon said cruelly to Harry. He walked slowly to the door picking up the mail looking through it and finding what was most shocking to him, and letter for him.

To Mr. H. Potter
#4 Privet Drive
The cupboard under the stairs.

There was no mistaking that the letter was for him. But how did they know that he lived under the stairs? And who would be writing to him he had never received a letter in his entire life so why start now? He walked back in the dining room handing Vernon the mail but keeping his letter for himself, at least until Dudley had to ruin it for him again.
“Dad! Harry’s got somethin’!” Dudley took the letter from him.
“Hey give that back it’s my letter!”

With Olette

Olette strolled out of the book shop with a bag of heavy books, she had gotten more than she had intended. She had all of her first year books plus second year and some curses and muggle books and well basically anything else.(in total 166 books. I myself love to read) Hurrying quickly to buy a caldron to hold all of these books she ran into someone dropping some of her books.
“Oh! I’m dreadfully sorry. I apologize for my mistake.” She looked up seeing a boy with blonde hair that was slicked back, making him look expensive, and with fancy new robes he looked as if the world should bow down to him. He wasn’t smiling, he wasn’t frowning, he was, actually looking like he couldn’t care less. Olette picked up all of her books and her bag of money and was starting to walk into Cauldron Shop he stopped her in saying.
“What’s your name?” He even sounded like he could care less.
“Olette Riddle.” She said hurrying in the shop and dropping them into the first size 2 pewter cauldron she laid her eyes on. She walked to the front of the store lifting the cauldron up to the counter and taking a quick breather.
“Olette! Well looks like you got yourself more books, eh? May I ask how many this time?” The man behind the counter gave a smile and waited for her answer.
“166 books. Not too many I wanted to get more but then I would have gotten in trouble.” The man gave a hearty laugh.
“Not too many!? I don’t think I’ve read a books in my life! Olette you surely are an odd one.” Olette giggled a bit, smiling though no one could see it her hair was always hiding her face.
“Well if you’d like I’ll let you have one. Maybe then you’ll have read 2.” They both laughed as Olette walked out he shouted.
“Have fun at school Olette and don’t get in to much trouble!” Olette waved as she headed back to Knockturn Ally again bumping into the same boy. But this time a man stood behind him, they had the same face and the same hair so that had to be his farther. Her eyes went wide as she recognized who it was. He smirked.
“Well if it isn’t Olette Riddle. My son told me you ran into him. I though he might be lying but it seems I was wrong. What are you up to these days?” Olette calmed down shooting a quick look around for the hooded man from earlier, not seeing him she replied.
“Well Lucius I’m not in trouble if that’s what you mean.” She glared at him trying not to look behind her just in case.
“For the moment.” He hit her with his cane slightly so she would move out of his way. He turned back to her.
“For the moment.” She whispered rubbing her cheek. He was gone with the little boy she didn’t know, everyone in Knockturn Ally who knew her treated her like a dog the others just tried to take her away to kill her or to do experiments on her.
“Do you have everything?” The hooded man was back and leading her deeper in to Knockturn Ally.
“No. I want to get some real curses not this second rate things they call powerful enough. No I need some curses that will help me with my task; I need the three Unforgivable Curses. You know where to find them don’t you?” Behind the hood a silvery smile made its way across it face.
“Not only that, I can teach you.”

With Harry

Harry was fighting Uncle Vernon for the letter and Dudley was trying to get it also trying to read it to see who in the right mind would write to Harry Potter of all people. Finally Vernon pushed them both out into the hallway and closed the door. Harry and Dudley fought for the right to listen through the key hole, Dudley being the big lug he is, Dudley won and Harry got the crack of the door.
“Oh Vernon what are we to do? I knew this day would come!! I knew it!”
“Calm down Darling! We do what we are supposed to do in the first place. Stamp out that non-sense.”
“Right. What a relief.”
“That boy is more trouble than he’s worth.” Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia where whispering something that the boys couldn’t hear. Uncle Vernon stepped out staring at the boys.
“Harry gets your things you’re moving up stairs. Into Dudley’s 2 bedroom.” Harry knew he wasn’t supposed to ask questions but this one seemed necessary.
“But why?” His answer was expected.
“Don’t ask questions and just do it.”
At dinner Dudley was eating quietly he had thrown the biggest tantrum and threw the biggest fit ever, but he still didn’t get his room back and was forced to clean his room out for Harry. Although Harry was pleased with this he had rather be in his cupboard with the letter than be in a big room without it. The mail man had dropped the mail through the slot.
“Dudley gets the mail.”
“Make Harry get it.”
“Dudley just go get the mail.” Dudley want to thwack his dad with his smelting's stick but he had left it upstairs. So he walked to get the mail........
“Dad! Harry’s got to more letters!”

With Olette

“You want to learn the unforgivable spells, no?” He and Olette were in a dark room with people hanging from the walls. She gave a flinch at the smell of blood; she was blind folded and couldn’t see anything.
“Yes..... and No. I want to learn them not use them, only for protection.” She knew this man knew the curses very well he had used them many times before on many people. The blind fold was taken off and Olette stepped back staring in horror at the sight. The hooded figure knocked her to the ground.
“Get your wand and repeat after me. Crucio!” Olette closed her eyes saying the curse and she got it the very first time aiming it at the hooded man. Causing him pain, she had found the other two in a book but missed.
“Stay away!” She yelled as she fled from him and out of the room grabbing her books and a broomstick, she quickly mounted zooming off before he could catch her. She made into Knockturn Ally before she was caught.
“Sectumsempra!” The man shouted at Olette making her in the victim’s description “being slashed by a sword” Olette let out a scream of pain, and held her stomach, blood was soaking her hand. She scrambled up books and cauldron in hand racing past the people and pushing those in her way. She fled out of Knockturn Ally running into Diagon Ally, she ran straight into a woman with red hair and some red-headed kids behind her but next to her was a red head man who had worry all over his face. Olette opened her mouth with the last strand of strength left she strained out a plea.
“Help...” She collapsed at their feet. The smallest of the red-haired people a girl turned her over and moving her hand.
“The Sectumsempra. How terrible. Who would do this to a small girl?” Mr. Weasley looked around finding a dark shady figure in a black cloak with his wand drawn to his side.
“Come let’s get her out of her and back to the burrow. It’s a good thing that Fred and George stayed home well send them a message telling them to get ready for us.” Mrs. Weasley had very good ideas, and in turn was the smart one in the family.

Mrs. Weasley laid the girl down on a bed that was in the living room.
“Ok everyone out! Ginny dear get me a bucket of hot water and some towels.” The males in the family shuffled up the stairs and waited for the news.
“What happened?” The two twins asked.
“I don’t know exactly. She ran into us, asking for help so we did.” He said boldly as if he caught the criminal. They just rolled their eyes.

Ginny brought what her mother had asked. Her mother, Mrs. Weasley started dabbing the wounds.
“This is pretty much all I can do. We just have to wait and see if she pulls through.” Olette slowly opened her eyes as Mrs. Weasley started to bandage her up. She gave a moan of pain and looked meekly at Mrs. Weasley.
“Why would he.....” She gasped out, letting another moan escape her. Mrs. Weasley looked very shocked.
“You farther!!? Arthur!” She yelled. Mr. Weasley ran down the stairs stopping at the sight of Olette.
“Tell him dear.” She urged Olette on.
“What’s your name?” He asked her.
“Olette D. Riddle.” She fainted from the pain again. His face was full of worry now even more worry than at Diagon Ally.
“Did she say Riddle? Never mind I need to go inform the M.O.M!” He rushed out of the burrow and disappeared using a port key.

With Harry

Harry fought and fought, Dudley fought and fought, but Uncle Vernon still won. He shoved the letters into the fire.
“Well that’s that.” He said rubbing his hands together as if to clean some invisible dirt off his chubby fat hands.
“Now I would like a nice cup of brandy.” He sat down in his chair gulping down his drink as Dudley and Harry stood there red with anger. Harry knowing that he wasn’t allowed to be angry raced up stairs and stole to his bed, while Dudley threw a huge fit for not getting to read the letter. Uncle Vernon now calm, started to board up the post hole then took a large gurgle of brandy calling his work fitting for the day. Aunt Petunia was cooking away in the kitchen it was almost dinner time and Dudley was complaining that he was hungry and that he was going to die from starvation if he didn’t get food.
“I want chicken not fish! I don’t like broccoli!” He kept complaining. Harry just ate whatever he was given, he was hungry and couldn’t careless about anything.
“Harry I thinks it’s time for you to go upstairs.” Uncle Vernon stated coldly, and Harry did as he asked laying on his bed staring out the window.
“I want that letter…" he sighed sadly to the fact that he never really had a friend and now someone was sending loads of letters to him and he wanted one more than anything he ever wanted in his entire life.
“I wanted that letter… But I know I won’t be able to get one.” Harry turned over staring at the blank wall and soon fell asleep.

With Olette

Olette hadn’t eaten or spoke since the day she arrived though Mrs. Weasley had tried. Olette for hours would just stare out the window in some kind of trance, or curse.
“Give it time dear. The Sectumsempra sometimes wipes out some memory; we can only keep her alive until...” He cut himself off, Ron came trotting down the stairs in his night gown walking towards the kitchen soon after Fred, George, Percy, and Ginny came down to.
“Until what, dear?” ‘ding-Dong’ the doorbell rang, Mr. Weasley opened the door with a frown, who stepped in, was unexpected Luscious Malfoy and his son Draco Malfoy. Luscious walked over to Olette taking her by the arm and dragging her to the door.
“Mr. Weasley I advise you and your family to stay away from Olette from now on.” Luscious gave off venom, Draco had taken hold of Olette who was shaking but keeping her head down keeping eye contact away from the Weasley family. Mr. Weasley nodded his head while Mrs. Weasley looked as if she could scream or rather burst into flames of rage. Why should Luscious take the girl she had come to like so much? He hadn’t taken care of her!
“But… Is she staying with you?” Luscious gave a frown.
“No, I wouldn’t want to filth up my home, now would I?”
“Your house was made filthy the day you moved in.” Olette pulled away.
“Don’t act like I don’t know what your doing! I know. I’m not stupid. Because I used an unforgivable curse I must go on trial to see if I get sentenced to Azkaban!” She yelled at them all.
“Not at all dear.” Mrs. Weasley said trying to calm her down. Olette didn’t, her eyes flashed a venomous green though her hair was in her eyes no one could see.
“Fine…” She growled, she finally calm down enough.
“Thank you… Sorry I have to leave on such short notice.” Mrs. Weasley gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek, Fred and George tried to do the same but Olette wouldn’t hear of it, instead she gave them a small hug, same as the rest of the family, then left with the Malfoy’s. Everyone watched as she left using another port key. Mr. Weasley turned to his wife and children with a disgruntled look on his face.
“She wasn’t lying. She will most likely be sent to Azkaban until the start of the year for Hogwarts where she will be under constant surveillance. Then on the holiday’s she’ll be sent back.” Mrs. Weasley let out a shriek.
“NO!! That poor dear! Oh you have to do something about it!! Arthur do something!” He let out a sad sigh.
“I’ve tried.” Then there was an uproar in the kitchen, especially from Ron and Ginny. Ginny finally just burst into tears and Ron ran upstairs kicking everything in sight, Fred and George started turning red from yelling so loudly and so much finally they had to stop to catch their breath.
“Molly you have to understand…”

“Olette what do you plead?” Olette gave no hesitation.
“I plead guilty for using the three unforgivable curses, I have no regrets in doing it.”
“Do you plead guilty for killing a innocent people three years ago?” The Ministration of Magic had gathered together for the trail of Olette. She was in chains her wand was taken away for the time being, she had been stripped of her normal clothes and put in a raged, old, beat down jail suit with stripes. Four dementors stood surrounding her making her nervous. She had her hair out of her face so they could see her eyes, she was looking all of them in the eye making them shudder.
“Yes. I plead guilty. Again I have not regrets.” The counsel dismissed her with every holiday in Azkaban, including Christmas, and summer holiday, but still be aloud to go to Hogwarts, but will be under constant surveillance.

Olette was thrown into a cell a they very top of the prison, where the high security prisoners are held. Still bound with rope she just laid there on the floor staring at the wand she couldn’t reach, she could hardly move either.
“three years.” She breathed as she turned ever so slightly putting her back to the cell door to the window peering out looking at the moon. She let a sigh escape her then she soon fell asleep.

With Harry

Harry woke up the next morning to an Aunt Petunia yelling at him from outside his door. The full moon was in the sky, which wasn’t odd it was the begging of fall and the days were growing in length. He staggered down the stairs walking into the kitchen and automatically started to make breakfast for the family. He plopped down beacon, eggs and orange juice on the table then sat down on the far end trying to struggle down some beacon. He had realized what day it was, Sunday… Which explains Uncle Vernon smiling.
“Do you know what day it is?” Uncle Vernon asked with a huge grin on his face, when everyone walked into the room.
“Sunday.” Harry said solemnly.
“Correct. And why am I happy on Sunday?” He said mouth full of food.
“Because there’s no post on Sunday.” Harry again repeated from his mind.
“Corr…” He was cut off by a low rumbling sound. It grew louder and louder until….BOOM!(throws arms up from dramatic effect) letters poured out from everywhere. Through the kitchen window, the fireplace, even the nailed up mail slot. They even seemed to be coming from the sky, Harry jumped up on the table trying to grab a letter, he got one! He ran upstairs his uncle close behind. HE ripped open the letter pulling it out when his uncle snatched it out of his hand and knocking him down the stairs. He shoved Harry in the little cupboard under the stairs and locked it. Aunt Petunia was having a very hard time keeping Dudley from reading one of those letters. Harry buried his head into his knees sighing, he didn’t see the letter that had floated down and fell next to him. Harry felt something touch his leg and though it was a spider, he reached down a touched it then shot his eyes open. He tore open the letter, pulled it out and began to read. His eyes grew wider with every word in the sentence. His mind filled with questions, questions that he knew needed answers but how was he going to get them? Not very easily mind you, not at all. The only thing that he would get easily was a beaten. But how could he be a wizard? A wizard of all things? His mum? His dad? Were they wizards to? He couldn’t possibly be a wizard…. But the scar, did he really get it from a car crash? What was the scar really from? And why would the Dursely’s try to keep it a secret when they knew one day he would surely find out? All of these questions needed and had and must be answered right this second… but what if it’s just a prank by the Dursley’s? If Harry hadn’t known them his whole life than he would think it would be nut still. A huge sound came from the front door BANG!! BANG BOOM!!!! Harry looked out his little air vent that was in his cabinet the door fell in and there stood a giant of a man.
“’orry ‘bout tat” he lifted up the door and put it back on its hinges.

With Olette

The dementors came past her cells seemingly sucking all the happy and
Good memories she had left to keep her going through her first night of prison. She started shaking it was rather cold. They had given her no blanket, nothing, it was just and empty cell. More dementors floated past her, reminding her of some awful memories, to keep her compulsion she started to just lose herself in her mind and thoughts. She became enraged, furious, dejected, and troubled. She wallowed in her pain which brought her nothing but even more pain and grief. A dementor gripped the cell bars freezing them and covering them thickly with ice. A man appeared behind him.
“Get up. Its time for your first punishment. Every day, 3 times a day, you will be punished in ways of the cruelest torture. But since you don’t seem to be that mad and aren’t trying to run away fro me....” He broke off looking behind him at Olette, who was following him with no rejection.
“I know what I did was wrong and I accept that.... And I would be a fool to run away, when this place I now call home is filled with traps awaiting me along with dementors.” The man smirked widely holding up her white ash wand 13 inches, dragons blood and basilisk venom with a faint of a phoenix tail, tapping it on his head smiling widely with most of his rotten teeth missing.
“Right you are my love.” He watched her as he hit it on his head; she kept flinching every time he did so. “Do you remember the meaning of love?” He asked his voice low and crude he turned back around leading her through many of passages ways but still on the same floor.
“I never knew the meaning. Nor have I felt it, wanted it, or need it. To so say from my father, I’m not worth the joy love brings.” The man stopped in front of a cell, a man laid staring out the window not turning his head, the cell had two beds, bunk bed a sink and a cubical, probably containing a toilet.
“Pity. You’ll be staying in here. Ah... there you go.” She held on to the bars watching him leave with her wand still in his filthy hand. Olette heaved a sigh that had meaning to escape for years; she slid down the side of the wall peering at the ceiling like it was its fault for her being here, in this place.
“You are who?” She asked head still in the air almost as if she were talking to herself. He muttered an answer; she crawled next to him staring at him with her chilling eyes, which seemed to creep down his spine and through his body. He looked at Olette as though he had never known she was there or even talking to him.
“Finally someone to talk to.” He gave off a weary smile. He closed his eyes. “Tell me a story, just so I can be talked to.” Olette didn’t know any.
“How ‘bout I um... Sing you a song?”
“No. Just make up a story. Just a story, then you can sing.” Olette hid her face in her now messy hair.
“Oh, alright.”

Story in the story

“Over the mountain side, the knights raised their swords in their last attempt to fight off the evil that was engulfing their world. A red moon was in the sky that night, giving them all a sense of fear. They knew this would be the last battle for men, but they would never lose hope. A man known as their King and as their brother stepped forth.
‘My brothers! This is a day where we shall be remembered! Even if we are the last of the men! Even a small light shines in the dark! Let us put these serpents back in their place!’ He roared to them, they all battle cried and flew off at the Elves. Thee Elfish war between the humans, the elves, and the dwarfs who were fight for power over the middle kingdom. The Elves had already taken out half of thee humans and dwarfs. But there was still hope, anything was possible for these humans.... Death screamed in the air as they collided.....” Her voice was cold as she remembered the story from her brother; that seemed to be so long ago.

With lil’ ‘Arry

Harry started to bang on his cupboard door, trying for anything to get out and possibly run away, but it was no use. The giant had come towards the doors and ripped it off to.
“’Arry? Blimey! You’re as skinny as a therestral.” The giant took him up into a big hug. Harry looked Dumbstruck so did everyone else.
“’Arry Don’t tell me ya don’t ‘member me?” His voice was happy and sad at the same time.
“I-I’m sorry but... I really can’t tell who you are. Sorry.” The huge man gave a tremendous laugh to go with his size
“Well O’course ye don’ remember me! You were just a wee baby then I didn’t expect ya to. But I did think that the letter gave you some idea of who I was.” Harry took a few steps back afraid of another hug. He waved a letter in his hand.
“This? I thought it was some joke My Aunt and Uncle must’ve pulled on me. I really can’t be a wizard.” His eyes shot at his aunt and uncle, but his eyes drifter to a calender next to them. Sunday! Today was his 11th birth-day and even he forgot. He gave a soft sigh as the man continued.
“But yer are Harry. A darn good one if ya ask me. Er—By the way my name is Hagrid.” He took Harry’s hand shaking it violently. Rain had started outside some was leaking in the house fro, the hole in the door.
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