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Ch 2: The Song of an angel

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After Olette had finished her story, the man sitting next to her gazed into to her eyes intently. That was before he shouted and cheered with glee, pure happiness. She looked at his dancing form and laughed.
"Young Girl, I believe you have found your calling in life! That was bloody brilliant! Come over here so everyone can here you! Come and sing!" He urged in a hushed but excited tone. Olette being a girl who did not want to disappoint, did as told without question. He smiled warmly at her, and sat down, telling her to sing with her heart.
Her thought became morbid at the word heart
'Should I tell him that I hardly have one for myself; let alone to share?', but that was quickly discarded as a load of rubbish, she loved to make people happy. After all growing up the way she did simply made her that way.
"Oh, Alright If you insist." She started her melody; it was calming and soothing, but happy and joyous at the same time. Even if they couldn't understand the language she was speaking, they could still see the images flash before their eyes. Images of lilies, and her dancing on the water of a pitch black lake underneath the cold gaze of the moonlight, her dancing was elegant and beautiful, full of twists and turns. The water seemed to dance with her; floating droplets grazed her pale skin, and rested in her long silky white hair. Her simple white dress had fit her perfectly curving with the young child and giving over a glow of a beautiful essence, and the aura that shot off of her was simply to say in the least, calming, like when your mother hugs you after you fall or when a father tells his son that he's proud of you. Her voice was silky and fine, long and luxurious, kind and loving. All around, it was just perfect.
Some thought that they had gone crazy, had they just heard music flowing out of her perfect mouth? Or was it part of a spell? The questions didn't last long as they listed again, all of their bad memories faded and their hearts warmed, and they let the music drown and hold them in the trance. Even those nasty dementors stood at bay, hesitant to interrupt the velvety voice that caused them to feel so human and loved. They craved more, they needed more, and they needed the happiness that made them feel so loved and cared for. So they to listened, as she sang again and again.
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And she did dance, she danced and sang. Casting her spell to all the prisoners, casting her love and happiness that she craved to the others. She herself found herself in the white dress that appeared in their in the dreams and visions. Her long hair dragged on the ground, turning it into smooth stone that was cleaned and beautiful. She left her moon white eyes out for the world to see and gaze into. She spun and twirled casting her spell even further than she thought, Azkaban, the whole lot that were in the cold gates found their souls stolen in to the music and let the music control, and warm them in the horrible place.
To add to the spell of the enchantress, she sent out her butterflies to rest on each prisoner's head. To give the illusion that she was singing forever, until she left in two weeks for Hogwarts that is. Now that she really looked at it, she smiled having everyone under her spell. She in her white dress she conjured up a black dress cloak to fall neatly with it. Seeing as how she was naturally small and thin, she slid through the bars and snatched her ashen white wand away from the ensnared man. With one last check, she disparated, leaving Azkaban to be under her spell. And reappeared at the Burrow. Olette was welcomed back with open arms and hugs from everyone. She told them about her escape from Azkaban, and they promised not to tell since Molly loved having two girls around. And so did Fred, George and Percy but in a more than slightly different way.

"It is so good to have you with us dear, I am glad that you chose to stay with us." Molly hugged her once more before handing her a pair of custom made 'Weasley' clothes which Olette took thankfully.

"I have a new sister! Oh my Gosh this is just too cool. And your so pretty too, Sigh I wish I was that pretty." Ginny fawned over Olette who hid behind her hair in flaming embarrassment.

"Ginerva, you are very beautiful! Not many children can say they have hair like fire that dances and eyes like cool earth. No, you are very-very pretty, and your kind attitude only brings it out more." Olette said taking her into a hug after fully changing her clothes. A black sweater with 'Riddle' on the back and a green serpent, and loose black bell bottom pants that had green fire stitched on the end of the legs. Molly had out done herself, since Olette had given her a ton of galleons for the whole family, who in turn got fabulous new clothes made by Mrs. Weasley herself. Molly sniffled, proud that her daughter was called beautiful, and not just by her.
Ronald, or Ron as he put it, stared at her not entirely sure of the girl.

"Whose your pop? The one that chanted the nasty spell on you?" Ron asked the question that was lingering in their minds for a long time. She just smiled sweetly before answering calming.

"I believe you call him Voldemort, right? Tom Marverlo Riddle is his normal name. Correct me if I'm wrong on the Voldemort part." She said looking at their pale and scared faces.
"Are you afraid? You shouldn't be, Father won't come here, not while you’re my friends. I do after all control the entire army of what you call death eaters and such. So I can over throw him if I wanted. It’s just that he and my brother sealed away most of my magic and my true memory. So no reason to be terrified or anything. Besides with the wards I put up only I and all of you can enter." She stopped herself from continuing her babbling, instead She smiled at their relieved and shocked faces.

"Yo-Y--You- You c-c-control the entire army of Death eaters?!" Arthur sputtered, spilling his coffee on the table which Olette calmly whipped up with a dish rag.

"Yes, but you see they don't know that I have that memory back, hence the reason I was able to escape and the Malfoys' stuck me there in that place." She sighed. "Poor Draco, he doesn't even want to be a death eater let alone a Malfoy." She sighed again. Fred and George picked up on this and smiled evilly.

"Seems like Olette has a twinge of an infiltration for the Malfoy heir. Interesting." They chorused at the same time; much to her and Ginny's annoyance. Though Olette's blush did give it way.

"I do not!"

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