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" And the time comes and when it does be a man ".

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Harrow here sorry it took so long i was just crying from some of you guys mean reviews but i still love you all and maybe if one of you are interested can you be my beta?. That would solve this punctuation problem you all say i have um anyway enjoy!:

Frankie had long went back home and again stayed in his bedroom the door locked and his room dark. He had seen gerard's drunken out body as he left that morning to return home in ray's room. Gerard had been scarcely breathing and looked as if someone had killed him. But frank went nowhere near that room he did'nt want to give gerard the wrong impression.

Mikey had began to make new friends so he was hardly ever there leaving frank to have the dorm room to himself. This went on for 3 whole weeks frank would come home from his college classes avoiding the talkative ray and hide in his bedroom only coming out for popcorn and to use the bathroom. The telephone had been ringing off the hinges but frank would'nt pick it up he knew who it was.

It was jamia she had been calling non stop for the last 5 days trying to reach him but he would'nt answer so she finally got up off her ass and came to visit him.

The knocks on the door sent frankie flying from his bed and onto the floor in a knot of sheets and blankets. Frankie had lost lots of weight and had developed black circles around his eyes, his hair was messy, and he had been wearing the same clothes for 3 days frank had been depressed. " Hello " frank said squinting his eyes while opening the door to let an angry jamia in " What can i do for you? " he sarcastically asked and she suddenly smacked him while yelling

" Answer your fucking phone! ".

For awhile frank stood still grasping his right cheek and eyes tearing up but he swallowed his guilt and said " What the fuck do you want? " " Answer me when i call you what the hell have you done with yourself?! " jamia responded looking around the nasty bedroom frank called home. " Nothing " he answered sitting down on his bed " Why haven't answered me? " she said staring evilly at him

" Because " frank said " I was thinking of ways to break up with you ".

It was true frank was he was utterly tired of having this bitch call him everyday, he was tired of yanking through these thought's of did he or did he not love gerard?. But most of all he was tired of this phone bill that he had to pay thanks to this bloated whale he called a girlfriend calling him every fucking day. Frank had been lost his feelings for jamia a long time ago but he did'nt know how to tell her this he had'nt had much girls that he ever had to break up with she was his first.

Jamia stared at him in shock she could'nt believe he was doing this to her she loved him she did sometimes but she loved him none the less how could he do this to her?.

" But what did i do? " is all jamia could say her eyes watering up and her throat becoming dry
" Why frankie why? " she cried. He looked up at her and shrugged he came to terms with it last night he had fallen inlove with gerard from the first time that he had seen him there was no denying it. This man was everything frankie had been ever looking for he was beautiful, he was kind, he was talented, and so unbelievably gorgeous!.

Gerard made frankie feel like he was normal like someone actually cared about him gerard had went through the same thing that frank had endured through. Loneliness, jealousy, and a awkward childhood and growing up stature and with gerard frankie felt like he did'nt go through it alone and that there was finally someone who understood him ( and that's all everyone wants right? ).

" I'm sorry " frankie said looking up at jamia who stood crying against his wall " It is'nt you it's me i just don't feel anything for you anymore. I tried i really did but it did'nt work and i don't want to keep on leading you on ". Jamia's anger errupted now and her only release was to again slap him right across the left cheek and then she screamed:

" What the fuck do you mean you tried? you never fucking tried you always ignored my motherfucking phone calls and you never tried to talk to me. All you do is sit up in here and hide-- hide from the outside world and think your life is so bad well look the fuck at me i try so hard with you and this is all i get well fuck you frank anthony iero!. I never want to see you again do you get that? If you did'nt want me well now you don't have to have me because i never wanna see you again! ".

And all frank said nonchalantly was:

" Okay " his mind was made up he loved gerard arthur way.

After throwing a massive hissy fit and breaking some of frank's shit jamia stormed out but stood outside the door and yelled " I hope you have fun with the dumb bitch and when she finds out how you treat females she'll leave you too! ". And frank crept a smart ass smile across his face and said " Not this time she is'nt a bitch because she is'nt a girl ".

And with that he slammed the door in her face leaving her to stare wide eyed at his door and wall.

Mikey had entered the back door as the front one slammed and said staring at frank " Who and what was that about? " and frank said breathing deep and feeling good " I was ridding a bitch out of my life and i am free ". Mikey smiled and said " I'm happy that your feeling better and all but do you think that you could give my friends one more chance by accompanying us up to bob's cabin for school break? ". And frank smiled and replied " I'd be happy too mikey is your brother coming? " and mikey said " Yes why? "

" Because " frank said wrapping his arms around mikey's neck

" I have something to tell him ".

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