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" We're like little kids in a huge, big, store! ".

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" Everybody let your guard down, Let's watch frank and gerard play around! ".

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Harrow here hello my buddies thank you to everyone who reviewed last i love you all you guys rock so much it's crazy. Um anyway here goes the story i hope you all enjoy it!:

The break came swift and fast and college was let out for fall vacation. The weather had also dramatically changed as well becoming quite chilly outside in the new jersey air forcing others to don pretty, little, coats. Frankie began to wear his black skeleton printed hoodie everywhere he went and was for the first time actually happy. Since dumping jamia frankie became more friendly and light hearted and more vocal in his actions and words.

He also became more testy in his sexuality often kissing mikey out of nowhere and being extra clingy and cuddle-worth towards him. Mikey, did'nt mind he usually just laughed and joked it off often saying " Gerard would like that! ". Bob for the first time came over to mikes and frankie's dorm to help frankie pack his clothes to get ready to leave and as he did he explained what they'll be doing. " My cabin " bob said stuffing frank's clothes in the 3rd suitcase " Is in upper state new jersey located in the middle of a mini forest and the country side. We're going to have to travel for a day and a half to get there so we're stopping at a store on the way to get much needed stuff ".

Frank loved this he completely adored, the outside and it's wilderness he when he was younger often slept outside in his mother's backyard to escape the arguments and woes of his abusive father. When the packing was complete they all went over ray's dorm to sit and wait for gerard and bob to bring the cars around. It was 3 in the afternoon when the cars finally arrived in the front of the dorm everyone piled outside as bob and gerard got out.

It had been 3 weeks and 5 days exactly, since frank had seen gerard and he seemed to only get better. Gerard this time had his hair neatly combed and shiny clean framing the beautifulness of his innocent face, He wore these huge but cute sunglasses that hid his pretty eyes and complimented his slim nose, His lips were also pressed together clasping a ciggarette in them. Frank stared as gerard came around to mikey and hugged him and then shook hands with ray and continued talking with bob, while ray asked him what took gerard so long " You know how gee is with his coffee he stackes up on ciggs and coffee " bob replied.

Frank slowly became sad then gerard must have still been mad at him for avoiding him this trip was'nt going to be good after all then suddenly gerard came up to frank and waved saying a shy " Hi ". Frank almost choked and stuttered out a " Hi " this kid continousily amazed him gerard was so forgiven and nice frank adored him so much. After partially eating the 5 Gerard, Bob, Ray, Mikey, and Frank got into the 2 cars that was driven around having bob, ray, and gerard driving together while mikey and frank drove together.

They then stopped at a nearby Wal-mart store and all got out of the car they walked together randomly talking of food and what they're plans were when they got to the cabin. They entered into the air conditioned store and mikey and ray grabbed a cart. At first they all did normal shopping, getting bags of assorted candies and chips, they picked up plenty of honey buns and pastries, and lots of meats. Frank made sure that he got his tofu meat and lots of vegetables and spices to make them taste better.

When they all rode their buggies into the cereal and coffee section gerard spontaneousily freaked yelling " Oh my fucking shit they have it! " this sudden outburst scared mikey " What the hell is wrong with you?! " he screamed back. Gerard smiled adorably picking up the gingerbread flavored coffee and hugging it " They have this mikes i have searched everywhere for this ". The others could'nt help to laugh as gerard kissed the can and sung quietly to himself " Nan-nah i have it! " it was breathtakingly cute to frank who quietly giggled to himself.

The store shopping only got wierder but oh-so cute as the day progressed on gerard and frank had a buggy race down the bread aisle pushed by ray and mikey they crashed countless times but just laughed it off. Then a song came on in the store it was Guns 'n' Roses " Welcome to the jungle " Gerard bursted out singing down the aisle, playing and strumming a pretend air guitar frank loved this song too and screamed the chorus after him. This attracted the attention of the other shoppers in the store and they curiousily stared on as they clapped and chanted the song along with them crowding around frank and gerard leaving ray, mikey, and bob out.

They sung so much and so good that the manager of the store gave them all the things they had in the cart for free. Frankie and Gerard then ran out the store swinging the bags all around them and laughing as they got in their seperate cars. 'Gerard was so cool' frank thought as he looked out the window at him from across the way of his car that cute smile, and that wonderful blowing, black hair.

When the cars got back on the street and drove over into the country side of new jersey bob hinted for a car race between him and mikey. Mikey was'nt up for it though he was scared that they would crash or someone would get injured " What do you mean mikes? we're out in the middle of nowhere! " bob yelled looking out the driver's seat window driving next to a cautious mikey. " I don't want to die! " mikey yelled back " Aww come on dude! " said gerard poking his head out of bob's back seat window " Live a little!" and with that bob's car sped off.

Frank tapped mikey on the shoulder from behind saying " You gonna' be a bitch and let them beat us? " and mikey nodded yes. " Aww dude! " said frankie grabbing both mikey's shoulders " Don't you lose to gerard enough, aren't you tired of him thinking he's better than you? " and mikey stared at him " He's not " mikey replied then frank tapped him saying " Prove it! " and mikey did. Mikey's car suddenly shot up in sound and speed as he gained on and rode the back of bob's car bob yelled back that mikey was weak and could never beat him nor gerard.

Mikey took offense to that.

Mikey drove around steep corners and street hills in pursuit of bob's car after pushing deadly hard on the car pedals mikey drove up to the left side of bob's car. Gerard had stuck his head back out the window and stuck his tongue out at frank who laughed and flipped him the bird in return. The 2 cars drove so close together that frank was now staring face to face with gerard, who still had his tongue out frank decided to be risky, to show gerard that he had some kind of feelings for him...

So frank leaned slightly out the window and covered his mouth over gerard's cherry red tongue. This took gee by surprise but he eased into it kissing him back bob and mikey did'nt notice anything they were too busy yelling curse words at eachother. The kiss deepened and for a minute everything stopped for deep in gerard's pale belly he grew the butterflies and his shattered hope rose. Frankie cared for him after all, besides you don't kiss anyone unless you like them or something right?. Gerard did'nt want to think to much of it he just wanted to simply enjoy this, to simply enjoy frankie's sweet lips.

The 2 were yanked apart suddenly when the cars pulled away and mikey yelled loudly that he had won bob slowed his car down and dramatically hung his head in shame as mikey teased and pointed at him. Frank stared longingly at gerard as mikes car climbed a steep hill and bob's car followed after them he knew this time he loved him. And as twilight dawned down and night time took over frank could'nt keep his eyes off of gerard even when he was asked several times to help bob unpack the luggage and remove the snacks- frank could'nt...

That man was sure glory and sweet love and the way that the fire flies fluttered around gerard's face made frank fantasize and realize something:

That it would be beautiful to make love to gerard outside while the fire flies illuminated around him.

Harrow here hi buddies this is the update just for all of you and if you don't believe me about that gingerbread flavored coffee then you don't know gerard he said he loved that shit. Um anyway review my darlings and tell me what you think because soon gerard and frank will do what it is that i'm sure you all want them to so review for me and i'll update for you bye!.
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