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Beast Boy

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Would it end up the same way if the roles were reversed?

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"Titans! Go!" the Boy Wonder shouted.

Nobody sprung into action, though, because he was in his room with the door closed.

"No. That's getting old," he said in a normal speaking volume. "How about...hmm." His masked eyes widened and he filled his lungs as he prepared to shout again. "Titans! Trouble!" He grimaced. "No. Alliteration is bad. I'm a superhero, not a poet." Placing one finger to his temple, Robin thought intensely for a new standard call to action. He had the first half; it never changed. It was just the verb that got him.

"Titans! Move!" He didn't like it. He would probably never like it. Not until it was just perfect. It didn't help much that he could only think of a few appropriate words to accompany "Titans". Sighing with defeat, he slumped down on his bed.

"How does 'Titans! Same as always!' sound?" a high voice floated in from the threshold. Robin jerked up, again with wide eyes.


The girl walked further into the room and approached his bedside. "I knocked." She smiled and laughed a little at Robin, who now was about as red as his suit. He hated being caught practicing. "You probably didn't hear me."

"I'm being that loud?"

"'Loud' doesn't even begin to describe it." His hue deepened upon hearing Terra say that. "Star's still asking where the trouble is and why you aren't there to help her."

Robin's nose started bleeding from having so much blood collect in his face - and only in his face. "I'll tell her it's all right."

"You do that." Terra turned and started to walk out of his room, but stopped herself when he called her name. "Yeah, Robin?"

"How about, 'Titans! Out!'?" he asked hopefully.

"Don't quit your day job," she joked, then walked away, letting Robin's door close automatically behind her.


A klaxon blared through the Tower as a situation appeared on the main screen: Mumbo "the Magnificent" was terrorizing the zoo, turning every last animal into a rabbit. Cyborg saw it first and pulled everyone out of what they were doing before Robin could come along.

"Titans!" Robin began, running into the main room. He stopped and frowned when he saw that Cyborg, accompanied by Raven in the passenger seat of the T-Car and Terra and Starfire flying above it, had left before he could tell them that there was, in fact, trouble. As if the siren weren't enough of an alert. He sighed again and, after a bit of walking, jumped onto his motorcycle and sped off to join the others.


"Thanks a lot, guys," Robin muttered with a hint of bitterness as he dismounted his cycle.

"Rob, chill. We're here," Cyborg insisted, getting out of his car. Raven closed the door on her side and joined Starfire and Terra in looking through the zoo gates with bizarre expressions. Eventually, Robin and Cyborg joined them.

Every animal in the zoo had been released from its respective cage. The gorillas were gone; the ferrets free; the elephants escaped. And, thanks to a masked, blue-skinned man with a black wand and top hat, the rabbits were rather rampant. Mumbo was pointing his wand at the zookeeper, tied up in multicoloured ribbons, and, as villains are wont to do, proclaiming his plans loudly.

"I'll bring back your animals if you give me all the ticket proceeds!"

Robin only had to nod for the Titans to enter the zoo grounds and get into proper formation for a dramatic entry. As soon as they were aligned, the Boy Wonder let fly his words. "That's a load of mumbo jumbo, and you know it!"

The mad magician looked at Robin and wrinkled his nose. "I think you just laid an egg!" No sooner had he finished saying that than two eggs erupted from the tip of his wand and slammed against Robin's face. Though his eyes were now sunny-side up, his frown of humiliation was entirely the opposite. Wiping the egg from his face with one hand, he pointed at Mumbo with the other and gave his orders.

"Titans! Go!"

Six orbs of green, black, and yellow surrounded three pairs of hands. With a wave of his magic stick, though, Mumbo transformed those powerful glows into inflatable boxing gloves, leaving the trio of girls very confused. However, Terra noticed something even more odd: One of the many, many white rabbits frolicking about the feet of the zookeeper and the street magician was very noticeably not white, but green. It was also manouevreing around the others of its kind to reach Mumbo's backside. She arched an eyebrow. She then arched the other eyebrow as her eyes widened from the sheer bizarreness of what she was watching.

"Yaaaagh!" Mumbo yelped, half in pain, half in surprise. Pivoting on one foot, he spun around and bumped his abnormally large nose into the chest of a quite large and quite green gorilla. Before the magician could raise his wand, one massive monkey fist sent it spinning to the feet of Robin, who was far from the only one to have joined Terra in watching the spectacle. The second of the gorilla's powerful fists caught Mumbo under the jaw, sending him spinning to Robin's feet in a similar fashion. The gorilla then transformed himself into a very green teenage boy, a little on the scrawny side, wearing a purple-and-black getup.

The boy cast his eyes about the five heroes, then at Mumbo, then at the heroes again. Aside from Mumbo, who wasn't going to be seeing much of anything for a while, the others' eyes just stayed fixed on the changeling teen. "Well?" the boy asked to break the silence. "What are you waiting for? Snap his wand. That'll fix everything."

Robin shook his head back and forth quickly, then picked up Mumbo's wand and put it in a pouch in his belt. From another pouch, he took out a pair of handcuffs and clasped them around the knocked-out magician's wrists. Looking up, he began his regular line of questioning, though his tone was not the menacing one he would use on someone like Slade; it was confused and curious, instead. "Who are you?"

"I thought you'd never ask." The green teen smirked. "I'm Beast Boy!" The smirk spread into a self-appreciative smile that easily covered half his face. "I think you can figure out what I can do. And you. You're the Teen Titans." He pointed to each one in turn. "Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Terra. It's great to finally meet you all!"

"Well, Beast Boy, thanks for your help. But," Robin questioned, "how do you know snapping his wand will work?"

"Of course it'll work! Snapping wands always gets rid of the magic! I saw it in a movie once."

"Wicked Scary II: Magic Attack," Terra cited the name of the movie that she was sure Beast Boy meant.

"That's right! Terra, you watch Wicked Scary?" To Beast Boy's incredulous reply at her aptitude, Terra could only blush in response.

"I think we could use someone like you on the team," Robin offered. He looked around to the other Titans. Cyborg just nodded. Starfire could barely contain her glee at getting a new friend - it was all she could do to keep from hugging Beast Boy's internal organs to dust, the Boy Wonder figured. Terra's face stayed red, but the smile underneath the blush told Robin that she was in agreement. Only Raven seemed reluctant. She neither smiled nor nodded; in fact, she gave no indication of her opinion at all.

Robin looked back at Beast Boy, whose eyes could have taken up easily three-quarters of his face from his eager anticipation. "Looks like you're in." Before the new Titan could react appropriately, Starfire's arms, still truncated with air-filled mitts, were around him and squeezing him in places in which he would rather not have been squeezed.

"Oh, new friend! Come! I shall prepare a traditional Tamaranean /blorthar/, the crown of meat-laden friendship!"

Beast Boy made a quick change from human to ant, then back to human, so he could escape Starfire's grip and breathe again, then replied. "Thanks, Starfire, but no thanks. I don't touch meat. I've been most of those animals. Now, if you have a crown of tofu, we could talk."

The authorities, sometime between the Titans and Beast Boy apprehending Mumbo and Starfire crushing Beast Boy's organs, had finally arrived. As they picked up the unconscious magician and locked him in their paddy wagon, Beast Boy bridged the gap between himself and the Titans and joined them.

"So do I get cool gadgets and stuff now?"

"We'll sort that out when we get back to the Tower," Robin confirmed.

"Welcome to the team, Beast Boy," Terra commented sweetly.
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