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chapter 5

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I'm backkkkkkkk!

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Feeling the cool air hit my skin after stepping out of the shower, I wrapped myself up in a fluffy towel. It was already about five in the afternoon and the late summer sky was starting to turn a little orange. There was a knock on my door and I told whoever was there to come in.
"Hey girl. I brought over a number of outfits and some makeup for you." Hayley said as she started to lay out some of the clothes. There was one thing that really caught my attention. It was a white printed loose fit bubble tank top with a light blue embroidered bib at the scoopneck. So I picked it up and showed her, pretty much like asking her for her opinion. "Hell yes! That's one of my favorite tops. Oh, and you can pair it with a pair of plain black skinnies!" We found a good pair and then she pushed me into the bathroom to get changed. "Hayley! I don't know what to do with my hair!" She came in and took a look at it and said to blowdry it and straighten it, then she'll come in and 'work her magic.' As I was blowdrying my hair I could hear Queen blasting through my iHome speakers. Giggleing as she started to dance around and sing the lyrics. That little girl sure did have a voice on her. Once I stepped out of the bathroom, I started to sing and dance along with her. "Um, are we interrupting something?" Someone said from the door. As we looked to see who it was, we discovered that it was the Farro bros, Hunter, and Taylor. "Nah, but Hayley help with my makeup too?" I begged her. She just pulled me into the bathroom and started to apply liquid eyeliner on my top eyelash line, some pink blush to my cheeks, a little shimmery eyeshadow, and basic pink lipgloss. Finally when we were finished I got a text from Barrett.
hey bby, wht time do u wnt me 2 cum n pick u up?
I replied saying to him that anytime is good.
mkayy i was thinkin bout just doin a movie @ my house, tht sound good 2 u?
I looked at Hayley after she read it and she gave me that 'ohh you better use a rubber' look. yeh thts good

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