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Chapter 4

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Don't let this character fool you...

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I woke up to the sun’s rays seeping through the curtains that ended up nearly blinding me. As I looked around, I noticed that I must have fallen asleep on the floor. No wonder why my neck was killing me. All that I remember from lastnight was getting into a fight, finding out about Kyle and Jessica, and then crying once again. The smell of bacon and coffee brought me back to the present, and I was actually grateful for that. Grandpa Ralph was in the kitchen wearing a wife beater, flamingo pajama pants, and fuzzy slippers. What am I going to do with him? “Hey hun. How are you today? I made bacon! You want some?” Great, not what I need right now. “Hey Grandpa, I’m alright, and I’m a red meat vegetarian.” He was really understanding about it, not like my father. “Well we have some other stuff in the fridge, so if you want anything then you can get it.” I didn’t really want anything, just a sweet tea. I grabbed that then went back upstairs to change into my zebra print bikini so I can go tan. When I came down the stairs, I was met with five pairs of eyes on me, instantly turning red. Zac, Hayley, Josh, Hunter, and Taylor were all there and all in bathing suits. “So, um, hey guys.” I was able to squeak out. It took the guys a few seconds to get themselves together, then they all asked if I wanted to go to the neighborhood pool. Either I could stay here all day with Allie, or I could meet some cute boys and get to know these kids some more. “Alright, but let me grab my phone.” I ran off to grab my sidekick and then we were off.

Once we finally got to the pool, the boys went running off and jumped into the blue water. Hayley and I made our way to a pair of the tanning chairs, then went to get a bottle of water. “Damn Hayley, who is your friend?” Some guy that you could just tell that he was the man whore type asked her. “Robbie, this is Kae and she’s not interested.” She simply said grabbing her water and walking back to the chairs. “So, who was that?” I asked after taking a sip of my water. “That’s Robbie Ferguson. He’s a dick. All he’ll want to do is to get into your pants. Trust me, I dated him for about a week, and he asked me three times before dumping me.” Ugh, that kind of reminded me of one of my ex’s. I kept saying no because I knew he wasn’t going to be the one, and so he cheated on me with Jessica. Go figure right? I was pulled from my thoughts by a wet body pulling me into the pool. “Zac. No no! Don’t…” I was cut off by being pushed into the water. Once I finally surfaced, I gave that boy the meanest death glare and he took off. “Zac! I’m gunna fucking kill you!” Everyone was laughing so hard. Hayley’s face was almost as red as her hair. I climbed out and went to lay out next to Hayley. Great, now my hair will be all wavy. While I was lathering my suntan lotion, another shadow came across my body. “If you’re thinking about throwing me into the pool again, then you’re sadly mistaken.” I simply said without looking up to see who it was. “I didn’t come over here to throw you in, I just wanted to get your number.” Looking up, I was met with one of the hottest ‘scene’ boys ever. He had black hair that was a little past he ears and had choppy layers, blue eyes, snake bites, and one of the best bodies too. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought that you were one my friends.” I could feel the blood start to ride to my cheeks. He just kinda chuckled a little. “It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m Barrett Kinsley by the way.” I took a quick glance over to Hayley and she was nodding her head like crazy. “I’m Kaelin Cook, but everyone calls me Kae.”

We finally left the pool at around three, and I got Barrett’s number. He just moved in down a few streets, and he’s actually a really sweet boy. Hayley and I found out that he’s going to be going into the same grade as most of us except for Zac. He plays the bass guitar, and he’s into the same kind of music as me. “So Kae, who was that boy talking to you?” Zac asked me as we were walking back home. “His name is Barrett, he’s new, and really cute. We might go out tonight.” I said smiling. “Really, where are yall gunna go?” Hunter asked while giving Zac a look. I ignored the look, but answered him anyways. “Um, I’m not sure. Hayley will you come over and help me find something?” I asked her. “Sure babe, let me run next door to grab some clothes that you might like, then I’ll be right over.” We parted from the boys, and they went their way when we went our way.
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