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sitting, waiting, wishing

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After a tragic accident in a local wal-mart, merideth hawthorn's life changes forever. Who comes along and changes it even more?

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{So this is my first story. Tell me if i do anything wrong or how i can improve please!THIS IS NOT A PANIC AT THE DISCO STORY FALL OUT BOY WILL BE IN IT LATER!}

So it's been about two hours since my shift started. I'm still working! I hate overtime!
Especially since I started working at my local Wal-Mart. I'm currently folding men's pajamas
and watching the commercials flick by on the television screens hanging above me. I have considered quitting so many times but I need the money for rent since my roommate moved to Arizona. Okay so I'm grateful for the over time. It gets me out of my empty apartment so I don't have to face being lonely all of the time. I just hate overtime at Wal-mart.

A little kid crying brought me out of my thoughts. I looked over to see a little boy and his mom arguing. Apparently he had knocked some clothes over with his super bouncy ball. Great more things I will have to clean up. You can practically hear my eyes roll. Little did I know that this little boy would change my life forever.

The boy's mom kept looking over to my left while trying to calm her son. I was curious so I looked over to my left only to see Brendon Urie looking for mens pj's. This didn't shock me much since I live in LA although panic at the disco was one of my favorite bands.

A loud CRASH set things in motion. I looked over to see that the little boy had thrown his bouncy ball into one of the TV sets. His mom was yelling and Brendon was walking to the other side of the table right underneath the now broken television and closer to me.

Then one of the cables holding the television up snapped. I soon realized that it was going to fall and fall right on top of Brendon Urie's head! I looked to see if he noticed but he didn't seem to see it. I just couldn't let him get hurt so right before the last cable holding the television up snapped I shoved him out of the way.

Suddenly I felt something hit me and then everything went black.

Brendon's point of view

I flew to the ground after the girl I had been staring at for the past thirty minutes while looking for a pair of pajamas for Pete, pushed me out of the way of a falling TV.

Wow it seems like everyone has been getting hurt lately. First Travis breaks his hand, then dirty gets in the way of some fireworks, and then Pete has an allergic reaction to some medication.

Pete has been in the hospital for a few days now and wanted me to get him some new and clean pj's. I was glad to do it considering we had all just been hanging out at the hospital with Pete, bored. I ended up noticing a pretty girl with the most beautiful blue-green eyes while looking for pj's so I kind of just stayed to watch her. Which is why I'm currently on the ground looking in horror at the sight of her with a TV shattered all over her. There was glass everywhere.

"I called an ambulance they should be here soon." The lady with the shrieking kid said.

"Good" I whispered. The girl was just lying there not moving at all. What happens if she's dead? I can't even begin to think about that.

"Did you know her?" the lady asked. She was starting to get on my nerves acting all calm and cool while this girl could be dying right in front of us. Her son had a more appropriate reaction; he started crying hysterically at the sight in front of him.

"No" I snapped.

"I just thought.......that since she saved you.......that you knew her." she replied quietly. I hadn’t really thought about that. She had saved my life. I owe her a lot.

"Oh" I said automatically feeling bad for snapping.

"And the paramedics will want to know her name." she added almost as if it where an after thought.

"Yeah.......maybe she has ID on her?" I said trying to be helpful.

"Yeah maybe.......why don't you check?" she said while staring at me.

"I don't want to hurt her by moving something I shouldn't." I said.

"I don't think you could hurt her any worse.......just look in that wont even move her." the lady replied while completely ignoring her wailing son.

I knew that I probably shouldn't but I crawled over to the girl. I reached inside her pants pocket hoping to find a drivers license or something. To my luck I did find something that turned out to be her drivers license. As I moved away from the mess a crowd started to gather. Her license said that her name was Merideth Hawthorn and that she was twenty-four. I looked up right as the paramedics showed up. After moving the TV, getting Merideth on the gurney, and taking her ID from me the paramedics started talking to me.

"Do you know her name?" they questioned.

"Yeah it's Merideth." I stated in a daze.
will Merideth be okay?
what will happen to brendon?
when will fall out boy be in the story?
only i know so read and review and the second chapter will be up soon
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