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we were ment to live

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We find out if Merideth is okay and Brendon organizes a scavenger hunt.

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Merideth's POV.
I woke up to see a blinding white light right above me. I tried to cover my eyes with my arm but every time I tried to move it something tugged on my hand making it really uncomfortable to move.

I moved my head so I could see the room even though the slightest movements made my head throb. I came to realize that I was in a hospital room and had tubes coming out of my arms.

My throat was so dry that it felt like I hadn't drank anything in months. Maybe I haven't. I don't really know how long I have been here.

But my throat isn't the only thing that hurt. My right leg was killing me and it was hard to move. Every time I took a breath it felt like my lungs where on fire, and there was a bandage on my face, I just noticed my throat first.

I looked around the room and noticed a nurse in the corner looking over what I assumed to be my charts.

"Can I have some water?" I gurgled out.

"OH you're awake!" she said with to much enthusiasm.
I just nodded my head a little.

"Well I can give you water but let me tell you the extent of your injury's first." she replied. Again I just nodded.

"Well when the TV hit you some glass cut your face and we had to give you stitches for that, you shattered the bones in your right leg which is why there is a cast on it, you sprained your right knee, and you broke three ribs. You will be out of here in a couple of days but you will need to rest and not over exert yourself for about four months. I will go get you some water and while I'm out do you want me to call someone for you? They wont be able to visit you for a while but they can sit in the waiting room." she said all while smiling to bright at me.

I thought about it but then remembered that I have no one for her to call. How sad is that?

"No thanks, I would just like some water." I replied.
With that she beamed at me "Oh and my name is Candy!" and with that she walked out the door.

This lady is just plain creepy.

Brendon's POV
"Did you get me pajamas?" Pete asked as I walked back into his hospital room after talking to the doctors about Merideth.

Apparently since I don't know her I can't even know what room she's in! I knew about the whole if you're not related you can't get information from the doctor but this is just ridiculous! And after all of that I didn't even get him some pajamas!

"No sorry." I said while looking at my feet.

"You where gone for an HOUR and didn't even get me some PAJAMA'S?" he yelled. Great he was grumpy.

"Yes but I have a good excuse" I said trying to calm him.

"What is it?" he asked with some interest.

"Well while I was there I saw this girl......" I started only to be interrupted by Pete.

"Was she hot?" he questioned.

"Yeah she's probably five foot or less and small......she is soooo tiny, she has long......probably down to her butt........brown curly hair, blue green eyes and the softest looking pink lips I have ever seen." I replied while picturing her in my mind.

"WOW...... So what happened with her?" he asked while sitting up slightly.

"Well before I got up enough courage to talk to her she was shoving me out of the way of a falling TV." I said looking at my shoes again. I felt so bad that I couldn't even thank her for saving my life.

"Wait she shoved you out of the way? Of a falling TV? ARE YOU ON CRACK? TV's just don't fall out of the sky and pretty girls just don't go shoving people." he said while laughing at me.

"The TV was hanging from the ceiling at wal-mart you idiot. And because
She shoved me know she is in the hospital because the TV landed on her head! SHE SAVED MY LIFE! And if you hadn't sent me to get you pj's in the first place she would be fine!" I wailed at him wanting to hit him soo bad.

"OH......I'm she here? Did you talk to her? What was here name? Is she going to be okay?" then a sad look crossed over his face and he said in a small sad voice "your right if it weren't for me none of this would have happened."

"I didn't get the chance to talk to her; she was knocked unconscious by the TV. Her name is Merideth Hawthorn and yeah she is here but they won't tell me where so I can't go talk to her......This isn't your fault Pete I'm just a little upset and taking it out on you." I replied.

"Wow that's a beautiful name. You should have everyone who wants to, go looking for her. Start on this floor and then go to others. Whoever finds her can get fifty dollars!" he said getting all excited.

"Like a scavenger hunt but just for her? And how would they know if they find her? And who is going to pay fifty in the first place?" I questioned getting a little excited myself, cause it sounded like fun.

"Yeah like a scavenger hunt! You would have to describe her to them and give them her name. I will pay the fifty as long as you tell me all about it since I can't take part myself. Oh and get me her cell number." he said while grinning.

"Why would you pay the fifty?" I asked a little confused.

"Cause I want to meet her and apologize." he said looking serious.

"Okay, even though it's not your fault." I repeated while heading towards the door.

"Whatever......oh and Brendon." he grinned.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"YOU NEVER DENIED THAT YOU WERE ON CRACK!" he cried while bursting out laughing. I just rolled my eyes and walked out into the waiting room.

"Who wants to go on a scavenger hunt?" I asked to the people waiting for Pete.

"Yeah!" was the answer I got from most. So I started to fill in panic, fall out boy, gym class, and cobra on what was going on.

"On your mark, get set, GO!" I yelled and we set off on the quest for merideth.
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