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Brendon finds Merideth and we learn about pete and ashlee's relationship.

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Merideth's POV
It's been an hour maybe an hour and a half since that crazy lady left to get me water. She still isn't back! I have been sitting here bored as can be just staring at the door waiting. I think I might go crazy if someone doesn't come and talk to me.

Suddenly the door started to squeak open. I was starting to get excited. Finally some one I could talk to! I swear I could kiss whoever was about to come through the door. Suddenly a guy was looking into my room. All I could see was his head but I still knew who it was.

"Are you Merideth Hawthorn?" he asked. I was shocked how did he know my name? Why was he looking for me? Then I remembered what I did for Brendon Urie but that doesn't explain why this guy was here.

"Yeah.........who wants to know?" I asked cautiously even though I already knew who he was.

Suddenly he started jumping around and then replied with a smile "Saporta.......Gabe Saporta and I knew it was you those eyes of yours are very unique." he replied while his smile grew. I could feel my face turn red.

"HEY I FOUND HER SO PAY UP!" he screamed into the hallway while jumping again. Then he looked back at me. I was more than a little up?

"Do you seriously not know who I am?" he asked.

"Yes I know who you are I just thought I would ask." I replied with a small smile.

He grinned back as a lot of people from fueled by ramen/decaydance crowded into my room. I was more than a little excited. I basically listened to all of those bands. There was the rest of Cobra starship, panic at the disco, gym class heroes, and seventy-five percent of Fall Out Boy. I would have to say though that my favorite band is Fall Out Boy. I think they're amazing.

Brendon walked into my room and handed Gabe fifty dollars. I raised my eyebrow questioningly at them.

"What's going on?" I asked hesitantly. Everyone including me turned to look at Brendon.

"Um......I....uhhhh." he stuttered.

Suddenly Ryan stepped forward "uh Brendon here wanted to say thank you for you know saving his life at wal-mart but the doctors wouldn't give him your room number so we held a scavenger hunt for your room." he said then stepped back by Brendon.

Brendon whispered his thanks to Ryan who just replied with a no problem. I watched this exchange silently while thinking.

"So that's what all of you are doing here? You're all looking for me? How much money does Gabe get? How do you guy's even know my name? And your welcome Brendon it really wasn't that big of a deal." Came rushing out of my mouth all at once.

This time Brendon could talk "we are all actually in the hospital because Pete is a patient here but we thought looking for you would be more fun than sitting in the waiting room. Gabe gets fifty for finding you. I kind of looked at your driver's license while we where waiting for the paramedics at wal-mart so I found your name......sorry. And it was a huge deal to me."

I was shocked at the new information that I had just found out. Pete was in the hospital?!?!? I know I sound like a fangirl but I'm not the type of person who thinks they are going to seduce him at one of the shows, convince him to marry them then have his kids, I just like him. He is my favorite Fall Out Boy even though I like all of them.

"Why is Pete in the hospital? If you don't mind my asking."

"Oh he had an allergic reaction to some anti-depressants." Brendon said answering my question. Patrick smacked the back of his head.

"Ow......what was that for?" Brendon complained while rubbing the back of his head.

"Pete might not have wanted people to know he's on anti-depressant medication. Especially if they were a fan!" Patrick replied in a scolding tone.

"Sorry but I already told her. And most people could guess that he is on anti-depressants since the whole Ashlee thing! Everyone knows how bad that messed him up. And you don't even know if she's a fan!" Brendon replied looking slightly annoyed.

Know I was really confused. What had happened to Ashlee? The last I heard they where married and expecting a kid. What is going on here?

"Are you a fall out boy fan?" Joe asked me. I figured I would say yes then ask what had happened with Ashlee.

"Yea I listen to all of you guy's. What happened with Pete and Ashlee?" I questioned.

"YEAH IN YOUR FACE!!!!!" Joe screamed while pointing his finger in Brendon's face. Everyone turned and stared at joe except for Andy who just rolled his eyes and turned to me.

"You haven't heard about the breakup?" Andy said quietly to me while everyone else started talking amongst themselves.

"No I have been really busy for the past couple of months so I haven't read any tabloids or anything like that." I admitted to Andy.

"Oh......well about six months ago Pete found out that Ashlee was cheating on him. He got supper mad and they got a divorce and he took a paternity test." Andy explained to me.

I figured now would not be a good time to tell him that I knew Ashlee. Our parents where friends. She like's me but I'm not that fond of her. She is just super fake.

"Was it his kid?" I whispered.

"It was......he fought for custody but the judge thought that since Pete tours a lot that Ashlee would be a better parent. She fought for Pete to never see the baby. Personally I think she did a few thing's to the judge so he would see things her way if you know what I mean wink wink. But Pete can't see their daughter anymore so he has been super depressed. He can't prove that Ashlee is a bad parent. And she is still bothering him with texts and phone calls. In my opinion she is a real Bitch." Andy sneered.

"Wow that's horrible. She is a bitch." I said.

I looked up to the end of my bed as the door opened again. It was Candy my crazy nurse (without my water). Her eye's looked like they were going to pop out of her head as she looked around at all the people in the room.

"What is going on in here? Who are all of you? Merideth is not allowed to have visitors so you all need to leave. But you cutie can hang out and keep me company if you want." Candy said while pressing up against Travie.

His eyes widened in shock as he quietly declined and left the room so fast you would think a stampede of wild moose where after him. This made me laugh EXTREMELY hard but I wasn't the only one everyone else was laughing at Travie as they left my room. Brendon stayed behind and walked up closer to the head of my bed and ignored the disapproving glances he was getting from Candy.

"Hey do you have your cell phone with you?" he questioned.

"Yeah I have it." I said while pointing to the table next to my bed where my phone lay.

"Why?" I asked.

"Oh I was wondering if I could get your number? Pete wanted to apologize to you for sending me out to get him pj's in the first place. He thinks it's his fault since he sent me out even though I told him it wasn't." he babbled on for a while.

"Okay its 123-4567 you or Pete can call me any time day or night, I have insomnia so I don't get much sleep." I said. With a polite thank you he wrote down my number and then left.

hey so here's the third chapter. hope you like it.
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