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Searching for Potter

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Hermione is waylaid by a frantic Draco Malfoy demanding to know where Harry is. Or so it would seem...

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Searching for Potter


Hermione, having just stepped out of the library with a pile of books that towered over her head, turned and attempted to look down the hall. A moment later, half the books vanished and with her vision no longer obscured, she could see who had been calling her. Her eyebrows shot upwards. "Malfoy?"

The blond in question now had a sizable stack of books in his arms, and seemed to be catching his breath. It appeared as though he had been running down the hallway, as he was red faced and his hair was mussed. Hermione also noticed that his tie was half-undone, his shirt was buttoned unevenly, and that only wearing one shoe.

"Malfoy...are you all right?" Internally, Hermione was having trouble believing that she had even uttered that sentence.

Finally, he seemed to regain the power of speech. "Granger, I need your help."

"My help?" she replied, startled. "What could you possibly need my help for?"

"I can't find Potter."

She stared at him.

Looking abnormally worried, Malfoy continued. "I was in my dorm, and I just left the door open for a second, I swear, but somehow the little bugger managed to slip past me, and somehow he got out of the Common Room too - I suppose someone else must have let him out - and I've been searching everywhere and I just can't find him and - "

"Malfoy, calm down!" Hermione interrupted, finally, watching in astonishment as Malfoy's jaw snapped shut, ending his panicky tirade.

He cleared his throat, looking a little sheepish (which was quite a sight to see). "Uh, sorry, I guess. It's just that he's never done this before..."

Hermione closed her eyes and counted backwards from ten, begging for patience from who knows where. "Malfoy," she began slowly. "Are you trying to tell me that you had Harry locked in your dorm room, he escaped, you apparently do this on a regular basis for it to have never happened before, and you're asking me of all people to help you recapture him?"

An odd expression had appeared on Malfoy's face mere moments after she had begun speaking, and it slowly moved between shock, horror and amusement as she continued. Finally, when she stopped speaking, he smiled (a shock) in an even more sheepish fashion (more of a shock) and shook his head. "Sorry, Granger. I'm afraid that I was too busy, uh..."

"Panicking?" she offered.

He flushed. "Sure, too busy panicking, to explain properly. I'm not looking for your friend."

"But you said Potter!" she protested.

Malfoy nodded. "Potter is the name of my pet ferret. Have you seen him?"

Hermione was torn between throttling the Slytherin and laughing helplessly, but the albino ferret peeking around the corner of the hallway Malfoy had left - seemingly having been following its master - sent her into gales of laughter.

Malfoy just looked on in confusion.
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