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Way Party?

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Kelli's POV

My 'friend' Brittany, and I are walking home from school. All she keeps talking about is how her and her 'super hot and sexy' boyfriend, Nathan, are so perfect for each other. Briitany is like the queen bee at our school, and i just happened to get singled out and coaxed into her crowd. It fucking sucked. I hated it.
When i was 14, i moved to Newark, New Jersey, from my home in England. I was the loner kid that wore dark clothes. Then I met Brittany Larery.(AN: and yes i do mean LARERY not LARY)
She bought me an assortment of pink frilly clothes, and made me into the 'princess bee' if you will. I hated it.
During my first week here I noticed a group of guys. One had a large afro, another one looked like he was alittle young to be in high school,a third had alot of tattoos, and 2 peircings, and a fourth looked a bit rough, but his pretty blue eyes instantly diminished that thought, the fifth, had the most gorgeos smile, and hair, I had ever seen. I instantly fell in love with him.
His eyes were the most beautiful shade of hazel i had ever laid eyes on. His hair was messy, but very sexy, and his smile took my breath away.
I later found that his name was Gerard Way. His friends were Ray Toro, with the 'fro, Frank Iero with the tattoos, and Mikey Way his little brother. I soon learned alot about them, like that they were in a band together, but they hadent found a name yet. They also were ignored at our school, nobody liked them at all. And last my favorite fact of all, Gerard was singlr.
After a few weeks here, everyone knew who I was, and Gerard Way keeps looking at me. Like today at lunch he just kept staring, it was creepy, but I loved it.

"KAY!" Brittany yelled snapping me away from my thoughts.
"Did you hear a word I just said?"
"no" i said simply
"I was saying that you and I should totaly crash the Way party tonight."
"Way party?"
"Yea, that little nerd Nike or whatever, is having his birthady party tonight at the skatepark for a concert, we should wreck it."
"you mean Mikey Way?"
"yea the whole emo gang will be there, we can give them an actual reason to cry"
"shit" I muttered under my breath
"what was that?" she said sounding a little annoyed.
"oh, I cant Brit, I have to study."i lied.
"On a Friday?"
"yea srry"
"Whatever" she said sounding pissed as we got to my door.
"look Britt, Ill see you on Monday Okay?"
I turned around and she was already on her way down the street.
"bitch" i muttered under my breath.

okay kiddies, looks like i have a partyy to plan! thanks for your reviews, sorry if it was boring, review please!!!
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