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Alex finally wakes up but what does she really want, and what has she done to Frank.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Horror,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-08-18 - Updated: 2008-08-18 - 742 words

Frank's POV

I watched as the doctor once again walked out. Something wierd was going on. The doctors words stuck in my mind. 'We don't know exactly whats wrong, but we do know it's serious and she'll need to stay here till we can figure out what it is.' Gerard knows something. I know it. And Alex must know something too. I looked at the clock, silently ticking, counting awy precious seconds. It was 11:30pm. Looks like we'll be spending the night here. I could faintly hear Alex's breathing. He chest slowly rose and fell slightly. The heart moniter beeped at a steady pace. Everything was ok, for now. I didn't feel like sleeping again and I hadn't eaten for two days because of all this searching. I decided everything was ok enough for me to go to the vendnig machine down the hall. Closing the door silently behind me I walked down the hallway. I got myself a mars bar and a coffee. When I walked back I noticed the door was open and doctors were pouring in and out of the room. This was bad. There was only two reasons that they would go into the room so urgently. Either Lex had woken up and they were trying to find out what had made her collapse in the first place, or... I didn't want to even think about the second option. I rushed into the room and sighed with relief as I saw Alex sitting up. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back but then I realised why the doctors were in the room. The heart moniter showed just a line. and a continuous buzz echoed around the room. I looked at Lex again, her eyes were red, blood red infact. The second glance made me realise how evil her smile was. Something was definately wrong. I knew what all the equipment was saying and so did the doctors. Then everything seemed to slow down. The doctors froze and the buzzing stopped. I didn't move, I couldn't. The only thing moving in the room was Lex. She walked up to me, stopping only a few feet away. I tried to run. It wasn't safe here. But I couldn't. The next thing I know Lex is right infront of my. Her hand on my neck, digging into my skin with her sharp nails. I don't remember what happened next, everything went dark and that was it.

Gerard's POV

I stared at the roof. Mikey, Ray and Bob were asleep in their chairs. I couldn't sleep. Something was troubling me. I could tell something was happening. The atmosphere in the hospital felt wierd. All of a sudden atleast five doctors ran past the door hurrying to a patient who was obviously in trouble. I noticed they were heading in the direction of Alex's room. Something told me something bad was happening in her room, but the voice in my headtold me not to leave the room. Then it happened. It was like a spark rushing through me. Something bad had happened. But to Frankie. I wasn't the only one who felt it because Mikey, Ray and Bob all opened their eyes in an instant.

"Something's wrong!!!" all three of them said together. I nodded. We had to do something and quickly. We silently walked down the halls. We didn't know which room was Alex's but we had to find it. I stopped, the others doing the same. I could see into the room next to us. Doctors rushed past us. The bed was empty. A few doctors remained, picking up a body. I couldn't see clearly but something told me we were at the right room. I walked in with the others following. There, now on the bed, was Frank. He was almost white and his breathing was hardly noticeable. The doctors rushed to connect him to the heart moniter. We were told to leave the room but I wouldn't move. This was definately Alex's room, or atleast it was. That meant Lex could be anywhere. I looked at the other guys. Nodding they stood near the bed. The doctor went to argue but he took one look at us and nodded. He joined the group that were already trying to help Frank. I had to find Alex. I took one last look at Frank and ran for it. This was bad. Really bad. That thing, it's taking over.
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