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" Regardless, I'd Love You Always..... ".

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And he's 13 and she's 17 but yet theres still love there.

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Harrow here buddies this is it this is my story the one that i asked auditions for my buddies my ficwad family this is for you oh my god enjoy!:

Cast by the way of auditions:

Lacey Anderson: The chemical rose
Aubrey Princess: Dondon 1827
Kaitlynn Rebbecca: I build the coffins
Hannah Crystal: Helloangel
Krissy Angel: Lovefai

Enjoy guys thanks again!:

The morning seeped by slowly and the time ticked by quickly but lacey ( mostly called lace ) ignored her mother's constant knocking. She had went to bed so late last night that her body felt so tired that it ached in so many places her eyes felt so heavy and her mouth so damn dry " get up! " her mother yelled " you have school today so up! " lace got up slowly and swung her long legs over her princess pink bed. Lacey anderson was her whole name and she was 17 years old she had the most prettiest blonde hair that reached the middle of her back and the loveliest blue eyes that showed all of her emotions her skin was pretty and pinkish pale and she was quite on the tall side a little anyway.

Lacey was very outgoing and very chatty she loved to talk and loved rock music even more but although she was pretty, and so very outgoing lacey was'nt popular she only had 2 real bestfriends and they had all practically grew up together. These 2 lovely girls were named Kaitlynn rebecca and Aubrey princess kaitlynn had this lovely black hair that was so black there was no brown whatsoever in there her eyes were hazel but she wore blue contacts instead her skin was very pale but pretty at the same time she was a rock emo chick but not the crazy ones. Aubrey was the shy but cute one she had this pretty brown almost muffin colored hair with pretty blue eyes also with lovely pink skin they were all pretty but never popular.

This probably stemed from the fact that everyone was jealous of them and was usually fueled to hate them by this girl named Hannah crystal. She was blonde headed and had the prettiest gold green eyes anyone had ever seen but she was a total ( you know ) she was very mean and very controlling to everyone who wanted to be friends with her and everyone did. She was so popular and was a cheerleader the captain of the team her bestfriend and only true one was a girl named Krissy angel she had black hair and blue eyes and very pale skin too she was'nt very mean not at all she was only this way because hannah made her like that she was really sensitive and caring about everything and everyone.

Lacey after getting dressed and grabbing a pop tart ran outside and met up with kaitlynn and aubrey she did'nt bother to say goodbye to her mother she hated her for waking up so early and so loud like it was only 7:45 am damn it. After playing around and talking so loud dragging their feets along the ground they finally got to school an hour late and their teacher Mr. nickols glared at them but they overminded him giggling and laughing to themselves everyone stared at them in jealousy.

As the day dawned on lacey became more bored with it all and her last hour of school consisted of mathematics her worst subject she was failing that with straight F's and needed that class to graduate. Aubrey lacey's very smart friend was passing math with A's and had tried to tutor lacey on the subject but she never grasped it she just could'nt so today her counselor Mrs. smith called her to the main office.

" hello " mrs. smith said showing lacey to the seat infront of her desk " i'm sorry to have pulled you out of class like that " lacey sighed she did'nt care she hated math " no thankyou " said lacey sitting. " uh i have important news to tell you " said mrs. smith pulling out lacey's school records and putting them infront of her " do you see your grades? your doing so fine in all of your classes " lacey sat confused " uh thankyou but if i'm doing good why did you call me down here? " lacey said frowning at her. " Your doing good but your failing math and you need that to graduate we're not saying that your dumb or anything but you just can't seem to grasp that so we have decided to give you extra curricular points instead " mrs. smith replied " thanks " said lacey attempting to get up and leave " not for free " mrs. smith said showing her to sit back down.

Lacey did " i'm not giving you those for free you have to work for them we understand that there is no jobs opened right now so we have decided to set you up with babysitting and tutoring " said mrs. smith lacey's eyes grew wide " babysitting tutoring i can't do that! " " you have to if you wish to graduate with your class and other peers on time " she replied. Lacey thought this was her prom wasted if she did'nt do this, this was attending college on time if she did'nt so this, and this was being talked about if she did'nt either so reluctantly lacey agreed.

Mrs. smith told lacey that she would have to babysit a boy named micheal james way and that he was failing his subject of geography one of lacey's best subjects. The boy micheal was 10 and was in the 4th grade he was nice mrs. smith said and was very friendly to others but acted very grown which caused him not to have alot of friends but he was more popular than his brother. Micheal was the one that lacey would have to babysit and his older brother was the one she would have to tutor.

His name was Gerard arthur way and he was 13 years old being in the 8th grade he was quiet mrs. smith said and was very smart but he did'nt get science which was lacey's other great subject. This boy was very artistic with comics and writing stories he could sing she said too but was quite mean and a little judgemental and withholding with trusting everyone. This job would last until final report card until the grades were turned in lacey would then get 100 points for helping mikey and 150 for helping gerard this would equal 250 points total this is what lacey exactly needed to graduate too.

Lacey left mrs. smith's office at the very end of the day and told her 2 friends about what would happen this was scheduled to begin wednesday it was monday now. She then later learned that the kids were sons of a wealthy new jersey family in new ark lacey and her friends lived in belleville so lacey would have to travel there every tuesday, thursday, and saturday of every week to help these kids this would be hard but to pass lacey would do it.

After dropping kaitlynn and aubrey at their homes lacey went to hers and told her mother what would happen every other day from now on and her mother agreed that this was good. Lacey expected some kind of support from her but instead her mother told her she needed to do this lacey hated her why was she always against her?. That night lacey layed in bed and thought about how her freedom was of the past now she betted these kids were snotty and arrogant and just so damn vain they would be needy and controlling and wanting from her because everysince lacey had turned 17

she had stopped associating herself with little, spoiled, snotty, and vain, stupid kids.

Harrow here this is my new story i hope you all enjoy it please review because my gerard and mikey will be in here soon and thankyou everyone who auditioned and those who review i love you all until next time bye.
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