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" Hello, Angel good greetings Demon ".

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She meets them but one is'nt like she suspected.

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Harrow here dudes this update is for you all enjoy!:

Wednesday came around good and fast and lacey was'nt ready for this bullshit, She had'nt slept the last 2 night's and felt no better this morning. After school instead of going home lacey boarded the belleville subway saying goodbye to aubrey and kaitlynn her (free) friends. She sat on the subway reading her math book and listening to her rock music. From across from lacey a woman and her loud, ass, baby sat the baby crying loud and the woman yelling to calm him down.

Lacey sighed deep is this how little kids were? all loud and snotty around the nose and stinky near the ass, Did they all just want and never wanted to give, and did they always scream this loud?. Lacey did'nt know but her stomach dropped to her ass when the subway driver announced that they were in new ark new jersey. All the new ark bound people stood up and crowded off as lacey lazingly, followed she had no other choice she was roped into doing this.

It was sort of nice though when lacey learned that once she got off the subway she would be picked up by limo and droven to the home. It was also nice to know that lacey's subway drive would be free of charge also, she got perks out of that. But not only this she would get free, huge, square meals a day and would be paid 650 dollars an hour plus learning tips which was 100 extra upfront every end of the week and that whenever she cashed her check nothing would be tooken out.

Lacey was'nt poor but damn she was'nt rich so she jumped at the joy of hearing this this sort of made her smile. Lacey was yanked from her thought's though when she seen a pretty, and slim black limo pull up infront of her and some sharp, dressed, french looking man got out. " Hello darling " he said staring down at her his accent dripping all over his words " We're expecting you down at the place please be so kind to follow me ". Lacey could'nt help to smile when he opened the door for her.

Inside the limo was wonderful, all over the ceiling was sparkling stars and near the door's was compartments that held expensive champagne and sparkling wine. Infront of lacey was a huge, screen, television with a flat back and near her side was a in-car telephone. The seats were soft, and warm and tempature sensitive and because it was hot outside it was air conditioned in here. Lacey fully relaxed and sunk her head back how was any of this punishment for failing school? (every kid needs to do that if this is what you get).

The outside surroundings changed as the limo drove on the grass becoming more green, and more full, the tree's were decorated with white leaves and roses, and the air itself was fresh and clean. It only took 25 minutes before the limo reached it's destination, a huge reddish brown mansion with castle like double door's and a black fancy barricade gate. There was a rose garden off to the side and to the right was a fountain that sprayed out the clearest water ever seen! there was also neat tree's, and plenty of flowers and the gardener outside was well clothed as any other.

Lacey was amazed but nervous at the same time she knew these kids would be arrogant and snotty now there was no convincing her of anything else. Lacey was led up to the door by the french man who knocked politley lacey could'nt help but stare at him. He had this air of thinking he was better than everyone else his head was so high in the sky that he could probably taste the damn clouds. Once inside lacey was re-blewn away by the house everything seemed to echo in here and it was furnished like a dim-litted olde time castle.

The frenchman politely told lacey to stay put as he went to go get Mrs. Way she did too staying completly still everything around her looked so valuable. Lacey again was pulled from her thought's as a woman re-entered the room wearing a lace white robe and expensive fox fur slippers. She had her hair high blonde and her skin a strawberry complexion with thin, but pretty lips she wore makeup that was lightly applied and smelled of expensive ciggarettes and cinnamon.

Lacey blushed this woman was nice but somewhat intimidating.

" Hello " the woman said extending her pretty, thin, hands " I'm donna lee way i'm the head mistress of this house and you are? " lacey coughed silently she was so fucking nervous.
" I'm lacey " she said looking at the ground " Ah " said Mrs. Way " The girl sent from the school hello " " Hi " lacey finished looking up this was going to be a long day. Mrs. Donna explained everything that lacey was expected to do, She made it clear that lacey was not the boy's slaves but should be nice to them in order to keep this job, she explained how none of lacey's friends were allowed over, and told her how smoking or drinking was not permitted in this house by lacey anyway nor the boy's.

Donna then told lacey mikey's bedtime which was 8:30 pm and gerard's was 10pm, study time was in between 4:30 to 5:30 because they got home at 4:15 lacey got out at 3:45 giving her time to get over here. Lacey would then recieve a key to the house and a cell phone of her choice payed for by donna so that she could insruct lacey of what to bring every other day to the house. No uniform was required while being here but no skimpy clothes either. Donna also said that gerard and mikey's friends were allowed to come over after studying was done and they were:

A boy named frank anthony iero, a boy named bob bryar, and a boy named ray toro they were from gerard and mikey's school so they were okay but no one else was. The meals were usually whenever anyone wanted and lacey's room was on a floor all it's own complete with her own bathroom and in bedroom fire place.

The time had finally came that lacey regretted and that was to meet the children. Mrs. Donna called them down from their rooms and told them to come to the livingroom that's where donna took lacey. Lacey now sat carefully on the clean, and fresh couch staring nervousily around donna could tell she was nervous so she slightly smiled at her lacey tried to back but she was too frantic to form one.

The first little kid lacey seen was a bouncy and lovely mikey who skipped into the room holding a fire truck he was making driving sounds with pursed lips until he looked at lacey. This boy was so cute being a pretty pale with light brown straight hair, and on his face but at the tip of his nose was square shaped glasses that made his eyes so big, and just too cute which was a smoldering chocolate brown. He wore a sleeveless black vest over a white shirt that was short sleeved, and on his legs he wore baggy, black pants and on his tiny feet white socks and when he seen lacey he got still he thought lacey pretty but he was only 10.

" This is micheal james way " Mrs. Donna said signaling him over having him shake lacey's hand " He's 10 years old but is still my baby " and she kissed him watching him sit down across from them. But after calling gerard's name countless times lacey finally heard lazy sounds dragging down the many steps and over the livingroom carpet stopping a way away from lacey who shyly looked up.

There stood a medium height pale, young, pre-teen he was slim as well but fairly thicker than the frail mikey to the point it looked like gerard could give good hugs. This teen had deep, and thick smoldering tar black straight hair that went beautifully along his right eye and kissed his collarbone and contrast against his snow white, soft skin giving him the impression of a vampyre. And on his eyes he wore black eyeliner and red mascara and had this cute, but skeleton looking nose, his lips were thin and pale pink and in his black hair was red dye at the top and down the back he resembled a devil a seductive one though.

And instead of being dressed nerdy like mikey gerard donned a black, and expensive looking suit with a white undershirt and a black and white stripped tie, His pants were baggy and black and on his feet he wore black socks. Lacey looked at the both of them gerard and mikey and to her mikey was the risen angel and gerard, the fallen but still beautiful demon.

" This is my eldest son " said Mrs. Donna somewhat proudly " His name is the beautiful gerard arthur way "- lacey would keep that in mind he was nice but was um....

too young for her he being 13 and all and plus he was scary and like his mother:

Sophisticatingly intimidating.

Harrow here! sorry guys it took so long for an update i won't do that again now that i'm on a roll with this story. Please review dudes because there is more yet to come and i need your reviews to inspire me so do that. Thanks everyone again for reading my story and sorry it'so long i had to explain everything to you bye!.
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