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" Sit down lil' girl, take some time breathe ".

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Kaitlynn and Aubrey, they don't try to but they only make it worst.

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Oh Lovefai i definently love you now that i know you come from new jersey that makes you so cool. And now that i know this i will dedicate this chapter to you ( and others as well ) but i hope you lovefai enjoy it the most enjoy!:

That night lacey was driven home she spent the whole time thinking her life was going to instantly get so much better but so quicker, things did'nt really work like that did they?. Once arriving at her house lacey seen her 2 best and only friends sitting on her porch quietly talking with eachother. They had'nt yet realized the long, and huge limo that parked infront of them until aubrey excitedly yelled " Oh my god! " and kaitlynn lazily looked up her eyes simply going buck shot.

The french man came around the side of the car and politely opened lacey's door bowing as lacey got out, watching him kiss her left cheek, then quietly leaving driving off. " Whoa! " aubrey teased getting up and running to her " Is that your new boyfriend already? " lacey shook from disgust
" Eww! " she replied " No " and together they walked to the door. But aubrey stopped her whispering " I say that because your mom has one " lacey's eyes grew wide what the hell did she mean?.

" Yeah their eating dinner together right now " kaitlynn said smiling at her lacey wanted to throw up her mom had'nt dated in years. " What! " lacey said suddenly yanking open the front door and running into the livingroom to be hit by the realization that the 2 of them were right. There sat lacey's mother sitting at the long, and brown dinner table with some badly shavened, faced, guy that had the dirtiest looking skin complexion ever. He was quite tall looking and looked as if he had been under a lot of stress in the face and under the eyes.

" What the hell is this? " lacey said looking at the man, to her mother, and back again
" Honey " her mother said standing up and coming over to her " This is Jhonathan he's my date i met him some days ago at my job ". Lacey could feel her eyes expand how could she do this?, dad had only been dead for 2 years how could someone be over someone they had been married to for 15 years be over someone in 2 years? trying to re-think that made no sense.

" You met him some days ago and i'm just finding out now?! " lacey said her friends instinctly gathering around her to make her feel less alone, " What about dad mom do you think he'll like this? " and her mom forced a smile-daggers was flying all around them. " Baby " the mother said finally getting the courage to move up to her hurting daughter, " He's dead now what i do can't hurt him, besides he'd want me to do this you know to move on " and the whole time this bitch talked lacey grew upset.

Dad had been so loving towards lacey, he would do anything for her he was so kind and so willing to give to whatever lacey wanted. This wasn't the reason she loved him so much though, it was simply the fact he tried more than her mother even when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer he still tried. Daddy died quite horribly actually, mainly because of the way the cancer killed him so slow and painful like. The mother did'nt seem to sympathetic either, she was more concerned about the money they would recieve when he died.

And even though they got it none of it was ever used on lacey though.

" I don't want to hear it! " lacey suddenly yelled pounding her fist on the table " You're a whore mom a selfish, unsympathetic whore! " and with that lacey turned and stomped up the stairs, her friends following after her but on the way up lacey could hear the man say " I would'nt let the little bitch talk to me like that ". Once upstairs lacey layed down her face muffled in the sheets and covers of her bed, aubrey and kaitlynn sat on each side of her rubbing her back...lacey was crying now.

" Don't worry babe " aubrey said laying down by her followed by kaitlynn " This will all go away soon " " No it won't " lacey cried sniffling and trying to catch her breath. " Mom will be like this forever " lacey chokingly replied breathing deep, kaitlynn beganned to rub her back too snuggling close to her ( The sound of a coming storm can scare anyone ).

For awhile it stayed quiet and none of the 3 talked, but they heard the front door downstairs open and the ugly man leave out, followed by the door re-shutting again. Lacey could hear her mother now nearing the stairs and coming up them and for some wierd reason she imagined what gerard and mikey would be doing right now:

Probably laying back watching scary movies from their huge, screen, tv or maybe they were eating assorted chocolates from silk wrapped boxes, or savoring expensive cheese. But gerard did'nt strike lacey as that kind of type of person he looked more artsy and punk rockish, liking his collection of comics and sci-fi things quietly lacey liked this too.

The steps became closer to lacey's room and lacey knew that her mom would want to talk about her recent behavior downstairs, " She's coming " kaitlynn said sitting up followed by aubrey. But lacey continued to lay there saying to herself " I wonder does gerard have these problems? " and kaitlynn and aubrey looked at her both saying " Huh? ". Lacey turned around and sat up replying:

" That's the boy i met today ".

Harrow here Lovefai this is for you you only make my story better with all your wonderful advice, that i try so hard to follow thankyou for everything. Please everyone review... this update is actually for all of you.
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