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Those Eyes I See

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Alyssa takes a trip down memory lane.

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I held my breath as the cab took me closer and closer to the hall. Would he even recognize me? Would I recognize him? Probably look for the fattest and geekiest guy there and that’s who I’m looking for. Not that Gerard was all that thin, but he had a quality to him, he was funny and dark and mysterious.

I remember all those horror movies we watched just so we had a reason to have our arms around each other. Then when no one was looking we’d sneak down to his room and did all the things your parents warned you about. I miss Gerard and would still be with him if I didn’t catch him in bed with Cynthia Bonina, the head cheerleader. It was bad enough I just gave my baby away, my boyfriend who I thought would love me forever was cheating on me. So I went back where I came from, my aunt’s in Connecticut.

The cab stopped and my heart started beating quickly. Do I stay or scrap the whole idea?

“We’re here miss?” said the driver in an Indian accent. “It will be fifty dollars.”

I slowly took the cash out of my wallet still debating what I wanted to do. I gave him three twenties, “Keep the change.”

“Thank you Miss. You can ask for Amal for the way home I’m working all night.”

I smiled at him knowing I wouldn’t be going home tonight I’d be staying in the house I grew up in, the house that was left to me when my parents died two years ago.

I got out of the cab and determinedly walked to the hall and that’s when I smashed into him.

“I am so sorry,” he said. He was average height, had short blonde hair, a beard, lip ring and earrings. He wore sunglasses and a dark blue suit, white shirt and dark blue striped tie.

“No, my fault I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“Well pay more attention it’s a rough neighborhood and other people might not be as nice,” he smiled and walked away.

I know it was twenty minutes early but I really needed to get my thoughts together. Besides who would have thought that traffic would be light.

I took a deep breath and walked in.

Mikey’s POV

We were sitting there having a couple of sodas waiting to start and then I noticed her. Could it be? Nah she’s been gone too long, what would she be doing here?

“Gee I wanna have a cigarette, wanna come with me?”

“Sure, any one else?” asked Gerard.

“Sure I’ll come,” said Frank.

We walked out and Frank pulled me aside, “What’s up dude?”

“I thought I saw Alyssa Johnson in the hall.”

“Who’s she?”

I forgot we met Frank during A.A. (After Alyssa). I whispered, “Gerard and her were in love during high school. We thought they were going to be together forever you know get married, have children the whole nine yards.”

“So what happened?”

“She disappeared. Didn’t even show up for her parent’s funeral. Gee was heartbroken.”

“I remember her, she lived two streets over from me, but she did come back at least for a couple of days.”

“Really? I wonder why she didn’t see Gee.”

Alyssa’s POV

The lights went low and the man I ran into earlier was talking about Patrick.

“I didn’t know him that long but for the time I did he was my best friend.”

I walked closer to the stage as he continued to talk and there they were the eyes that I longed to see every day instead of five days a week, the eyes that belonged to my daughter.

“Now I would like to introduce someone who knew him longer, the lead singer of Splitting Hairs, Gerard Way.”

I stood there in shock because standing before me were two men who could make my dreams come true in very different ways.
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