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Thats Right Walk Away!

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Marilyn Manson

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Okay, so thanks for all of the ideas.... I want thank cherry_skull101 because she was the only on who left a comment. Well, I made this up form the top of my head. SO if u like Marilyn Manson im sorry but with the fact that My Chem and him don't get along, i thought that this would go perfect.

After hearing those words, I felt really happy! Gerard held me close and I put my head on his chest. We sat there for a few minutes until Frank started to get really bored.

"Dudes, Im bored Lets get coffee!"
"Good Idea!!!!" GErard said.

So we got up, Mikey went to tell his mom and to see if she wanted anything. SHe didn't so they left. Once they got there, they got what they wanted and sat down. About 20 minutes later I looked passed Frank and Saw this guy with long black hair and big lips. Frank saw me looking so he turned around and saw him. "OMG! It's a monster!!" He covered his eyes. The guy turned around and saw us. Hw walked toward us.

"So what are you short fags doing here?"

"I know you aren't talking about Steph or me."

"Depends, are you as short as Gerard or Frank?"

"I could be. I might not be."

"Well, If you are as short as them, the you got the short part, and with the fact that you are hanging out with these freaks."

"Okay buddy, listen here. The only freak I know off is you and why in the hell of it would you call Steph and I a fag? You don't even know us!"

"Trust me, I don't need to know you to prove that you and the rest of what you call a band over there is a fag. I already know."

"Oh really? Well, then let me tell you what I think of you. Your voice is horrible, Your music sucks, your hair and makeup makes you look gay,and your outfits makes me want to get sick, but it looks like somebody already did."

He didn't say anything.

"Thanks what I thought."

He walked away.

"Thats what I thought too. Walk away!"

So I sat down and we all finished and went back to Gerard's and Mikey mom's house. We played Rock band for a few more hours and then we all went home thinking that we were all going to meet up at somebody's house again. Thats normally how it works.

A few hours later.

"Jade, you going over to Frank's?"

"Yeah, I'm ready."

So we both got into the car and we went to Frank house. HE was on the phone with Gerard earlier and said that he want the girls to meet someone that the boys knew form High school. She seems really nice. I can't wait to meet this girl!!

Okay so hopefully you guys will help me this time. I'm not sure who I want this girl to be. It might be Jamia but, the first one to comment this, could be This person thats the girls are going to meet. It might even turn into more then just that...
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