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The New Girl!

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New Girl!

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Jade and I got into the car and went to Frank's. On the way there, we saw Mikey and Steph. They we walking hand in hand to Frank's door. Jade and I got out of the car and we also walked hand in had to the door. Once we got in there, we saw the girl! I saw her before! Was it in high school? Yes it was. That was Cassidy! Oh my god. I haven't seen her in like months! Right before our tour!

"Okay so you remember Gerard and Mikey...obvouisly. But here is who you don't know. This is Jade and Steph. Gerard and Mikey's girlfriends." Frank said pointing to both of them when he said their names. "Steph, Jade this is Cassidy.

"It is like so nice to finally meet you. I heard like sooo much about in today."

"Well it's nice to meet you too." They both smiled at the same time.

So 3 hours later, Frank and cassidy decided that they wanted to eat dinner. They went to make Spagetti. After hearing big crashes and laughs, dinner was done. Frank and Cassidy came out with sauce all over their faces. mainly by their lips. And thats what was making me think...a lot.

When Frank was in high school, he had this huge crush on her. He would ever say it but I knew that he did. So we all got plates and sat by the T.V. Cassidy asked us how we meet the girls ang we told them how. At like almost every sentence there was a smile forming.

It was around 9 whenjade and I were lieing right next to each other. My arm around her, and her head on my chest. Mikey was one the couch and Steph's head was on his lap. Frank and Cassidty were no were to be found. I told Jade to get up with me and look for Frank and Cassidy. We looked basically everywhere but in his bedroom. We sorta new that they were in there. So we sneak up by the door. We opened it and there they were, making out. It was pretty hard. Once the door opened, they didn't hear. I think they heard the gasps coming from us. They pulled away with their faces bright red. We sat there smiling and yelled into the room where Steph and Mikey were. "Mikes, Steph, guess who were making out in the bed room."
"OMG! are you're kidding!!"
I smirked knowing that Frank were going to try and get even with me. We just had to be prepared. We were. And then we knew that it was a fact that he was going to get even with me because of that smirk...

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