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pink and purple

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Frank getting even..

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Jade POV
so we were happy to hear about frank and Cass. They made a cute couple together but,the best thing about it is that they are really good friends. So now that gerard snuck In N them,he is gonna ty to get even win him. I wonder how that's gonna be.

Franks POV
I'm gonna get even with gerard but how? Should I do what he did to me or something diffrent? I actually should change his hair color to pink and purple since he is a heavy sleeper he wouldnt wake up. Eel I have all of he stuff to do it so I think I might do that. Haha I'm so evil!

So about 3hours later,everyoone was sleep but me. So I got up and got the things that I needed and I panted his hair pruple and pink. He honestly looked really good! Haha I'm probably gonna get my ass kicked for this. It it's so worth it!!

It was past midnight when I fell asleep. It was 12 the next morning when we all some up. But we would have slept In longer but we heard a loud "FRANK!"
"Oh shit, I didn't do it!"
"bull shit!"
Then they all got up to see why we were yelling at each other for.

"Honesly, you look really good like that."
"yeah okay, you are just saying that so that Frank won't get his ass kicked!"
"Yeah,pretty much."
"oh but if I cant beat his ass, he's got payback coming!"
"Oh joy."

So pretty much for he rest of the day,we all hung out and had fun.We played rockband and did a whole bunch of things. Oh gerard a d Jade were playing and. Gerard won and he was super happy! I've never seen anyone as happy as him frp

Oh, and the funny part was when jade was talking to gerard and the song started and she wasn't paying attention.then gerard is lime "Uh, even though it's hard to stop staring at a sexy beast like me,but you need to pay attenition babe. You are
Missing all the notes."
Then jades like "oh shit I am."
It was really funny.
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