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Anna Alice Mikiru

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Anna, Alice and Mikiru are sisters that recide in one body. See how they deal with the crazy and wacky organization within the Hunter Association

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Mikiru Alice Anna

Warning: I don’t own Hunter X Hunter, but I own TOUYA!!! MWAHAHAH.. and also Anna, Alice and Mikiru. When reading you must know facts about Hunter X Hunter, or your not gonna get what the hell is going on.

FACTS: Anna, Alice and Mikiru are siblings that reside in only one body. The only way that people could tell them apart is their eye color. Anna is violet, Alice is black and Mikiru has sky blue eyes. Anna/Alice/Mikiru is the Vice Captain of one of the organization within the Hunter Association. This group of people handles the spy work, and information gathering. The Captain is Touya which is a self-proclaim LAST living Kuruta on the face of the planet. After hearing the fact that the Geneiryodan was only HIRED by the Mafia to kill the Kuruta tribe he had swore to kill them and be able to get the eyes of his tribe.


Anna’s POV

It was a dimly lit room that they’ve caught themselves in. There was a small window, which had steel bars on it that lets some stream of light come in from the moon outside.

I exhaled the air I wasn’t aware of holding.

As always Mikiru is still joking at the irony of three people in one body; Alice screaming at the top of her voice to quiet Mikiru; then there is me. The person who is shackled in the corner, seemingly unaware that my comrades have been staring at me cause of the face I’ve been making.

You might ask the question as to why I’m in this predicament.

It all started when I was in the Hunter Office where Netero-san, the chairman of the Hunter Association asked me to do a mission that requires me and my sister’s strength. All I really wanted was just see some of the files concerning the Chimera Ant, then get out as fast as I could. I thought it was fascinating how these so called mutated ants could be so human that my theory is that they were indeed human before. But I was summoned instead to come to the infamous chairman’s office for an important mission. Infamous? You’ll find out why…….


“Ah Anna-chan, I’ve got a special mission for you” the chairman said in his sing-song voice while doing a hop on his chair. Anybody who would have seen this would probably be baffled at how happy-go-lucky their so-called leader was; and anybody who has seen the office would call Clean House in an instant. ‘Mayhem’ and ‘Foolishness’ is nothing compared to the Mount Everest of paper work in the room.


“Now, now you should be more expressive than that Anna-chan.” The chairman exclaimed as he wagged his point finger.

‘Once I take over I’m gonna cut of his fucking finger and let him bleed to death!’ Alice spat.

‘Or we can just tie him up and lock him in some dungeon. It would be a lot cleaner than what Alice-neechan suggested.’ Mikiru piped in.

‘Only if we could Mikiru, only if we could…’ Anna sighed.

“So what is it Netero-san? I hope to God that it’s not another mission which requires me to wriggle my way out of an ENHANCE INTEROGATION facility.” Anna said while glaring.

“Demo.. you still were able to get out of it, neh.. hehe.. he”

A vein appeared on her forehead.

“Just give me the damn file already you old buffoon!” Alice said as she took over for a few seconds.

“Ehehe. No need to put your neck in a twist.” the chairman reach over his left were a stacks of folders was jumbled up; he reach for the top most one.


Anna peeked a little inside the file and gave the chairman a curt nod and slammed the door hard enough to shake the whole office that made the files tumble drowning in its wake a very unfortunate man.


Anna’s POV

I grin a little at the fact that I would be doing an interesting mission, very different from the one I just had; which was me being force to wear a fancy get up just to seduce some mafia executive into giving some information. I don’t think that I’m seductive as to what my comrades have been claiming for over the 5 whole years I’ve been with this organization. I have normal features for a normal looking girl at my age. Long wavy silver hair put in a tight knot underneath a jet black asymmetrical bob wig, too pale skin and violet eyes. OKKKAAAYY... Maybe I’m not that normal looking. The fact of the matter is that I’m still in an organization which requires me to leave my pride and dignity in a tiny box.

Well enough about me and my last mission, more about the task at hand. The mission was simple………………….. if you’re crazy. First, head to the largest empire of chimera ant, find out how did they mutated, and how the heck did they found out about nen, while killing some of them on the stay. And normally killing ‘SOME’ is okay but once you kill one of them they’ll charge at you and you’ll end up killing ‘ALL OF THEM’ so the only way we could stop the unnecessary bloodshed is that we have to disguise ourselves in normal villager outfits and get captured.


“It’s not my fault that they EAT humans. The chairman didn’t give me enough information.” Anna pouted.

Touya’s POV

‘Dammit, I knew that I would be in this mess, especially when it was Mikiru who suggested having disguises, but if this keeps on happening we might end up getting killed.
‘Oh, no. Whenever Anna does her notorious puppy-pout it makes me drop my resolve on not buying her plan.’ I tried my best to avoid her gaze by looking at the ground, but just when I thought that she was done already I look up and meet her look full blast. Anna’s tearful gaze seems to make all the doubt disappear.

Her wig already fell off and her silvery hair spilled out. Her startling violet eyes are wide and watery. Her lower lip protrudes to express her sulking state.
Anna’s POV

‘waaaaahhhh. Nee-san it’s scary here.’ cried Mikiru.

‘Shhh.. I’m trying to think here.’

“Minna I have a plan.” I whispered.


As I got done in explaining the plan to everyone, a dozen of chimera ants marched inside the room. Most of them were staring at me.

I notice how much they look like a giant praying mantis yet they still have a face of a human.

One of the Chimera Ant looked at me and smirked. He whispered something to the ant that was next to him and they both grinned. It would have scared me if it weren’t for the fact that my plan was already in motion without me acting like a prostitute.

“Boss we should spare that girl instead of eating her, she would be much more useful alive than dead.”

The boss, which was the fattest one of them grinned evilly and walk towards me. I would have started running away at that moment; mission or comrades be damned; but alas I’m shackled to the wall.

He put his hand on my chin and made me look him in the eye.

“Look what he have here, an actual good-looking HUMAN for once.” The boss emphasizes on the word ‘human’.

‘Excuse me? Is he telling me I’m pretty in insect standards?’ Alice and Mikiru said in unison.

“Umm… thank you..?” I manage to say through all the shakiness in my voice.

The Chimera ant boss smirked. Then he let go of my chin and turned around only to meet a glaring Touya in the eye.

“And another one here too, at least they breed some of them pretty well.”

Touya was shocked

‘Can’t blame them. Touya IS rather feminine for a boy.’ I thought.

“Who are you calling a girl? I’m a guy!!!”

His blonde shoulder length hair seem to stream down at the side of his face, his sky blue eyes that seem to drown you in them, and his cheeks that are turning redder by the second for being called a girl. Not only is his face feminine but also his body. He was too lean and slender for his own good.

‘And that tight soft looking ass needs some smacking!!!’ said Alice while licking her lips in anticipation.

Giggles escape my lips, and before I knew it Touya was giving me one of his ‘your-gonna-sleep-in-the-couch-tonight’ look.

“Get on with the plan!” Touya murmured in a very low tone.

“Ummm. Mister, neh would you like to hear me sing?” Mikiru said looking at the Chimera boss with her light blue eyes.

“And why on earth would I want to hear you sing?”

“Cause I thought it would be the last thing that my comrades would hear before they are beheaded, eaten, tortured or worse……. castrated!!!” Mikiru said cheerfully.

All her male comrades flinched at the ‘C’ word

He waved his right hand lazily at me, signaling me to sing.

(Recommend listening to Pride by High and Mighty color)


Touya’s POV

The plan that Anna told us was pretty easy. Break down the walls on both sides of the room and run like hell, while Anna remains to distract them; WARNING this would only work if and only if you have Anna as a boss.


“What?? How are you gonna do that!? That would be suicide! And we’ll probably won’t even be able to touch the wall yet alone break it!” said are newbie in the squad.

Everybody except Anna shook their heads.


“Awww. Don’t worry I’ll get your pretty little tight ass safe.” Alice chuckled.

End Flashback

“Hakanaku chitta hikari ga Bokura wo ima yobi samasu Kanashimi wa oto wo tate Kieru ano basho kara”

Translucent vocalist, guitarist and drummer appeared from thin air carrying with it a sound so intense that one of the Ants near them exploded. Because of the vibration of nen that the band gave, it also shook the nen that is near them; it distorts a person’s nen that anybody that’s near it will……

Another one of the Ant’s exploded; bits of flesh and bones landed in a heap right at Touya’s feet

“Next time warn me before you make things explode!” the comrades shouted “I just bought this shirt!” They tried to clean themselves of blood, flesh and I think some of it was brain or small intestine.

But now is not the time to guess.

Touya proceeded in kicking the wall to break it and was met with equally shocked ocean blue eyes.

Btw. I know people would think its weird that I used that song, but i really think it fits in battle/fights. =]

Sorry for grammar mistakes. >.<

I'm thinking of continuing this or not. So yes? no? ]=
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