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Touya's realization

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There was a gray area?

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Mikiru Alice Anna

Warning: I don't own Hunter X Hunter, but I own TOUYA!!! MWAHAHAH.. and also Anna, Alice and Mikiru. When reading you must know facts about Hunter X Hunter, or your not gonna get what the hell is going on.

FACTS: Anna, Alice and Mikiru are siblings that reside in only one body. The only way that people could tell them apart is their eye color. Anna is violet, Alice is black and Mikiru has sky blue eyes. Anna/Alice/Mikiru is the Vice Captain of one of the organization within the Hunter Association. This group of people handles the spy work, and information gathering. The Captain is Touya which is a self-proclaim LAST living Kuruta on the face of the planet. After hearing the fact that the Geneiryodan was only HIRED by the Mafia to kill the Kuruta tribe he had swore to kill them and be able to get the eyes of his tribe.


Touya's POV

I couldn't tell through words how my emotion whirled like hurricane when I found out the people in my village in a bloody mess; all of them have their eyes taken out. The first thing I thought of was killing the culprit and obtaining the eyes of my people; with or without direction I sought on gaining the strength that I should have needed to be able to protect my clan. I thought that by taking and passing the Hunter Exam it would grant me access on better information to kill criminals; one of which is the Geneiryodan. What I didn't plan was by meeting Anna; I realize that there is a gray area between a black and white zones.

4 years before

She was an Examiner that year. We all thought that she was disguising herself for the sake of the test, but what we didn't know is that, she REALLY was only 12 years old.

She was very beautiful and mature looking for someone her age. She was a foot and a half shorter than me; she was 4'11 in height. Her hair was silver in color; it was so long that it almost touched the ground. She had it in loose braids to keep it out of her way. Her eyes were indigo that it looked like the very depths of the Pacific Ocean, but even with that, she still held the eyes of an experience killer. Her body was well developed underneath the oversize white T-shirt that went down to her knees; she was also endowed with busts that are not big yet not too small.

The test she made us do wasn't a life or death match that we were expecting.

We each have pick number inside a box; the number we pick would be the person we have to spy on for 72 hours. In the time limit we each have to collect embarrassing facts about the person we were assigned to, with the use of the equipment she gave us.

If it was enough to satisfy her thirst of 'juicy facts' will also decide if we were going to pass the test or not.

It was easy on my part, because the one I've been targeting is a complete klutz in all essence. What did worry me was what the person hunting ME would do.


After about 48 hours of hiding and crawling in mud I thought I could at least have the luxury to take a bath in the river nearby.

As I took off my clothes and left it in a nearby bush, I slowly descend in the lukewarm river.
Touya's POV

'I feel like I'm missing something....'

'Why do I have this nagging feeling that I need to get out of the water and run as fast as I can?'

He slowly scrub off mud that were stuck on his face.

'Wait a minute how could the river be lukewarm??'

'Oh, SHIT!' Touya stood up, and run as fast as he could to the bush, only to find out that his clothes were gone already.

There were flashes of light from behind him and loud whistles. It was five people against one.

"Yeah baby! Sexy tush right next to a bush!" whistles one of them carrying the camera.

"That was too cheesy man! The girl needs a real man to woo her." The bulky guy grinned widely.

"Excuse me!?" Touya turn his head to face one of the guys.

His eyes have turn from cerulean to scarlet.

"Oh, I'm sorry let me intro------------"

The man started to shake in terror, as he pointed towards Touya with his trembling finger.

"Re-eed eye mon-monster!!!!" said the man before taking off as fast as he could.

The other four started to run but was met with a branch.


Clapping was heard in the forest coming from behind Touya.

"Bravo, completely knocking out 4 thugs and making 1 pee his pants while running, just by glaring. That, my dear Touya, is a feat." Anna said, "I hope your not only planning on staring down every enemy your planning on defeating, because they might just have a deadlier glare than you do."

Touya made a turn and gave Anna one of his venomous stares.

"I don't think that making us do these ludicrous tests will make us better hunters in the future. I know the hunting part, but why do we need have to spy and bring you their pride and dignity on video tapes?"

Anna chuckled. "That's a good way to put it. Ok. I'll give you three reasons."

"First is, it would be hilarious."

Touya scowled.

"Second, is that I could blackmail anybody or EVERYBODY with it....."

"And what is third? Let me guess it would kill your boredom if we run around and attack each other!?"

Anna ignored the statement and said, "Third, is that by taking this test seriously you might also find out that humiliating pictures or not, as a hunter you have to take every job we come across to with seriousness."

Touya's POV

'I can't believe that this stupid test had meaning, but still why humiliation?'

"Oh, and before you start rambling about 'why humiliating things?' it is a way to keep you," Anna pointed at him, "on the tip of your toes. What if the things they found out about you would turn against you?"

Touya started to scavenge for his clothes; he found it right behind a tree. He dresses himself as fast as he could to avoid anymore dignity leaving his body.

'Che, I don't need this stuff anyway. All I need now is power to kill and avenge my people. And nothing, not even being blackmailed by this woman is going to stop me.'

"I also think that at your current state right now, you won't be able to defeat anybody. You could barely tell what is up and down; why should I believe that your so called 'revenge' would give justice? Do you truly know 'justice'?"

'Did she just-'

"Yes I could access your mind like an open book. I could easily flip to the pages of your life, dreams, and dark kept secrets." Anna answered the unfinished question as if they were talking about the weather. "Anyway, back to the point. I think your problem is your close-mindedness. That will ultimately leave you in a great amount of pain. Tell me Touya, who is it that truly killed your clan? Geneiryodan? Or yourself?"

Touya covered his ears, but it didn't do much. It was as if the voice was in his head.

"Did it ever cross your mind that maybe, just maybe, they were hired... to...... kill? Touya-kun what if it was anybody else but the Generyodan was hired to kill your clan; would you hunt them too? What if it was me; would you also try to kill me? What now Touya? It could be anybody; the Mafia could even hire people INSIDE the tribe. They'll just bribe them into sparing their family. What now?"

'What now? What now? What now? What now?' echoed through his head.

"Maybe time could give you answers." Anna whispered as she turned her heel and walk back to the Examiner's Cottage.

3 years after passing the Hunter Exam also the Nen exam

"Ah, we have a bunch of newcomers are coming to the organization Anna. Isn't that great you might find yourself a replacement, since you don't like to be the Captain." said Netero.

"I don't think a sane person would like to be under your supervision Netero-san."

"Come on. I'm not THAT bad. Am I?" he pouted.

'Nee-san he looks like a bulldog. Ewwww.' Mikiru cringed.


"My name is Touya, I am in the conjuration category of nen. I have passed the Hunter Exam 3 years ago."

"What is your reason for joining this organization? You could have chosen the Strike Force instead of the Intelligence Agency, since you're a blacklist hunter." The interviewer said while looking at his folder.

"I just thought that it would do me more good being here than the barbaric ways of the Strike Force."

The person laughed, "Ah, so it's been going all out now as to how they handle their people. Well since we ARE hiring, and there is space for somebody like you."

"hmm.." Touya nonchalantly said as he look around the room. It was very grand and luxurious; with its rich colored furniture and expensive paintings on the wall it looked like a presidential suite.

He surveyed the paintings with an artistic eye; one of them stood out the most. It was a painting of three girls; all of which have the same white dress, silvery hair, slender body, and face structure but with different eye color. The one on the right looked so familiar; it immediately struck him who it was.

"Ah, that is my greatest work of art.", said the interviewer as he followed Touya's gaze on the painting. "They are sisters. The one on the right is the Captain; the oldest of the three. The one on the middle is their youngest sister, and the one on the left is the middle child. All three are very fine young ladies."

"Although the Captain is planning on stepping down once we find a good enough replacement. She said something about murdering the Chairman if we don't cut her some slack." The guy sighed and shook his head.


As Touya close the door of the interview office, he looked at his watch to see what time it is.

"Hmm... I guess it's time to eat."

He pushes the down button for the elevator. He immediately went in the elevator as it open; once inside, he finally took notice that there was another person right next to him.

"I would have never thought I would meet you here." the girl's lip quirk into a small smile.

"Same goes to you. I didn't know you were a Captain here. Heck didn't know if you were old enough to even ride the Ferris wheel." Touya joked.

"At least your not an angst little teenager like you were before. Honestly, I've never seen a severe case of being mentally challenge, angsty, whiny, and very girly boy in the whole entire lifetime." Anna snapped back.

"Well that's not very long is it? Haha.. ha.... ha"

"So have you found the answer to your question?" Anna inquired in a business tone.

"Yup." Touya answered. He slowly inch closer to Anna.

"What in the world are you doing?"

"Can't you tell? I found the answer; the answer is that the life I got now should be spent in better ways than hunting down criminals or Mafia's. Since I'm in this organization now, one way or another I'll end up killing them anyhow. So.." Touya encircled his arms around Anna's shoulders from behind. "I choose what I want to do, and that is to be with you. And you're not really in the position to say no, if I say I'm the Captain."

"Hmm.." Anna leaned on to his chest. "You'll regret it."

The elevator door open, and Anna unhooked his arms around her. Before he could say anything she already started to walk out the front door on the lobby.

"Don't worry. We've been there." The man said as he went inside the elevator.

"What do you mean?" Touya stared.

"That woman is loved by everybody in this entire facility. Heck even the girls are going lesbo over her. So your not alone." The man smiled understandingly.

Touya sweat dropped.

Sorry for the mistakes.
Sowwy I just have to give an explanation on how Touya let go of his thirst of revenge.

=] It's funny how I didn't realize I just crack a joke at the last paragraph, cause I was rushing on getting this done and continuing the battle.
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