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The End Pt. 2

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The last goodbye's

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It was done. Everything was packed up and ready to be shipped off to Illinois. With any luck my stuff would arrive at my mothers house just days after I did. I didn’t like having to leave Belleville. I had lived here my whole life. Never left it, in fact. But I wasn’t just losing a fucking postal code-I was losing a family, all over again. I was losing Frank, my best friend who had been there for me through the thick and thin of my life. Shared times of woe, wiping my tears as I cried for hours on end. Shared times of happiness, times when the smile had never quite been wiped off my face, smiles that still remained even today. I’d even miss Frank’s over-obsessive parents, for all their fussing and pushiness. Hell, I’d almost miss his physco little sister, who, by the way, I always knew was evil. I’d also miss Heidi, probably one of the only girlfriends I’d ever had. Still, I promised Heidi that I’d let her stay at my place if she was ever in the area. The people I’d miss most of all though, were Gerard and Mikey; the two boys that changed my life for both better and worse. My heart actually physically ached when I thought about them, especially Mikey. I remembered the lost, tortured look on his face that was almost permanently smacked on. I shook those thoughts away, trying to only remember the happy times of my life.
I looked around at my almost empty apartment. It had lost all it’s character with my stuff so now it looked just as depressing as when I’d first moved in.
Picking up my over-night duffle bag from off the floor, I turned around for one last look out of the large, full-size window that was facing the opposite row of houses. I took in the sights, the smell and even the feeling of being in this house. I had barely lived in it a few months and I was going to miss it like hell. All the happy memories I had spent here with Mikey and Frankie. I sighed and picked up my nirvana hoodie, the one I’d first met Gerard in. Pulling it over my head, I knew it was time to leave. The removal guys had their own key and would be over tonight to collect everything and ship it away many, many miles away.
I skipped down the steep front steps and set off for my destination-Frank’s house. I had walked this trip many times before but this time it was different. It was like I was seeing everything for the first time ever. Pushing back the tears that were threatening to come out, I arrived at Frank’s successfully. I didn’t even have to open the door. Before I had a chance to take in the house, Frank ran out onto the front porch and threw his arms around my waist, lifting me up into the air with unsurprising strength.

“Frankie?!” I yelped in surprise for this sudden burst of affection.

Frank didn’t say anything. He just put me down on the floor, his arms now wrapped around my waist. Those tears that had been threatening to come out finally did as I heard Frankie let out a tiny sniffle. I held on to him as though my life depended on it-I knew my sanity did.

“Hey.” I pulled away from him and stroked his cheek gently. “Let’s just enjoys ourselves for a couple of hours, ‘ey?”

Frank smiled bravely and wiped the wet glitter off his cheeks. “I have something special to show you.” Frank said, pulling me into his front room which I knew so well. He pulled a large book out of their pretentious bookcase. “Here.” He handed me the heavy book which I opened curiously.

The first thing I saw was an old picture of me and Frankie. It was taken at one of his birthday parties; a party which consisted of me, Frank, Marie and Frank’s parents. He was sitting at a table, blowing some candles out and I had my eyes shut tightly.

“I remember.” I reminisced out loud. “You let me have your wish cause you said I needed it more than you.”

Frankie squeezed my shoulder tightly, as we looked at all the other glitter and pink feather covered pages. My tears fell on a few of them, making them wrinkle up a tiny bit.

“My mom helped me a little bit-you know-with the glitter and shit.” Frank said, as I closed the album.

“Well thank you Frankie. This means so much to me. I love you.” I said, twisting my torso round to give him a light squeeze.

“I also made you something else.” Frank rushed into the kitchen and came back with an extra large cake.

“Oh Frankie, did you make this yourself?” I asked, delighted as I saw there was a lit candle stuck roughly on the top layer.

“No. Mr. Wal-Mart did.” He giggled. “Make a wish.”

I closed my eyes, tight shut like I did when I was a little girl and wished harder then I’d ever wished before. I couldn’t tell you the wish though, because then I knew it wouldn’t come true. “Triple chocolate?” I asked hopefully.

“Of course.” Frank smiled as he dug his index finger into the side of the cake and sucked it off. “I’ll get a knife.”

Frank came back with two plates and a scarily sharp knife and cut deep into the cake. “There you go.” He said, giving me a huge piece that I couldn’t possible eat on my own. He took a slightly smaller piece for himself and bit into it.

“What do you want to watch?” He gabbled, his mouth still full of moist brown crumbs. I, being a lady, waited until I had finished my mouthful before speaking.

“Bambi?” I asked. I hoped he still had it. It was my favourite film when I was a child. I could always identify with poor little Bambi-left without a mommy, a daddy, an identity. Frank looked slightly taken aback but then nodded, telling me to wait there a second. About five minutes later he came down with a video, the title on the case ‘Bambi.’
He put it in the VC machine and sat next to me, hanging his arm loosely around my neck.

Two hours and many, many tears later both Frank and I sat on the sofa, our faces saturated with a mixture of salty tears and phlegm. “I love you!” Frank exclaimed out of the blue.

My heart melted at his words. “I love you too Frankie.” I buried my head in his neck, sobbing hysterically and making his t-shirt soaked through to the skin. Frank just held me for what only seemed like a few seconds but what was probably an hour or two.
The sound of the doorbell ringing rang through the house, making us both jump.

“Don’t be mad.” Frank said, getting me off him and jogging into the hall.

“Mad? Frank why would I be at you? Frank!?” I shouted, chasing after him.

I paused in the door way of his living room, my blood freezing at the sound of those familiar voices.

“Come in.” I heard Frank say, as well as some serious feet wiping on the mat.
I considered my options. I could make a run for it and jump out of the living room window, probably landing in the prickly rose bush that was below. I guess I could always just push past them and never look back, but I wanted to say a proper goodbye to Frank so that wasn’t an option.
Instead, I just stood there, waiting for our guests to come in.

“Hello Crystal.” Gerard’s voice made me look up from my feet. I tried to avoid his gaze but it was too hard-I at least owed him that.

“Hello Gerard.” I muttered in-audibly.

“Come here.” And then Gerard Arthur Way pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. “I’m-a miss you.” He said articulately.

“I’ll miss you too.” I said, hugging him almost hard as he was hugging me.

Heidi was standing behind Gerard, looking at me with tears dancing in the corner of those electric blue eyes.

“Come here.” I pulled her into a tight embrace, thinking how un-fair it was that she wasn’t getting the full brunt of it with her thick coat.

“I’ll miss you too.” She sobbed, those tears coming out of her eyes like crystal bobbles.

“Same.” I cried into her shoulder.

“Where’s Mikey?” I looked at Gerard.

“He-he couldn’t come.” Gerard stuttered, avoiding my eyes. “But me and Heidi are together now and I’m going to AA meetings.”

I smiled at this piece of news. “That’s great. I‘m really proud of you all.”

“He-he told me to give you this.” Gerard wiped some of the tears out of his eyes and picked a piece of white paper out of his pocket. “He told me to t-tell you not to open it until-you-you were on-on the plane.” I took the paper off Gerard as he broke down in sobs. Both Heidi and I hurried to hold him.

“It’s okay.” I reassured him. “I’ll visit. I promise.” Of course, I had no intention of keeping my promise-I just had to stop him crying. It would be too hard to come back to New Jersey again-to know that Mikey was only a few miles away.

“Really?” He asked. I nodded indefinitely.

“Uh Crys, your cars here.” Frank looked out of the frosted glass.

“I better go.” I said, wiping the last set of tears from my eyes and picking my duffle bag up from the floor.

“Bye guys.” I waved unsurely. I turned to Frank. “Bye Frankie.” I smiled, refusing to let those tears come out again. Frank just pulled me in to what was hopefully going to be my last hug for a long time.

“I love you so fucking much.” He whispered into my shoulder. “Thank you.”

“No Frankie, thank you. I love you.” I whispered back. “I have to go know. Let me go-Frank-let me go.”

Eventually he did let me go and I got into the car and waved slightly, not wanting to let the three of them out of my sight. I wasn’t sure how long it was until I saw them again-or if I was to ever see them again. Once I turned to face the driver, I promised myself that I would only look forward and never look back again.

I had long since boarded the plane and was sitting next to an extremely large lady who was knocking back the gin and tonics as though there was going to be a world shortage when I suddenly remembered that letter that Mikey had written.
I pulled the crumpled envelope out of my pocket and opened it with shaky hands. Expecting to see a big love letter saying how much pain he was in, I prepared for the worst. I was surprised when I looked down and saw how blank the page was-I could’ve suffered from snow blindness.

I love you more then life it’s self


Well sadly that’s the end of the road for this story guys. I really, really enjoyed writing this shit so thank you for reading it. And thank you to everyone who’s ever reviewed or rated-a special thank you to people who reviewed on a regular basis. I love you all so thank you.
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