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Chapter 11

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Dedicated to my good friend PanicFOBAcademy26 :)


“Evie? Sweetie, what happened?” I heard Jon ask.
I immediately grew worried and rushed out of the small bathroom to see Evie pass out.
“Evie!” I cried, quickly going over to her.
“What the hell happened?” I asked Jon.
“I-I dunno Bren, we should call Ace. He might know something.” He suggested.
I nodded and fished her phone out of her pocket and dialling his number.

Ring... Ring... Rin-“Eve, you better have a dam good reason for calling.” Ace answered.
“It’s Brendon.” I said quickly.
“What’s happened? Where’s Eve?” he asked worriedly.
“She-she passed out. We were wondering if you knew why.” I replied.
“P-passed out? Shit man. She only passes out when she’s terrified or really upset.” He told me.
My heart plummeted, “What?” I asked.

“When she gets really scared or frightened her body reacts in a weird way which makes her pass out. It’s only happened twice.” He told me.
“What happened?” I asked, fearing the answer.
“This one time at a club, this guy was drunk and tried to force her into his car and well.... yeah, and the other time was when she found out her Granddad died.” He replied.
“Shit.” I muttered.

“The best thing to do is put a wet cloth on her head and put her to bed or lay her down. She might not come around for a couple of hours.” Ace told me.
“Ok, thanks man.” I replied.
“No worries. Get her to give me a call when she wakes up.” He told me.
“Ok, bye.” I said before hanging up.
“Uhh, we need Zack.” I told Jon who nodded and went outside to find him.

He came back a minute later, Zack behind him.
“What did Ace say?” Jon asked.
“She might not come around for a few hours so he said get her to bed and put a wet cloth on her forehead. Zack do you think you could carry her?” I asked him.
“Sure thing.” He replied, bending down and picking her up bridal style.
“Also, we don’t want anyone else to see so can we do this discreetly?” I asked hopefully.
Zack nodded and we went back to the bus.

Zack laid her down in my bunk and I went to get a wet cloth.
“I’ll leave you to it Bren.” Zack said to me.
“Thanks man.” I replied, and he walked off of the bus.
I walked over to my bunk and placed the wet cloth on her forehead. She was shaking slightly so I lifted my doona and draped it over her.

“How is she?” somebody asked from beside me.
I turned around and saw Jon plus Ryan and Spencer.
“Uhh, she’s ok. I put the cloth on her forehead and I guess we’ll just have to wait now.” I replied.
Ryan placed his hand on my shoulder, “She’ll be alright Bren.” He assured me.
I nodded, “Who should we get to stay with her?” I asked them.
“I’ll get someone.” Spencer said.
“No roadies Spence. I don’t wanna leave her with one of ‘em.” I told him.
“I know Bren. I’ll be back.” He said and left the bus.
I turned and looked at Evie again, and traced my hand over her cheek.

“You really like her don’t you?” Ryan asked.
I smiled sheepishly, “Yeah, but it doesn’t matter.” I told him.
“Why not?” Ryan asked curiously.
“Cause she doesn’t like me like that.” I shrugged.
I could’ve sworn I saw Jon roll his eyes.

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