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Cherry Pie

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Rose and Pete run into each other again. The results are hot and lovey-dovey.

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Cherry Pie:

The Miami heat at night does strange things to people. It seems to make them horny. For me, it's making me want to make out with Petey and sleep with him. That's exactly what happened tonight. But, there were a few events before it. My steamy night started when I was taking a walk in my neighborhood. I was escaping from Tony. He called me earlier and said that he was coming over tonight. I just don't really want to be around that guy anymore. The more and more I fall in love with Pete, the less and less I am in love with Tony. It's inevitable now. But, I still don't want to break up with my loser "boyfriend." (Strange, isn't it? I don't know why, to be honest with you. Maybe, it's because I'm used to playing safe so long. Or maybe I still might love Tony after all. Hard to say.) Anyway, I managed to quiet slip away after dinner. (Davis played "Crosstown Traffic" by Jimi Hendrix really loudly as a distraction for Keisha not to notice me leaving. Auntie Keisha has a huge mouth and can't be trusted with secrets.)

I was enjoying the night when something caught my eye. My lovely Petey Wentz was sitting on the bench in my neighborhood park. At first, I thought that I was losing my mind. So, I blinked really hard. The image didn't change at all. Pete was actually waiting on the bench for me! I just couldn't believe it. He came all of this way to see me? He wasn't playing when he saw that he wanted me. Hell, Pete even means to have me! Well, can't disappoint him now. I hurried over to him like an excited fan girl. Pete smiled at me devilishly when he saw me. I stood in front of him. I tried to calm my excitement down some to talk like an adult to him.

"Hi!" I managed to say at last.

"Hey," Petey said to me. Then, the dorky little fan-girl within me came back up again. She always tries to pop up with me.

"Can I sit with you?!?" I asked in quick excitement. Pete just shrugged at me lightly.

"Sure!" he said to me. I tried my best not to squeal aloud in excitement. I sat down next to him quickly. Pete lightly put his arm around me. "Oh!" I thought in excitement. "I wasn't expecting this! He must want something tonight!" I looked up at him innocently.

"Petey," I said to him innocently.

"Yes?" he asked me.

"What exactly do you want from me?" I asked him. Pete was slightly confused by my question.

"What do you mean?" he asked me. I look deep into those enticing brown eyes of his. I shrug at him.

"What could I possibly have to give you?" I asked him innocently. "I'm just a simple music journalist from Miami. I'm not rich at all, but I make a decent living. Sure, I maybe a catch, but that's all I have. I'm not Ashlee, but I have some good qualities to..." Then, he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I was caught off guard with that kiss. But yet, that kiss was enough to get my juices flowing. I smiled at him like a naughty little schoolgirl.

"Was that because you love me?" I asked him in a flirty tone. "Or was that just to shut me up?" Petey began playing with my hair.

"Both!" he said without missing a beat. I kissed him again. I like him already.

"Good answer," I said. Then I kissed him yet again. The love and desire went on from there. We ended up making out right there on the park bench. The other times were just to keep my attention locked on him. But this one was more of an "I love you, babe. By my girlfriend." Want him, love him. Yes! Yes, I admit it! I can't deny it anymore! To Hell with Ashlee and Tony! I want Petey for myself now! That does it! I'm going to get up and leave Tony as soon as possible and starting fresh with Petey!

Petey began sliding his hands up my shirt. I was lost in high bliss now. Oh yes, take me now! "Damn his hands feel so good!" I thought happily. He then leaned over to my ear.

"Your place tonight?" he asked me.

"No," I said. "Tony might be prowling around there for me." I kissed him again.

"That's okay," he whispered to me. "I know where we can go." I looked up at him with my eyes filled with lust and desire.

"Where?" I asked him. Petey didn't answer me. He just grabbed me by the hand and dragged me away with him further in the night.

Once had Love and it was Divine
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