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What's All This Then?

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Noriko and Kenji are caught Sakura in Cherry Pop. But, Noriko pulls a bold surprise.

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What's All This Then?:

Kenji and I were talking in Cherry Pop when we got the feeling that someone was standing over us watching. We both slowly looked up. Sakura was standing over us glaring coldly. I right then knew that I was in deep trouble now.

"What's all this then?" she asked us. I looked away ashamed.

"N-Nothing," I mumbled to her. Kenji was being much bolder than I was. He tightly grabbed me by the hand. I winced in pain at the pressure. I felt him stand up.

"I'm just having a drink with my girlfriend!" Kenji announced aloud. I whipped around with big eyes. Kenji had just crossed a dangerous boundary and dragged me with him. I was in deep worry now. Sakura was looking at us coldly. She glared at me crossly.

"Is this true, Noriko?!?" she hissed at me. I was really worried at first. Sakura and them were always protective over me. They would all go insane if they saw me with a guy like this. I had broken their one rule by being seen with a man in public. Looking cozy and flirty with one as well. I was really in a jam now.

But then, I felt someone rubbing on my hand. I slightly look across from me. Kenji was smiling at me kindly. "Remember what we have been talking about," he seemed to be saying to me. Suddenly, something came over me. It seemed to be a sudden rush of strength. I suddenly wanted to grow up and be a woman at long last. Now was my chance! I grabbed Kenji by the hand as well.

"Yeah!" I said boldly. "Kenji and I are having a drink together!" Sakura was now looking pretty mad.

"Oh really?" she asked.

"Yes!" we both said in unison. Sakura was giving me that look. It was that usual look that she gave me when I was up to some mischief. The look that said, "You know you shouldn't be doing stuff like this, you're too young and stupid." I used to be afraid of that look. But tonight, it only made me mad. I grabbed onto Kenji's hand even tighter.

"Don't give me that look, Sakura!" I snapped at her. She looked at me surprised, but I didn't buy it. I just kept going.

"Like what?" she asked me. "What do you mean?" Oh, that did it!

"I can do as I please now!" I snapped at her. "I am twenty-one years old now! I can make decisions for myself now! I can't stand when you and the others baby me so much! Just back off of me and let me breathe!" I panted hard at that statement. Kenji looked at me impressed. Sakura didn't seem to know what to say at first. In fact, she was pretty surprised at me. I don't think she ever saw me get mad like that in public. She put up her hands as if to back me up some.

"Okay, fine, fine," she said. "No need to get huffy about. Enjoy your night!" Then she walked away. I sat back smiling. That actually felt... pretty good! I looked to Kenji smiling. He was smiling back at me. There was only one thing left to do now...

"Say," I said aloud to my boyfriend. "Want to go back to your place? My parents won't let me take strangers in the house at night." Kenji smiled at me wickedly.

"Gladly, girl!" he called. Then, we both left together in victory for the night.

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