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You're Always In Such A Rush

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"Gerard Way!" Dr. Toro's voice snapped through the deathly silence. "Pay attention to what i am saying to you! I will only ask you one more time. Why did you leave without attending the appointment yesterday?"
I stared at the painting of crashing waves in a thunderstorm behind his head, twisting my fingers around each other. Shifting my gaze to my shoes, i played with a strand of my hair.
When i did not give Dr Toro a reply, he banged his fist on the desk shouting, "I demand an answer! This behaviour will NOT be tolerated in my office. If you do not answer me i ask you to leave immediatly!"

"What's wrong with that Iero guy?" I eventually ask, looking him in the eyes.

"That, Mr. Way, is none of your business, but i'm sure you overheard Linda and i talking before you ran away. Now tell me why you left or get out of my sight."

"I will not tolerate that kind of behaviour, doctor." I mimicked, standing up, brushing imaginary lint from my jeans. I strode out the door.


"But, doctor!" I said in mock horror over my shoulder as i left the room. "I have no answer."
I smirked at his stunned face as i passed Linda, who was noisly chewing gum while talking loudly on the phone.

"Yeah, oh my God! Oh, hang on a sec babes... Same time, day after tomorrow Mr Way!" She called to my back.
Sighing quietly, I pushed the glass door open and stepped out into the blinding sun.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Pretty Boy." Slowly i turned around, dreading the sight to meet my eyes as i recognised the voice. Taking a step back, i shielded my eyes from the searing light and stared at Frank.

"What do you want?"

"Oh," he smirked, "you'll see soon enough." Brushing past me he ran his hand over my crotch, never breaking eye contact.... Those empty eyes.

"What do you want from me?" I asked again. My skin tingled where it came to touch with his.

"Be patient, Pretty Boy. You're," he stopped. Leaning in he finished, "always in such a rush," smelling my neck.
He turned away and stepped into the building, pulling up his hood and leaving me on the sidwalk.

"You're always in such a rush..."

I stood stumped, my mind frantically trying to process what had happened, staring out to the park, the spiky evergreens cut a jagged horizon in the blue sky. Gravel, i knew, surrounded the base of their trunks. I had often, as a child, gathered a handful into my palm and, sitting on the grass beside, would throw the tiny stones at the back of my mother's legs, or at an unsuspecting passer-by.
Each time she scolded me i would grin back and clap my hands on my knees. "Gerard, don't throw those things." "Stop that, Gerard!" "Stop throwing those stones, this instant! You're being a bad boy!" Always, these were followed by the grin and knee slapping.
She would sigh in resignation and resume her position talking to one of her friends, or simply day dreaming.
Standing outside the brick building i found myself touching my cheek the way she would every night, before she gave me a goodnight kiss on each eyelid...

"Hey. Gerard, right?" I spun on my heel to meet a familiar face.
I looked at him in bewilderment, not able to place face with name. "I believe we met the other day, with you at my feet." He chuckled at the memory.
Suddenly, i remembered where i had seen him before.

"Oh, yeah. Hi, Mickey, right?"

"No, Mikey." He corrected, smiling at me.

Of course

"Yeah, sorry. I forget."

"No worries.... Why are you standing outside the shrink building? Are you..." He made a circling motion at his temple with his index finger.

"Oh, no. You don't need to know about that."

"So you are?"

"No, not really, at all... No, I'm fine. Honest guv'na." His eyes creased as he chortled at my words, motioning for me to follow him as he walked past me.

"So... how've you been?"

"Shaken, but not stirred."


"James Bond," he glanced at me, "i hate it."

"Me too, i just like that phrase."

" 's a good one." Mikey agreed. "Anyway... Do you wanna go back to my place, grab a coffee? You left in such a rush last time."

"You're always in such a rush..."
His words echoed through my brain.

"Well? What do you say?"

Twenty minutes later, i found myself sitting on Mikey's black leather sofa with a steaming mug of milky coffee in my hand. 3 sugars.

"I hate to be so blunt, but what's the deal with you?"

"What do you mean?" I said, putting the coffee down on the table.

"Are you single? Taken? Gay? Straight, bi?" He inquired, cocking is head.

"A bit forward aren't you? Erm... I'm single... Gay."

"Ah cool." His eyes wondering slightly.

"What's up," i asked, looking out the window.


"Holy mother of shit!" I screamed, as Frank's smirking face appeared at the window, pyscho-esque music to accompany in my brain.

"What, what!?" Mikey yelled, clutching his heart.

"There, in the window!" I cried, beside myself with fear.

"Gerard," he started slowly, "there's nothing there." I glanced back.
Indeed, there was nothing, no-one there.

"Fuck." I breathed.

"Are you sure you're alright?" He asked, his voice full of concern.

"I'm fine... Can i stay over here tonight?"

"What? Why? We barely know each other." He protested.

"I know, but please. I think i'm being stalked and i'd really rather not be alone."

"Stalked!?" His eyes widened in astonishment.

"Please. Just don't answer the door to anybody with a long black fringe and red shaven sides."

"But, Gerard, we-"

"Please, Mikey..."

Later that night, after having gotten better aquainted with Mikey, we lay on opposite sides of his king size bed. Rolling onto my side i looked at his silhouette in the dim light and asked, "So what's the deal with you."

"Why'd you like to know." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Well, i'm sharing a bed with you, i think i have a right to." He touched my hand under the covers and said,


"Cross dresser."
He laughed and sighed, "Nuh."

I smiled and rolled onto my back again, joining Mikey in staring at the blank ceiling.

I knew.
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