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Sometimes... A Guy Has To Be A Coward

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What are you supposed to say?
What are you suppsed to say to someone when they tell you how they feel, and you don't feel the same back?
Do you lie to them?
Tell them what they want to hear?
Or do you keep shut, let them figure it out for themselves?
Do you spare their grief, and tell them straight out? Break their heart and watch them fall apart in front of your very eyes?
What are you supposed to say?

She looks up at me with smiling eyes, her arms snake around my waist.
I shift my gaze to the wall behind her, avoiding meeting her eyes.

"Well?" She probes, grinning widely.
I clear my throat and switch my weight onto one foot.
The grip around my waist loosens.
She pulls back and searches my face for clues.
"Well?" She says again, her smile quickly fading.
I look down at her, with what i hope to be apologetic eyes.
"Oh, my..."

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not. Not at all... I feel like such a fool."
She swats my hand away as i try to wipe away the tears streaming down her cheeks.
"Do. Not. Touch me." She hisses.

"I am really and truly sorry, i never wanted to hurt you..."

"Yeah? Well, congratulations Gerard, you did."
I sigh and walk towards the door.
Putting my hand on the handle i look back and say again,

"I'm sorry. Sometimes... A guy has to be a coward."
Her face crumbles and a new set of tears race to the floor.
Shutting the door behind me, i stand in the dimly lit corridor and listen to her gentle sobbing.

"Sorry..." I whisper, closing my eyes and sighing heavily."


there you go
its not long, but i feel bad for not giving you anything for a couple of weeks.
idk why i feel bad though, noone but sarah comments.
idk why i bother, cuz tbh, if you guys arent gonna comemnt, i shouldnt :)
so yes, everyone who reads this, at least comment thus far, or else i'll stop updating this, cuz the only person who has the decency to comment (ie, sarah) has other websites i upload this story onto, so she can read them there.
and i mean it, tbh.
if your not gonna respect that then you wont get to finish this.
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