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Chapter 7

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What's going on in Luke's life.

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Chapter 7

I think it is time for some explanations. My name is Luke Julian Andrik. I would give my last name but is kind of a complicated situation. You see, I was adopted, so my real last name (or names) is (or are) Way-Iero. But now with my adpotive family, my last name is Connor. Sucks. I have a twin brother, , Jack Liam Aiden, but he was adopted by another family and lives in New York, while I live in California. Fortunately we live in the twenty-first century and we are allways text messaging, talking on msn, or on myspace. Our mom died when we where 6 years old, and we never met our father, never even heard his name being mentioned.

10 years ago my mom left me with a friend of hers for two weeks, taking my twin brother with her, I guess, since he didn't stay with us for those two weeks. After those two weeks. my mom picked me up, and that same week, ironically, died in a car accident while me and my brother where at daycare. I haven't seen that guy since then, but regularly dream about him.

Liam and me are in a band together called Nightmare Garden. I play guitar and Li is vocals. He has the most amazing voice I've heard. My other friends are in it. But since Li lives in New York, I am the temporary vocalist when he is not for band practice. The band is my life. Apart from my brother who I know since I was born, I've been friends with these guys since I was 5 years old, and we have always been together in school.

But enough of the description on my boring life. I am here to tell you the story of the most amazing thing that happened. I'm here to tell you the story of how my life changed completely just by accidently meeting someone.

I woke up to the feeling of my pillow buzzing. I lifted the pillow and took my cell phone from under it. It was meant to wake me up, but not this early. It was 4 a.m. I thought it was the alarm I put on my cel, but it was my twin calling.
"Why, just why did you decide to suddenly call me at 4 in the morning?" I said silently but angry in the phone, for everyone else was still asleep.
"Since you are always bragging about being a vampire and staying awake all night I figured you would be awake." He smirked into the phone. He was right anyway. I normally slept an average of four hours, that being the maximum. It was rare when I slept more than six hours.
"Well yeah but today I decided to be human. Anyway what do you want?"
"Well I couldn't sleep, so I was on the computer. I randomly decided to check My Chemical Romance's myspace, and found out that their last show n the U.S before going to Eurpoe tour is here in New York. And guess what I did?"
"What?!" I asked suddenly excited. MCR was my favorite band, and it would me great to be there on their last show here.
"You better love me for what I did, because I got us both first row tickets and backstage pass to My Chemical Romance!" I was so shocked when he said it. I felt like screaming and wanted to run all the way to New York and hug him for what he did. He just made my life better.
"Only one problem. Li." I said feeling down.
"And what would that be?" I could tell he was ready to punch me if I told him I couldn't go.
"I know your mom has no problem with me going do we get my mom to let me go?" I asked now depressed.


I decided to, plead my mom to let me go to the concert. It was a Friday, but I could take the week from school and stay with Liam, then we would go to the concert and the next day I would come back. Well that was the plan my brother and me had planed. There was no problem with me staying at his house, but I doubted my "mother" would let me.

"Hey mom, I was just talking to Jack, and he wants me to stay in his house two weeks from now." I said giving my most inocent look.
"And why is that?" She asked not looking away from the dishes she was washing.
I had to think of something fast. If I told her I was going to a concert she would just say no. Mind you, I have been to many concerts before, but obiously without her concern.
"He is leaving for vacations to Europe for one month and he wants to see me before leaving." What type of excuse is that? It was the first thing I tought of.
"Well then, you obiously cannot go." She said not even looking at me.
"Fine" I said angrily, and stormed off to my room. I didn't care, I was going to go to New York and I was going to that concert, even if that ment I had to walk all the way over there.
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