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Chapter 6

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10 years later

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Chapter 6

I sat down on the stairs outside the cafeteria just looking at the rain. Many people passed by without even noticing me. A girl passed by giving away invitations for her birthday party to everyone, except me, of course. No one ever invited me or talked to me, except my friends. It was getting cold, even though I had a hoodie on, but it was very thin. I hugged myself to keep me warm and started playing with my bat necklace. It was really cool. In the center it said: Skittle & Fwankienstein. It was a gift from an old friend; actually a promise. A promise that was never kept. Then someone called my name, although I didn't hear it until about the third or fourth time.
"Julian! Julian!...Lukey!" At the mention of my first name I turned around. Nobody called me Lukey anymore, nobody used my first name since my mom died.
My best friend Aiden stood at the entrance of the cafeteria.
"Hi Aiden." I said as I got up and followed him. We took our seats at our always table.
"When are the others getting here?" I asked him.
"We're here!" Then I saw Chris, Ryan, Crash, and Ava sit on our table with us.
"So do you know where the last MCR concert as The Black Parade will be?" Aked Ava casually.
"Yes! I NEED a ticket. I am going even if it is in China!" I said excited. MCR was my favourite band. They were amazing.
"Okay Julian, too much sugar for you." Said Chris with a grin.
"I never have too much sugar." I smirked, hiding my bag of skittles deeper into my hoodie pocket so they wouldn't notice.
"So, any more dreams lately?" Ava asked me while she took a bite of her sandwich.
"Yes, actually. Last night I dreamed about the time when I stayed with my mom's friend when I was 3 years old." I answered thinking back.
"You know Julian, you should look for that guy. You haven't heard from him since your mom died. Actually before that." Ryan said softly. All the others made agreeing motions.
"Yeah guys, but he would me impossible to fins. I know nothing about him. I hardly remember him physically. I only know his first name. Last time I saw him was ten years ago."
Crash was about to reply when the bell rang, and I quickly left the table dragging Ryan with me. We couldn't be late for math.
Frank's P.O.V.

I opened my eyes slowly to find my boyfriend lying next to me on my bunk snoring lightly. I smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. I stood up and went to the kitchen to make some coffee, and I noticed I was the first one up. At least I could me alone with my own thoughts for a while. I sat down on the couch with my freshly made cup of coffee, thinking about the dream I just had. It was about something that happened ten years ago. I subconsciously started playing with my bat necklace and when I noticed it just made me think more about my dream. It was about that time, the last time I saw that little cute boy ,Skittle. My son.
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