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Chapter 33

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I took a moment to think. I couldn’t choose. I felt really evil if I had to choose. I mean Gerard and Bob both have their own qualities and down sides. I huffed. “I don’t know.” I replied. “See what I’m getting at? I’m just… I just don’t know what I want!”

Mrs. Bryar chuckled. “I remember back in my day, there were some men that proposed to me but I was not sure to whom I should get married. Then on the last minute it finally clicked and I married to Bob’s father.” she blushed. “Don’t worry, it’ll click for you too.” she smiled warmly.

“Don’t you hate the fact that I’m keeping your son waiting?” I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s his life and he decided to hang around and wait for you, I cant stop him.”

I nodded.

“Now you go finish your coffee and I’ll check on the pies.” she smiled and slowly walked off.

Maybe I should just get away from all this… just focus on my career and wait for this love thing to click. I sipped some of the now cooled down coffee. That may be right. If I got away… maybe they both might find that right girl for them, although it will break my heart that it wasn’t me but still I’d be happy for them. I noticed Dylan looking around him like he was some sort of spy as he walked into tehroom I was in. “hey Dylan.” I greeted him.

“Shh!” he whispered.

“Why?” I whispered back.

“I just wanted to ask you about something.” he said and looked behind him. “I know you’re enjoying your time here but I really wanna get back home. You know how I get home-sick pretty quickly.” he bit his bottom lip.

My face brightened. “Of course Dylan. I was just about thinking the same thing.”

“really? So you wanna go home as soon as possible?” he beamed.

“Umm not too soon just a few days time so we can give a proper good bye… you know that we didn’t last time.”

He nodded understandingly. “Of course.” he jumped up. “I’ll go get the laptop and get us some tickets.”

I chuckled, “Okay.”

I watched him run off.

That night after dinner we had desert which was apple pie.

“I love you so much!” Gerard kissed Mrs. Bryar’s blushed cheeks. “this is just wonderful!” he grinned.

“Gerard sit down before you make her more red!’ Ray said.

Mrs. Bryar giggled.

The whole table laughed.

“Oh by the way,” dyan spoke up. “Mary and I decided that we should get back home soon.”

“Aww… why so soon?” Frank asked.

“Australia needs Mary back.” Dylan said and eyed me.

“When are you guys leaving?” Mr.s Bryar asked.

“The day after tomorrow.”

“Whoa, that’s too soon.” Mikey said.

“Sorry.” I apologized.

But they nodded understandingly.

The front door knocked which was unexpected.

“Who could it be? I don’t think we invited anyone to dinner right?” Mr. Bryar asked.

“No, maybe our manager must’ve wanted to visit or something. He always does surprise visits.” Bob said.

Mr. Bryar nodded and went to open the door.

“We’ll have to party before you go.” Frank winked at me.

“Sure will.” I replied.

Just then Mr. Bryar entered the dining room with a tall very pretty girl behind him. She looked slightly younger maybe 22. Her brown hair was dead straight and had that funky styled cut that left part of her hair in front of her blue eyes. She looked very pretty and I started wondering who she was here for.

“Jayde!” Gerard jumped off his seat and ran to hug the very tall girl.

“Gerard!” she said in her sweet voice.

The boys all stood up and one by one hugged her.

“Everyone, this is Jayde and she’s our make-up artist.” Bob announced with her in his arms.

“Hi.” she waved and had that sweet smile.

“Hello dear.” Mrs. Bryar smiled back. “Would you like to join us for desert?”

“Oh no thanks.” she replied.

“Oh no you don’t.” Gerard frowned. “Eat this wonderful lady’s apple pie. It’ll make you melt!”

“Gerard don’t force the girl.” Mrs. Bryar said.

“Oh fine I’ll have some if you insist.” she sat down in between Gerard and Bob.

“Oh I forgot to introduce you.” Gerard chuckled. He stood and pointed to Mr. and Mrs. Bryar. “This is Bob’s parents, Dylan and Mary who are our old friends from Australia.”

“Hey.” Dylan and I said at the same time.

“OMG! Mary I’ve heard so much about you!” she grinned at me. “They said that you were a supermodel… I expected you to be more beautiful.” she gave a sour face for a second then turned to her apple pie. “Mmm this is so delicious!” she complimented.

I was left awestruck. What a bitch!

Ray, Mikey and Frank looked at me and mouthed ‘sorry’. I watched Dylan give a weird face to her.

I didn’t like this girl.

I really hope you like this.
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