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Chapter 34

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Jayde is getting on Mary's nerves.

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I crossed my arms in fury and growled. I was in the kitchen pretending to get a glass of water. That Jayde girl is really annoying me. She kept dissing me with whatever I said.

“Yes, I hate her too.” Mrs. Bryar came into the kitchen.

“Am I that obvious?” I asked.

“Now you are.” She answered and filled the sink with water to start washing the dishes. “But do me a favour would you?”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Get my some out of there. She’s starting to creep up on him and I don’t want him to be captivated.” She said.

“Will do.” I saluted her which made her laugh and I headed into the living room where Jayde was surrounded by the boys.

“Bob, I need your need your help. Come please?” I asked.

Bob stood up, “Okay.”

“No Bob! Please stay!” Jayde insisted.

“Bob come on.” I ignored her.

Jayde tugged onto Bob’s sleeve. “Why do you need him anyway?”

“I need his strength to carry something for me.” I lied.

Gerard jumped up and showed off his muscles. “I’m stronger Mary! Look!” he showed off which made everyone laugh. “Don’t laugh!” he frowned.

“They’re laughing because you aren’t as strong as me.” Bob said.

“I so am!” Gerard said.

“Oh yeah?”

“Okay how about we take this somewhere else. Okay?” I said and dragged them both out of the living room and went into the kitchen.

“Oh Bob!” Mrs. Bryar hugged her son.

“Ummm… mum are you okay?” Bob looked confused.

“Yes, I just don’t like that Jayde girl.” She said.

“Umm why?” he asked.

“Because she’s a bitch.” I answered for her.

Gerard started to laugh. “You’re jealous of her!”

“I am so not!” I put my hands on my hips.

Bob snickered.

“Come on! Don’t you see how she acts around me? She full disses me every time!”

“It’s because she’s jealous.” Frank came out of no where with his arms around me. “Don’t worry about it. I’m going to make you feel like the girl on top of the world and she’s gonna get even more jealous.” He said calmly.

“What?” I was lost and before I could even get an answer Frank lifted me up and carried me bridal style into the living room. “Frank I wanna get down.” I squeaked.

I know it's so short it's just that I'm in school. I'll continue on my hiptop when I'm travelling home. Might be next chapter tonight.
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