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Chapter 31

by RyanRossLuver


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Sorry for the complete total lack of updates this past week or so - Everything in my life as come crashing down around me, and my Mom decided to be a Mom for once and bought me a puppy. The puppy is a little terror, and I have had no will to write over the past week.... due to unforseeable circumstances - (s)he knows what they did.

[*ficfriction: big watery eyes at a lot of things
MrSz-Or3o: I took my time, right!? lol, I hope this chappy is good... took ages to come up with something to type about.
doyleangel: No, Gabe did not ruin it.... not to say he's out of the story all together... he will be back, but his intentions (maybe) have changed
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Chapter 31:

I stumbled off the plane, weary and blurry eyed after a long flight to... I don't even remember where Pete and I had flown to; all I knew is we were alone for the next week before heading back to New Jersey and spending Christmas with the My Chemical Romance boys.

It was a miracle that we had even made it to the hotel without forgetting the address. The cabbie was not impressed. We made it to the hotel, The Hilton, of course, checking ourselved in, heading up the stairs to the honeymoon suite. Pete muttered something about having a shower, to which I answered with a grunt, before I collapsed on the bed, promptly falling into a deep slumber.


I woke to harsh sunlight pouring in from the uncovered windows. Rolling over carefully, so not to hurt the babies, I checked the hotel clock, finding out it was 10am - I had been sleeping for around sixteen hours. Sliding out of the bed, I headed for my suitcase, pulling out a black knee length skirt, a white singlet, a black blouse and clean underwear, before heading into the bathroom for a much needed shower - I hadn't had one in over 38 hours... damn planes.

Emerging from the bathroom a few moments later, I felt fresh and rejuvinated, ready for a day of whatever we had planned in... wherever we were, I had yet to discover that. Seeing as Holly, Chizzy and Sisky had been in charge of organising our honeymoon, it wasn't surprising I didn't know where I was. Throwing my dirty laundry to the side of my suitcase, I padded to the bed, where an awake and smiling Pete sat; his back resting against the headboard. I lay beside him, my head resting delicately on his bare chest, lightly kissing his skin every few minutes or so. He slowly lifted my face to his, kissing me deeply as his hands ran over my body, pulling me onto him so I was straddling his lap. I continued kissing him until his hands slipped under my skirt. I pulled back, panting slightly, pushing down onto his chest so that he realised I didn't want our encounter to go any further.

"Pete, please... let's wait until tonight, when we've had time alone and the room has a more romantic feel to it," I whispered, pulling my bottom lip between my teeth.

"Okay Mrs. Wentz, I can wait til then," Pete replied. I smiled at the sound of my new name, pulling him into a gentle hug, careful of the children, as normal. I sat up after a few moments as the hotel phone rang. I reached over, picking up the reciever as the receptionist said they were patching a call from Chicago through.

"Hello?" I asked, scratching my arm as I attempted to figure out who was calling us at the hotel.

"Lexi!!!" Screamed Sisky.

"What's up Adam?" I asked, using his birth name as it always calmed him down.

"So you're probably wondering where you are, seeing as we blidnfolded you at the airport, and you would have been to tired when you arrived to fathome where you were?"

"Yup," I said as Pete dragged himself out the covers, collecting some clothes before going to shower.

"You, my dear friend, are in Merry Old London Town for the next five days, before you fly to New Jersey for an extended Christmas with the boys of My Chemical Romance, before you fly here and spend New Years with us TAI boys."

"Ooh, I love that plan!" I squealed, before exchanging pleasantries and hanging up, just as Pete stepped out of the bathroom, clad in skinny jeans, a Clandestine long sleeved shirt, pulling a double-thick Clandestine hoodie over the top, eyeing my ensemble before throwing me a Saint hoodie - Hey, I can't help it if my hot flushes are constant. I tied it around my waist, seing no real need to wear it, before I slipped my vans on as Pete pulled me out the door.


We decided that today we would spend the day at the Tower of London, before hitting Madame Tussaudes after dinner, then heading back to the hotel. Leaving the Tower of London and trekking towards China Town, as that was what I was currently craving, I kept getting odd looks from the natives. Well, I suppose I had stripped down to my singlet and skirt, becuase I just felt so hot... However, in the end, Pete had to carry me back to the hotel after almost passing out frome exhaustion between the restaurant and Madame Tussades.

But as I got laid down on the bed, my intentions turned from a slow, soft nap to spending time with Pete. I lazily pulled his hoodie and shirt off, kissing his bare chest as he got the idea, and started removing my clothes. Within seconds we were under the covers, kissing feverently as our hands caressed bare skin. I slinked my hands down between our bodies, grasping ahold of Pete's engorged member, sliding it into me with a moan. My arms wound round his neck as his found thier way to my hips, squeezing my sides gently as he thrust in and out of me, kissing down my neck and caressing where his fingers lay. I arched my back into his touch, responding to every slight movement he made, sliding my legs up and down his, moaning as he hit a spot inside of me that sent pleasre coursing throughout my veins. I raked my fingers down his back, so hard that there would be marks in the morning, as he picked up speed, brining me to orgasm. I moaned out his name, which he captured with his lips upon mine, before stilling inside me. I could tell he hadn't come, and pulled away.

"Why did you stop?" I panted out, stroking the back of his neck.

"Because I wanted to ask something of you..." he trailed off as I slipped down his body, understanding the silent request as he slipped out from between my legs. I continued until my face was level with his crotch, before taking him into my mouth, my hand working the base of his cock and I sucked on the tip, gently grazing my teeth along him, as profanities began spilling from his lips. I could taste both myself and his precome as I worked him, before I felt him shooting into my eagar mouth. I milked him dry before swallowing, moving back up his body and curling into him, before falling asleep in his strong arms, the babies moving at our close, non-sexual proximity.

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