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Chapter 32

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Sorry I've been away guys, but I got sick and then I went to the Panic/Cobra/TAI concert Saturday night, and have been riding a high since cause I met Jack the camera guy, and met, talked to, hugged and recieved a kiss from none other than Gabe Saporta, all while trying not to pass out - he was so kind and patient with me whilst I was sick, and told me to get better soon, before smiling his adorable smile and hugging me again. I spent all my money there too on a limited edition poster, a lanyard, a cobra hoodie and tee, a tai tee, and a panic hoodie.

I also had another job interview, this time for Coles (major supermarket chain, much like your Wal-Mart)

But enough about my weekend, and on with the show

Chapter 32:

The rest of the honeymoon continued much like the first day - touring and sight-seeing by day; hot, passionate sex by night. However, by December 18 we were in Belleville, New Jersey, for a good old My Chemical Romance style Christmas. We were staying for eleven days, all at the Way house, while Frank stayed in Mikeys room with him; Gerard's boyfriend Chris stayed in his room with him; Bob and Ray took the fold out couch... together; and Pete and I took up the guest room. It had only just occurred to me that all of My Chemical Romance batted for the other team... Oh, and tomorrow, Kit, Vicky, Alex and Gabe were joining us for the other ten days before we flew back to Chicago together for Sisky, William and Carden's New Years Eve bash.

True to the likeness of Frank, on Christmas Eve as all us "young folk" - Donna's words, not mine - stayed up in the living room getting drunk - Gerard and I were drinking Coca-Cola, which has the same effect - we played truth or dare. All was uneventful - most of it was getting to know Chris, people kissing or touching my pregnant belly; me kissing Kit; people kissing Pete and a random choice of Mikey having to run upstairs to his parents room, waking Donna up and telling her he wet his bed. Then we got to Gabe again, and he asked for a truth.

"How do you feel about me?" I asked. We hadn't really "talked" since the night of the engagement party, and we all know how well that turned out.

"I'm hot for you," he replied, his eyes glassy.

"uh, Gabe, you are sitting by the fire," I commented, almost falling off my chair in laughter - yes, I was that far gone. But it was true, Gabe was sitting directly in front of the hearth. My laughter was cut short as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Everyone directly close to me - Mikey, Pete and Kit - stopped too and looked worriedly at me. I started smiling as I rested my hands on my round belly, feeling the babies kick once more. Sliding one hand away, I grasped one of Pete's, Kit's and Mikey's hands, placing them alongside mine as the little ones did it again. We were all smiles the rest of the night, until we decided to venture off to bed at 1am. I could barely walk up the stairs, I was so tired, and Pete was so drunk, he couldn't help me, but Gerard was a true gentleman, helping me to bed instead.


The next morning we had a home cooked breakfast made by Donna, Donald and myself - the babies had woken me up at 6am and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I thought I'd lend a hand. We whipped up a yummy selection of sausages, bacon and eggs for those who liked them, and for those who were vegetarians or vegans coughFrankandAlexizcouch, dairy free chocolate chip pancakes with fake whipped cream... the best Christmas brekky ever!

As soon as we were done eating, we all scrambled to be first for a shower. They guys let me and Kit go first, not cause we were girls, but because I helped make breakfast, I was pregnant, and Kit and I didn't mind sharing the cubicle while getting clean - we could keep our hands off each other, unlike the males currently occupying this house.

As Kit and I emerged from the shower, I started stressing. I had nothing to wear; all my clothes were set for summer, due to my amazing hot flushes. Today however, I was in the true holiday mood and feeling frozen solid - I think the snow helped do that to me. I managed to get Kit to beg various other occupants of the house for random articles of clothing that would fit me. I ended up with Gerard's oversized, and very old Iron Maiden shirt; a loose fitting denim skirt from Donna, which came down to mid thigh; a pair of white stockings, the ones that ended part way from the crotch, of Vicky's... wonder what she's been doing with them; and I manage to steal Gabe's purple hoodie, which I wore under one of Pete's oversized black Clandestine hoodies. All in all, I managed to look fairly stylish, and while everyone else was getting ready, I curled my hair into loose ringlets which cascaded down my back, the red highlights almost completely non-existant, overpowered by the strong black. With a light sputtering of make-up, courtesy of Kit, I was ready to go, and met everyone downstairs, who were beginning to crowd around the tree. All the guys were in similar attire - skinny jeans, a random tee and a hoodie, either Leathermouth, Clandestine or Fuck City. Donna and Donald were in simple dress pants and sweaters, Donna looking positively radient. Kit and Vicky both wore long sleeved dresses which fell to their knees, Vicky in white with black tights; and Kit in black with white tights. I perched myself on the edge of Frank's seat, leaning back so I was flush against his chest. He was the same as me, except against Mikey's chest, so we made a chain. Mikey moved his arms from around Frank to include me in, and Frank's joined his boyfriends too. Kit sat between my legs, resting her head on my leg, where I lightly stroked her soft locks, as Pete began doling out presents with the help of Chris and Ray.

Once they were all handed out, Ray returned to his perch next to Bob, pulling the blonde's hand into his; Chris returned to his seat on Gerards lap, leaning his head on the paler male's shoulder, and Pete returned to his seat between Vicky and Gabe, resting his head on the shoulder of the latter, most likely fighting off a hangover... at least I hope thats all the reason as to his sudden calm and closeness with Gabe. We started off the opening with Donna, who chose to open the gift from Pete and I first. We had bought her an assortment of things, all from London, with the exception of the CD that lay at the very bottom of the collection. We had given her various items to use within the kitchen - oven mitts, cookie cutters, recipie cards, a new apron - and a snowglobe of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. She picked up the CD, turning it loosely in her hands seeing as there was no cover or track listings.

"Because you were always the mother I never had, taking me in and treating me as if I were your own flesh and blood, I thought that you should be the one to get hte first copy," I said, flushing dearly.

"First copy of what Lex?" Donald asked for his wife. I knew she understood what it was, but it was best said for those who couldn't work out my actions.

"My CD... It's not due out until late March, early April, but Patrick and I finished early... there are also some special tracks on there, especially for you Mamma Donna," I explained, tears escaoing my eyes, which Frank wiped away for me. I saw a couple of droplets falling from Donna's eyes too, before I was engulfed by her warm arms, hearing her whisper 'thank you' into my ear.


Everyone had finished opening thier presents, except for me, who had one left... from Gabe and Pete. They went and bought me a present together?

Ripping the paper open, eager to see what lay inside, three small square boxes and one rectangular box fell out, all of which were blue, except the smallest of the square boxes, which was a deep red. I decided to open this very different looking one first. Nestled in amongst the black velvet was a silver bar with a silver ball attatched to one end, and a red and black ball attatched to the other. Apparently my face conveyed the message well, because soon both Pete and Gabe were in fits of laughter.

"It's a bar for a tongue piercing," Pete started.

"Remember how ever since I met you, you've been bitching about how you want a tongue piercing, but you've never had time to do it? Well, Pete and I decided you should get it done before the buns pop out..."

"We've payed for it to be done... in fact, we're taking you tomorrow to get it done, at Frank's local place, so by New Year's you're used to it," Pete finished, and by that point, even I was laughing. Within the other two small boxes were two pairs of earrings - one pair sapphire studs, to match my eyes so Gabe said; and the other a pair of Ruby and Onyx teardrop earrings, the onyx hanging to an inch below my lobe, before a half-inch long ruby teardrop hung. They were beautiful. And in the longer box, lay a beautiful onyx, sapphire and ruby bracelet, and a silver and sapphire necklace. The boys had spent too much on me, but they recieved it all back in hugs... loads of beautiful hugs.

Thats the end of this chapter... more soon. For some of my pictures from the concert, go here:

If the link doesn't work... give me a buzz

Now, I am currently sat in the middle of a wall of writers blocks for this story, and wanted to propose something to all you faithful readers/reviewers...

I want to write a couple of one-shots, seeing as I haven't done any in a while, and I'm letting you guys request something from me. It can be whatever you want to - the more detail, the better; and can be something in either the PATD, MCR or FOB section. Hope you guys review with heapz of ideas for me, this is what I need to break out of my rut.
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