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Make A Wish

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Lol im gonna fast forward this chapter cos its gonna end soon so..ya know..whatever XD

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*Fast Forward 3 Months

Anna ran into the living room muttering and rummaging around on the floor. Frank raised one eyebrow and watched her smirking.
"Lost something?" He asked. She frowned.
"I can't find my shoe.." She said looking concerned. Frank rolled his eyes.
"Well you better hurry it up and find it then. Mikey's gonna flip if we're late and im not taking the blame". He said. She glared at him.
"Not helping Frank". She said and turned and ran out the room. Frank sighed and got up off the couch. He followed her out into the hall where she was looking under a pile of coats. Frank walked straight past her into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and rolled his eyes.
"I found it Anna" He called. She rushed in.
"Where'd you get that from?!" She cried snatching it off him. "It's cold..."
"It was in the fridge"
Frank laughed and grabbed her arm, pulling her out the door.

They arrived in front of a big department store in New York. Anna scowled up at it.
"Remind me again why I have to do this?" She asked. Frank sighed.
"Because Mikey is your friend and he is getting married."
"Oh yeah. Why must I wear a dress though?" She asked.
"Because Willow wants you to be her bridesmaid" He replied. Anna growled. They got out the car and went inside the tall grey building. They were greeted straight away by a stressed looking Mikey and an over-active Willow. Everyone else was already there. Anna's eyes automatically went over to Gerard standing in the corner watching her. Her heart beat faster as his eyes looked deep into hers. She was pulled away by Willow who was chattering about something that she wasn't listening to. She looked back over her shoulder to see Gerard still watching her.
The girls and the guys were in seperate rooms so Mikey couldn't see what Willow was wearing.
"I sitll don't get it though. What's so bad if he does see the dress?" She shouted from inside her changing cubicle. She could hear Willow sigh loudly in the one next to her.
"Because Anna, It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding." She replied.
"But you're getting married tomorrow. What does it matter. It's just a superstition." She cried confused.
"Well not many things have gone right in the last year so I want this to go perfectly." She said a bit quieter. Anna knew she was talking about her and Gerard and frowned.
"Okay guys I'm done. Don't laugh at me cos I'm coming out!" She shouted to Kelly and Willow outside the cubicles. Then she opened the door and grimaced as she caught sight of herself in the mirrors on the wall opposite. It wasn't that the dress wasn't nice, it was just..a dress. It was a knee length purple and black netted dress with silver cobweb on the hem. She had a pair of black ribbon lace up heels which she could only just manage to stagger in. Kelly and Maille's (who were wearing exactly the same as her) looked shocked when they saw her.
"Oh guys!! Don't do that!! Ugh I can't believe Im wearing a dress!" She moaned. Kelly shook her head.
"Anna it looks really nice!" She re-assured her.
"Yeah! It's just awesome!! But it's..well different."Maille said.
"But only cos we've never seen you in a dress before!" Kelly added quickly. Maille nodded and turned to the cubicle Willow was in.
"Hurry up damn it woman!! We don't have all day!!" She cried.
"Allright allready I'm coming now!" She called back and pushed the door open. All the girls jaws dropped when she walked out.
"Wow!!" Anna gasped.
"Oh my god..."
Willow was dressed in a black and red sleeve-less dress with black and red fabric roses along the top (Imagine Helena's dress and Amy Lee's (in Call Me When Your Sober - Evanescence) mixed together!!). Her long black hair was pushed back with a black tiara except for two strips either side of her face coming down and ending at her cheekbones. She had a pair of black heels with tiny red roses on the sides. She had a couple of dark red streaks in her hair which matched with her dress and lipstick perfectly. Her face was pale white and her eyes were outlined in heavy black and she wore black eyeshadow. She had 2 red eyelashes at the end of each eye. She grinned at them.
"Does this look okay then?" She asked pretending to be puzzled. The girls nodded.She squealed and they all rushed forward to hug her. They were all in the middle of some weird happy excited dance when the door pushed open and Frank's head appeared around the door.
"No no go away!!!" Willow cried rushing behing Kelly.
"It's okay it's okay Mikey's not here. We just want to see you girls" Frank replied backing away.
"Okay as long as Mikey's not there!" Maille shouted back. The door opened wider and the guys entered the room. They all looked at Willow in awe.
"Oh my god WOW!" Frank cried rushing forward.
"What do you guys think then?" Willow asked motioning to all the girls. The guys muttered their approvals but Anna couldn't bear to look up in case Gerard was standing there. She raised her head slightly to look and saw everyone else at the other end of the room talking to Willow except Gerard. He was standing by the door staring at her in amazement. She quickly lowered her head again but she could still feel his eyes watching her. Suddenly a shadow fell across her and she glanced up through her fringe. Gerard was standing in front of her. He gently pushed her chin up so that they were face to face. Her heart stopped beating. He examined her quietly then leant forward so that his lips were at her ear.
"You look amazing. You're definatly the most beautiful thing in this whole room" He whispered as his breath tickled her neck. She shivered and felt her cheeks blush. He chuckled quietly and his eyes locked on hers. His liquid hazel eyes burned into hers and she found herself unable to move or speak. He smiled warmly and gently brushed her cheek with his thumb. Then he smiled again and silently moved back to the spot by the door. A second later Frank appeared in front of her looking angry.
"What happened? What did he say? Did he touch you?" He asked furiously. Anna felt dizzy and it was only till then that she realised she hadn't been breathing. She took a deep breath and shook her head slowly.
"No. He didn't say anything" She said dazed. Frank growled but let it go. He smirked suddenly.
"I can't believe you're actually wearing a dress" He giggled. She frowned and folded her arms.
"You're just jealous cos you don't get to wear one" She replied back and stuck her tounge out. He flipped her off and laughed.
"Well you look.. really pretty" He said smiling kindly. She grinned back.
"Thanks Frankie. It'd still look better on you though".
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