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The Untitled Story - Year 1

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First in the Untitled Story series. Powerful!Harry, Smart!Harry, TakesInitiative!Harry, AU. This story may seem choppy in the beginning, because it starts with my rather unpolished first attempts a...

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A/N: This story is AU. This is the first in a series of stories, and makes up the time before Harry's first year at school, and his first year. Also is mostly my first attempts at writing fan fiction, so it may seem a bit choppy and strange in the bits I wrote a while back.

Intelligent!Harry, Powerful!Harry, EarlyLearner!Harry, TakesInitiative!Harry

Chapter One - Strange Happenings

Harry was currently on the roof of his school. He was also currently pondering how he managed to get up to the roof, as he had not climbed. Moments before, he had been desperately evading Dudley and his gang of miscreants, as was usual when they decided to go "Harry Hunting".

When time came for class to resume, he filed the question away for later, as he was faced with the more pressing matter of getting back down off the roof. Looking down over the edge, he quickly concluded that jumping was out of the question.

Should I get the attention of someone? He thought, and then discounted, as he could imagine the conversation he'd be having with his aunt when she got wind of this. Of course, if he didn't get down soon, he'd be having a very similar conversation for skiving off class, he realized.

Looking around some, he noticed an access ladder that ended some 8 feet above the ground. Liking the chances of falling uninjured from there much better, he took the opportunity, and managed to get away from it with no more than a slightly sore backside from his less than perfect landing. This also piqued his interest, and was filed away with the other strange happenings he could remember.
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