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First Day of Class

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Tis chapter eight. See chapter one for summary.

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Chapter 8 - First Day of Class
The next day, the students of Hogwarts went to breakfast in the Great Hall. The heads of house were passing out schedules, and soon the question of when to meet with Dumbledore was answered.

"So, what do you have today?" asked Harry

"DADA, charms, transfiguration, and a free period." replied Hermione, looking over her schedule.

"Same here. It looks like we'll be heading to Dumbledore after Transfiguration, then."

Finished with breakfast they headed to Defence against the Dark Arts, or, as most students called it, DADA.
Arriving just before class was to start, they took seats near the back of the room. Professor Quirrell started to take roll, stuttering badly. When he reached Harry, he stuttered worse than ever.

"H-HH-Harr-Harry P-P-Pot-Potter."

"Here, Professor."

As the class progressed, Harry leaned to Hermione and whispered.

"Wonder what's under that turban? I can smell garlic from all the way back here."

"No idea, but I'm having a hard time understanding him, with all the stuttering."

Harry nodded, agreeing.

When class ended, he and Hermione left for Charms, Hermione commenting that she had read the Flitwick was a duelling Champion. Harry was internally complaining that he was unable to pop around in side Hogwarts. Although, he thought, looking at the number of huffing and puffing students after climbing one set of stairs, perhaps it's an excuse to get them some exercise.
When they reached the Charms classroom, they took seats in the front row, and waited for class to begin. Small Professor Flitwick became so excited when he called Harry's name that he fell off the stack of books he was sitting on.

Harry and Hermione, having read the material for this class already, found it quite easy for them to get the levitation charm right. Harry got it the second time with his wand, Hermione the third, earning 10 points for Gryffindor. Since he had mastered using the wand, he started making his feather do aerobatics around the room without his wand. Seeing this, Professor Flitwick proceeded to fall off his stack again, only to be levitated by Harry and set back on his feet. By now, the rest of the class, distracted by Harry's flying feather and catching Professor Flitwick, were watching him with expressions ranging from surprise to awe. Professor Flitwick was delighted with this, giving another 5 points to Gryffindor. Slowly, people went back to their own feathers, and Harry started teaching Hermione to do it wandlessly like he had changing the colour of the parchment. After a record 20 minutes, Hermione had managed to float her feather around the room without a wand. Professor Flitwick was ecstatic, and asked both of them to stay after class to talk to him.

When class ended, Harry and Hermione made their way over to the short professor.

"How did you learn to do it wandlessly AND silently so fast, Mr. Potter?" asked Flitwick.

"I didn't. It took me over a month to learn that at first Professor. That was 3 years ago. Hermione, though, took 20 minutes."

"You mean you could do this when you were 8, Mr. Potter?"


Flitwick turned to Hermione. "And you learned to do it in 20 minutes?" At her nod, he turned back to Harry. "Would you mind showing me exactly how you taught Ms. Granger?"

"Not at all, Professor. Well, you start by..."

20 minutes later, Flitwick was positively bouncing.
After lunch, the pair headed to Transfiguration. Arriving early, they took seats at the front, again. After roll, Professor McGonagall started her lecture about transfiguration, with the visual aid of turning her desk into a pig. As class got under way, they were each given a matchstick and told to change it into a needle. Within about 30 minutes, Harry managed to change it to a needle, while Hermione took slightly longer. They managed to earn a further 10 points for Gryffindor with their success. The rest of the class was assigned extra practice, as they hadn't managed to produce a needle.

After the lesson was over, and the homework given, they exited Transfiguration and made their way to Dumbledore's office.
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