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Harry starts his 5th year - AU, eventual H/Hr. MildlyPowerful!Harry, Smart!Harry, TakesInitiative!Harry. See chapter one for more detailed summary.

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Chapter Two – Summer
Monday, 24 July 1995
#12 Grimmauld Place
London, England

The trio headed down to the kitchen to find some food. They entered and were greeted by Molly Weasley, who had taken over cooking and cleaning from the apparently senile resident house elf, Kreature.

“Harry! I do hope you were careful today. I still don’t see why you insisted on going without supervision.”

“Yes, Mrs. Weasley, I was careful. Nothing happened, and I insisted on no ‘minders’ because if something did happen, most of the available ones would become a hindrance more than a help.”

Mrs. Weasley, not able to argue that point, went back to what she had been doing.
Wednesday, 2 August 1995
Flourish and Blotts
Diagon Alley

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were stocking up on books. Well, Harry and Hermione were, Ron had already picked out three and sat reading one. Harry was browsing the Defence section for useful titles, and Hermione was sacking the charms section. The person at the counter was smiling widely. Today was looking like a very good day.
Tuesday, 15 August 1995
Master Bedroom
#12 Grimmauld Place

“So, Sirius, any news on snake-face?” asked Harry, who was talking to his godfather.

“No. Snape has nothing new. He seems to biding his time.”

“He’s probably recruiting. Insane he may be, but even he knows you need more than two dozen followers to have any chance of success.” theorized Harry.

“That’s what Dumbledore thinks, too. Probably trying the Giants and werewolves as well. Last time he had some of each on his side.”

“I can’t decide whether I like or dislike this quiet. I like it because nobody’s being killed, but the ministry won’t wake up until the attacks start.”
Wednesday, 16 August 1995
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Avery was leaving the main room, feeling slightly nervous.

“He only wants to break into Azkaban and only wants to break out his followers. Well, I’d better get started.” thought Avery.

Meanwhile, Voldemort was thinking about how to get a certain prophesy from the Department of Mysteries. He knew that only those mentioned in the prophesy were able to retrieve them, which meant that either Potter or himself would have to get it. Walking into the ministry himself was currently out of the question, as he rather liked recruiting without being harassed by Aurors. But how to get Potter to take it, he wondered.
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