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The Beginning

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Harry starts his 5th year - AU, eventual H/Hr. MildlyPowerful!Harry, Smart!Harry, TakesInitiative!Harry. See chapter one for more detailed summary.

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Chapter Eight – The Beginning
Friday, 15 December 1995
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hermione was eating breakfast and reading the Daily Prophet. Currently, though, she was choking on the food she had been eating and staring at the Daily Prophet.

She slowly recovered enough to speak.

“Fudge Announces first ever Hogwarts High Inquisitor”

Harry, unable to resist, blurted “Noooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

The non-Muggleborn in the Hall looked confused as many of the Muggleborn broke into chuckles.

“Seriously, what does that mean, though?” asked Harry.

Hermione continued to read. “The High Inquisitor will have to power to suspend teachers, review teacher performance, and investigate inappropriate student behaviour, blah blah blah.”

“Wonderful. Another way to single me out for questioning. They already banned and forced all student clubs to reform… I think they knew about the DA starting, but didn’t have any proof that it continued to meet.” said Harry.

Harry began to feel quite singled out when he was approached and told to go to Umbridge’s office just before lunch, mere minutes after reading the article.
Friday, 15 December 1995
Office of Delores Umbridge
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

As Harry entered the lurid office adorned with innumerable kittens, he saw Umbridge sitting behind her desk looking rather pleased.

“Please, have a seat, Mr. Potter.” said Umbridge in her sickly sweet voice.

After he had taken a seat, Umbridge continued.

“Tea? Coffee? Pumpkin Juice?”

“Err... Sorry?” said Harry, not quite understanding.

“To drink, Mr. Potter.”

“Oh! Um, tea, I suppose.”

“Milk? Sugar?”

“Milk, I guess.”

As Umbridge made a quite a show of adding milk to the tea, Harry got the distinct feeling he shouldn’t drink it. As Moody’s “CONSTANT VIGILANCE” ran through his head, he took the tea, tipping it up and keeping his lips closed.

“Good. Good. Mr. Potter, are you leading a defence study group that often meets on the 7th floor?”

How in Merlin’s Pants did she know that? He thought, keeping his Occlumency shields at full, just in case.


“Drink up.”

Taking another false sip, he waited for Umbridge’s next question.

“Are you doing anything in violation of any Educational Decrees?”

“No, not that I’m aware of, anyway.”

As he placed the cup to his closed lips again, the castle shook and a loud boom echoed through the building. Taking advantage of Umbridge’s distraction, he quickly dumped the tea into a potted plant.

“Mr. Potter, you are free to go.” said Umbridge, hurrying out of the office.

Harry, suspecting one of the twin’s experiments had backfired, made his way to lunch.
Saturday, 16 December 1995
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Voldemort had gathered his followers.

“Today is a Hogsmead weekend. I have heard tell that one Harry Potter and his merry band of friends will be ‘out on the town’ so to speak. Bring me Potter alive and relatively unhurt, as I need him for a small project of mine. His friends are expendable.”

As the death eaters left, he was polishing off the backup plan, since he had found things rarely went smoothly when Potter was involved.
Saturday, 16 December 1995
Near Honeyduke's
Hogsmeade Village

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were making their way to the Three Broomsticks for something to drink when several loud pops broke the silence. The three dropped into a defensive crouch and spun around. Seeing several people wearing distinctive black cloaks and white masks, Harry’s blue dome snapped up, and Ron and Hermione let loose a string of spells while Harry called for help on his plate.

As the three retreated towards the castle, a number of ADA members burst from Honeyduke’s, launching spells at the back of the death eaters. The death eaters, busy shielding themselves from the near constant stream of spells coming from the dome, didn’t realise something was up until they saw three of their number crumple to the ground. As they turned to see why, they stopped shielding and were also stunned.

The light show in the street had drawn a number of people over in time to see the last death eater fall to the ground from a distance. By the time they got closer, the 8 death eaters were bound and being levitated towards the castle.

As the unlikely procession neared the gates, Aurors came pelting from Hogsmead, and the group stopped.

“Wha… What Happened?” asked one rather winded Auror.

“We were going to the Three Broomsticks when they popped up. Recognising the outfit, I brought up a shield and called for help, while my friends here tried to stun them. We weren’t having any luck until they,” Harry said, indicating the group who had come from Honeyduke’s, “came out behind them and stunned three of them. That broke their concentration and the rest went down quickly.”

“Who are they?” asked the Auror, evidently in charge.

“No idea, we didn’t remove the masks. We just bound them and started towards the school.”

The Auror stepped forward, and removed a mask from one of the death eaters.

“I don’t recognise this one.”

Removing another, he did a double take.

“McNair? But why would he… But… Imperious…” said the Auror, obviously confused and stunned. As he took off other masks, he was greeted with the faces of Nott, Avery, and Goyle.

“He would because Voldemort is back. I think it’s safe to assume he wouldn’t pass out costumes and show up behind me of all people, for kicks.” said Harry.

Another Auror spoke up. “How did you three manage to hold out against eight apparent death eaters?”

“That was the easy part.” said Ron, “We just sent a constant stream of spells at them, so they had no time to do anything but shield. Harry shielded us while Hermione and I sent spells at them.”

At this point, they were joined by Umbridge and Dumbledore.

“What has Mr. Potter done this time?” asked Umbridge, obviously misinterpreting the situation.

“Ma’am, he and his friends stunned these eight apparent death eaters when they accosted them on the way to the Three Broomsticks.”

Umbridge, looking at the unmasked and unconscious McNair, started having a fit of denial. “What is this nonsense? McNair works in the ministry, and these are fine upstanding citizens. Surely they wouldn’t attack a student.”

“It would appear otherwise, Delores.” said Dumbledore, looking over the assembled group. He turned to the Aurors.

“I believe questioning them under Veritaserum would answer many things. We can do that immediately, if you bring them up to the castle. I’m sure Delores here wouldn’t mind giving permission, being the Senior Undersecretary.”

Nodding vaguely, the procession started toward the castle once again.

Entering an empty classroom, the Aurors tried to revive McNair without success. Looking sheepish, Harry stepped forward.

“That’s one of mine.” he said as he waved a hand and McNair came to.

“What is going on? Where am I?” asked a startled McNair.

An Auror stepped into his field of vision. “You are in Hogwarts, about to be questioned using Veritaserum. Please open your mouth.”

“Why are you que–” started McNair, giving the Auror time to put three drops in his mouth. After waiting for it to take effect, the Auror started.

“What is your name?”

“Walden McNair.”

“What is your current occupation?”

“Executioner for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures” answered McNair blankly.

“Did you attack students in Hogsmeade today?”



“The Dark Lord intended to have us capture Potter.”

“You-Know-Who has returned?”


The silence that greeted this answer was broken by Umbridge passing out, and Harry’s “I told you so.”

After a few moments, Dumbledore spoke.

“It is about to begin, then.”

“What is about to begin?” asked one of the Aurors.

“The Second War.”
Sunday, 17 December 1995
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

As the trio sat at breakfast, the post came flying in. Taking her copy of the Prophet, Hermione opened it up.


She spread the paper out on the table.

You-Know-Who has returned?
Attack on Hogwarts students in Hogsmead reveals sobering information
By Sapyree Shaisog and Ruth Tapick

Yesterday, several students were attacked in Hogsmead by eight apparent death eaters. After being subdued by none other than Harry Potter and several of his friends, they were questioned under Veritaserum. When asked about how he managed to withstand an attack from eight death eaters, Aurors were told “That was the easy part.” by Ronald Weasley, 16, “We just sent a constant stream of spells at them, so they had no time to do anything but shield. Harry shielded us while Hermione and I sent spells at them.” The death eaters were finally subdued when a number of Potter’s friends stunned several from behind.

Minister Fudge told reporters that “The public need not be concerned by rumours that You-Know-Who has returned. As a precaution, however, Aurors have increased patrols.”

Among facts verified by all eight are:

- You-Know-Who has indeed returned.
- Harry Potter was the intended target of the attack
- You-Know-Who returned the night of the infamous third task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament

Earlier statements by both Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore about You-Know-Who’s supposed return last June now seem to bear considerable weight. This reporter wonders if other statements made by both individuals about certain controversial topics were also more credible than taken to be.

For a list of death eaters and students involved in yesterday’s attack, and more details, see page 3.

“Well, Voldemort ought to be royally pissed right about now. I don’t think he wanted them to get caught.” said Harry.

Indeed, many miles away in Riddle Manor, Voldemort was in a towering temper. Potter had managed to reveal him to the world, and he needed a new target to Crucio, his current one having already become a blibbering fool. At least he had a list of potential targets for his ire, thanks to the Daily Prophet.

Back in the Great Hall, Harry changed the numbers on a galleon to 18120001800, and made his way to the head table. Reaching Dumbledore, he made an appointment to speak to him before lunch. As he returned to the table, he took out his plate and notified 5 members of the ADA that they should meet him outside Dumbledore’s office around noon, in their CUs.
Sunday, 17 December 1995
In front of the stone Gargoyle
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

As Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Cho, Ginny, Luna, and Fred arrived outside the Headmaster’s office wearing their uniforms, Harry explained what they were going to be doing.

“I am going to tell Dumbledore about the ADA. I plan to make our existence known officially at the next ‘Order’ meeting. I suspect the only substantial resistance will come from Mrs. Weasley and her overwhelming desire for all of us to never grow up, although the majority of them will think us too young. Now, lets see how Dumbledore takes this.”

As the group rode the stairs up to the office, Dumbledore was lost in thought about why Harry would suddenly wish to speak to him.

As a knock sounded on the door, Dumbledore came out of his thoughts.


As the group assembled in his office, Dumbledore was slightly surprised.

“Well, Harry, I must say that this was unexpected.”

“Now that Voldemort is officially back, I thought it might be time to reveal some things to you. I wish to be present with these seven at the next Order meeting, to lay out some facts to them.” said Harry. “I have started a group known as the Advanced Defence Association. It’s sole aims are to harass and take down as many of Voldemort’s supporters as possible when they attack, and protect it’s members and their families from attack. We have taken some tactics from the Muggle armies and applied it to the magical world.”

As Harry was speaking, Dumbledore grew quite curious about something.

“Harry, what makes you think you have to take on Voldemort?”

“Take on Voldemort? Oh, we don’t plan to take him on. Our current plan of attack when he shows up is to disappear. We only plan to deal with his minions.”

“When have you been training and where?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” replied Harry with a grin.

“Speaking of training, Harry, what makes you think you are a match for the death eaters?”

“Well, the three of us managed to hold off eight of them until reinforcements arrived, didn’t we? The four who took them from behind were members of the ADA.”

Hermione stepped forward at this point and took out a small metal plate.

“This will allow you to communicate with the commanders securely. Tap it with your wand and say “Inform”, then speak the message. The text on ours will change to display your message. If we have questions, we can ask them the same way.”

Dumbledore thought for a moment, then spoke again.

“How will you deal with the inevitable injuries?”

“All the members of the ADA have learned basic healing spells, and we have a number of members who specialize in healing. Cho here is one of our field medics, as shown by the cross under the ADA patch on her right arm. In addition to the medics, we all have emergency portkeys to St. Mungo’s, and currently have ten members who specialize in healing.”

“And how will you communicate on the battlefield?”

Harry took out his plate.

“Are you familiar with Muggle two way radios, Professor?” asked Harry.

At Dumbledore’s nod, he continued.

“These act like those, only using magic instead. Also, unlike radio signals, these cannot be jammed or intercepted.” Holding it up to his mouth, he quietly said “Allen.” And gave it two sharp taps with his finger. A moment later, three taps could be heard from his plate. A few minutes later, a voice came through.

“Yes, Harry? I had to find an empty corridor.”

“I was just showing Dumbledore the communication functions of the plates, and knew you had a free period. If you want to join us in his office, feel free.”

Moments later a sixth year Hufflepuff named Allen Spodel appeared in the office next to Ron.

“Don’t worry, headmaster, we don’t abuse the ability to pop around in and out of Hogwarts” said a smiling Allen.

“If you still don’t think that we are ready for combat, Professor, feel free to devise a test, so long as it is mostly fair and those who you feel ARE ready for combat can pass it. Just for your information, we fight in teams of between 3 and 6.”

“I think I will. It should be over the holiday. I’ll let you know more once term ends. If that is all?”

“Yes, it is. Thank you for not immediately discounting our abilities.” said Harry, before those assembled popped away. Dumbledore set about planning the test, which he hoped to make only mildly fair, and a complete surprise.
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