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Death Eaters, Giants, and Trolls, Oh My!

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Harry starts his 5th year - AU, eventual H/Hr. MildlyPowerful!Harry, Smart!Harry, TakesInitiative!Harry. See chapter one for more detailed summary.

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Chapter Eleven – Death Eaters, Giants, and Trolls, Oh My!
Friday, 8 March 1996
Room of Requirement
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry looked around at the assembled DA members. He had cut the meetings way back, due to meddling by the Inquisitorial Squad, and tonight’s meeting was the first in almost a month. Getting the meeting underway, he was unaware of a certain blonde-haired Slytherin under an invisibility cloak until he looked at the Marauder’s Map ten minutes into the meeting. Calling a stop, he noticed that the dot labelled Draco Malfoy was making haste towards Umbridge’s Office.

“Everyone who is in the ADA and can pop, take the members of your houses back there. It seems that Malfoy is fetching the goon squad, and if we play this right, maybe we can make them think we use the Room as a shortcut to our dormitories. Unfortunately, this may be the last meeting we have.”

As the members were popped back to their house common rooms, Harry began removing any trace of the group’s existence from the room on the offhand chance anyone could get in. Just as he finished sanitizing the room, he noticed Umbridge and her minions starting up the 7th floor corridor on the map. Popping outside Gryffindor tower, he entered the common room and found Ron and Hermione.

“I removed any trace that we’d been in the room. Maybe we’ll get lucky, but I doubt it. I think we’ll have a tail from now on.” said Harry
Wednesday, 10 April 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Voldemort was determined to get the Prophesy. He was still without a plan to achieve this goal. A fully formed plan, that is. He had the beginnings of one forming, and it was shaping up to be a good one. He would finally put some of the giants he had persuaded to join him to work. Yes, he thought, the weekend after next was going to be exciting. So exciting, in fact, that the ministry would be virtually empty, being a weekend, and all the Aurors off dealing with the attack.
Monday, 15 April 1996
Number 12 Grimmauld Place

The Order of the Phoenix was settled in the kitchen of Number 12. Dumbledore stood and started the meeting.

“As you all know, a prophesy was made about a child that would be born at the end of July. Voldemort only knows a part of the whole prophesy, and he knows this. I have been informed by Severus that he intends to retrieve the prophesy from the Department of Mysteries this weekend.”

His statement was met with incredulous looks.

“You-Know-Who, take the prophesy out of the Department of Mysteries? How will he manage that?” asked one member.

“He intends to use a distraction. That much Severus has told me, but he is not aware of where it will be. He intends to draw the Aurors away from the Ministry so he can slip in with minimal fuss and take the prophesy. I intend to be there with a group of Order members to insure he fails to take it.”
Saturday, 20 April 1996
Three Broomsticks
Hogsmeade Village

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Ginny were enjoying a Butterbeer when their pleasant drink was interrupted by the sound of rending metal followed by an explosion. As a sheet of metal fell outside the pub, one side a familiar scarlet, Harry swore.

When the group heard screaming from the direction of the station, they got up and started activating their plates. Harry received a particularly unsettling plate-call.

“Merlin’s Pants! They’ve got three giants smashing things to bits down here!” was heard over the crashes and spell fire.

Harry ordered teams 1 and 2 to try and evacuate the village nearest the fighting, team 6 to herd the students back towards the castle, while having the rest assemble in the Three Broomsticks. He also sent a message to the plates the DA members had, asking for any who could assist to meet in the Three Broomsticks. As the ADA teams appeared in the pub, Harry started giving a summary of the situation. As Fred and George flooed in with crates of grenades, he started giving orders.

“Apparently, the death eaters have three giants working with them. There only seem to be about three dozen death eaters, so we are lucky there. Aim for the eyes and if it’s available, the roof of the mouth with the giants. Trying to get anything through that hide wastes time. Feel free to use blasting hexes and cutting curses on the enemy. They won’t waste time with stunners on you. Ron, you still have your broom with you?”

At Ron’s yes, he continued. “Ron, you get in the air and get us informed about what’s where. I’d rather not get snuck up on from behind. We’ll place teams once we know where we need to be.”
Saturday, 20 April 1996
Three Broomsticks
Hogsmeade Village

As Ron left the building and took off, Harry looked over the assembled group, made up of the combat portion of the ADA, and about 8 members of the DA.

“Feel free to use lethal spells short of the unforgivables. Everyone in the ADA take a few grenades, and let’s move out.”

As they left the building, the commanders all got Ron’s report.

“The giants and death eaters are moving up the street from the station. I don’t see any anywhere else. If you set a defence where that road meets the main street, you may be able to hold them. Bring out a crate of those grenades, I’m going to have a bit of target practise.”

As the crate of grenades was brought out, Ron flew down and grabbed several before flying off again.

“Okay, we set up the defence where he said.” said Harry, and the teams popped to their destination. Harry followed them after setting some of the DA to guard the grenades, while Hermione started setting up an area for receiving wounded, where she was joined by the non-combat healers of the ADA.

Meanwhile, the death eaters were being treated to grenades apparently falling out of the sky. They were unaware of the disillusioned Ron until he let out a whoop when he landed a grenade in a giant’s gaping mouth. With one giant down, the odds were looking better.

As Harry appeared with the teams, team 1 one called in.

“We finished evacuating the areas of the village nearest the fighting. We’re bringing some of the residents who want to assist back with us now.”

As the death eaters and trolls reached the place where the ADA was assembled under the mark, Harry called into his plate.

“Shields up!”

As the shimmering grey shield appeared like a wall in front of them, the death eaters started firing spells.

“Pick a target! Fire!” called Harry into his plate.

The death eaters, unprepared for organised resistance, found their numbers cut by a third. Cutting spells and reductos were the order of the day for the ADA, and several death eaters found themselves missing wand arms, while others found their comrades throats sliced.

“Teams 3 and 4, concentrate on those giants. Teams 1 and 2 are approaching from behind them. They’ll work on the death eaters there.” said Ron’s voice through the plates as a group of death eaters found themselves the centre of an exploding grenade.

As another giant was taken out, all seemed to be going fine until a troll lumbered into the road off to the side of the ADA. Taking a swipe at Team 5, who managed to duck in the nick of time, its club took out the side of the building next to them, burying them in debris.

“Team 5 is under attack from a troll and is buried in debris. Teams 1 and 2, move back from the giant, I need to try something.” Harry said into his plate.

Once they were back a ways, Harry sent a massive wave of force at the giant’s legs, sending it toppling over. Ron, seeing an opportunity, dropped a grenade in its mouth, eliminating the giant.

Meanwhile, one of the death eaters noticed the team get buried under the wooden debris. He managed to set it alight before being taken out. The members of Team 5 all used flame freezing charms.

Harry, his ability to see much being severely decreased by the dust and smoke, caused a strong breeze to blow through, clearing the air somewhat.
Saturday, 20 April 1996
Hogsmeade Station
Hogsmeade Village

Twenty Aurors appeared with a series of pops at what remained of Hogsmead Station.

“Sweet Merlin, what happened?” asked one Auror, looking at the twisted metal remains of the Hogwarts Express.

Pointing up the path of destruction, another Auror answered. “Looks like some giants, judging by the damage.”

As the Aurors hurried up the street, they came to the first of several blackened craters in the road. Unable to make anything of it, they continued making their way toward the sounds of fighting, unable to see much yet through the smoke and dust. As they approached the place where the ADA was fighting, a strong breeze rose and cleared the air. As it cleared, a collection of students and death eaters came into view, with a now visible Ron circling above occasionally dropping a grenade into the death eaters.

They stopped in surprise when they heard Harry yell another command.

“Water and Freezing charms! I think it’s time we iced this lot. Team 4, take care of that bloody troll before it takes out another building! Ron, why don’t you greet our friendly neighbourhood Aurors.”

As they watched, the death eaters were sprayed with water, which passed through their shields, and was frozen around them, encasing them in ice up to the neck. As their shields disappeared, they were stunned.

As Ron landed in front of the Aurors, he smiled cheerfully.

“Nice of you to turn up. The death eaters are here, there, there, and there. The ones over there and there are all dead, though. You probably know where the giants are, since you had to pass them on the way here. Wounded are being treated at the Three Broomsticks.”

Some of the Aurors moved forward and took the now very cold death eaters to the Ministry. They came back almost immediately, bringing the death eaters with them.

“You-Know-Who is in the Ministry! He and Dumbledore are duelling in the Atrium! You two, stay here and make sure these don’t escape, we’re needed at the Ministry.” said one of the Aurors who had gone to the ministry, before all of them save two disapparated.

Ron, hearing this, plated Harry.

“Harry, Voldemort is duelling Dumbledore in the Ministry. All but two of the Aurors have returned to the Ministry.”

“Wonderful. I’ll bet this was a diversion. Send a team along with some medics over there in Grey-scheme CUs. I’m clearing debris from team five. I’ll join them with Team 1 once I finish.”

As Ron sent word to Team 2 to change into CUs and head to the ministry, the two Aurors looked somewhat lost.
Saturday, 20 April 1996
Road to Hogwarts
Hogsmeade Village

By this time, word of the attack on Hogsmeade had reached Hogwarts via ADA members, and several of the professors had made their way towards the village to help. Umbridge was with them as well, but only she knew why. As they reached the edge of the village, they found the road blocked by several students who were turning away residents who had fled the attack and were trying to make their way back in.

“No, ma’am, the situation is still not completely contained. The village is under ADA control, and we aren’t letting anyone enter until it’s safe.” said one of the students to a middle-aged woman who resumed her pacing.

“Team 2, change into Grey-scheme CUs and go to the Ministry to aid the Aurors. Team 1 will follow you shortly.” Said a voice that McGonagall recognised as Ron’s from a small metal plate around one of the student’s neck. At this point, some more students arrived, led by Hermione.

“We’re here to relieve you.” said Hermione, while the group took up the positions the other group had left as the original group vanished with a small pop.

Umbridge made a move to walk past the students, but found her way blocked by a staff.

“The village is under ADA control. No one enters unless they are authorized.” said Hermione, who was holding her staff in front of Umbridge.

“Team 2 is in the Ministry. Medics prepare to receive wounded, some of the Aurors are pretty banged up.”

“Medic unit copies. Send them over.”

“Team 1 in position. Moving to join Team 2.” said a voice McGonagall recognised at Harry’s. “The Aurors better get their heads on, Lestrange is using the killing curse like a Lumos charm.”

“I’m the senior Undersecretary to the Minister! And what’s this rubbish about Aurors being banged up?” said an annoyed Umbridge.

“The death eaters attacked Hogsmead with 3 giants, 1 troll, and 36 death eaters. This was a diversion to take care of the Aurors who were on duty at the ministry, which is currently under attack from Voldemort.” answered Hermione. “And I am aware of whom you are, and it affords you no special privileges. You could be the Queen, and you would still not get in without permission.”

“WHAT!? I’M THE SENIOR UNDERSECR” said Umbridge before being silenced by Hermione.

“This is Harry requesting another Team for assistance in the Atrium. We’re running out of uninjured Aurors here and the fight is moving towards the Department of Mysteries. We have a new objective as well. Voldemort is after a prophesy. We must prevent him from leaving with it at all costs. Requesting Hermione to aid in setting up wards to prevent his untimely departure.”

“Medic unit is at capacity. We’re sending new arrivals to St. Mungo’s.”

“Team 6, get into Grey-scheme CUs and join Team 2.”

“Team 6 copies.” Said a voice McGonagall recognised as belonging to Neville.

“May we go through?” asked McGonagall.

“Yes, all of you except Umbridge are free to pass.” replied Hermione, preparing to leave.

“What is the capacity for the medic unit?” asked Madam Pomfrey, wondering how bad the situation really was.

“We currently have 10 healers. Depending on the severity of the wounds, they can handle anywhere from 10 to 15 wounded at a time, not counting what the field medics take care of. They’re currently set up at the Three Broomsticks.” said Hermione, before disappearing to get into her CUs.

As the professors neared the Three Broomsticks, Professor Flitwick voiced the thought they all had.

“Who trained them? They seem to have taken over for the Aurors.”

At this point Ron landed in front of them.

“Professor Flitwick, Professor McGonagall, we could use some help with the Hogwarts Express. We suspect it’s a complete loss, but we’d like an expert opinion. Madam Pomfrey, the medical unit is right over here in the Three Broomsticks, and from the chatter, I suspect your assistance will be appreciated. Shall we make our way to the station?” said Ron, motioning the professors towards the devastation. As they walked, they continued to hear the “plate chatter” from everyone, as Ron was in charge of directing resources. Hearing an unwelcome voice shout “Stupefy!” from a distance caused Ron to roll his eyes.

“Team 5, help the DA with gate duty. Umbridge is attempting to force her way in.”

“Team 5 copies.” said Susan’s voice through the plate.

As the professors followed Ron down the street, they noticed more students making minor repairs and blocking off buildings with major damage.

Harry’s voice came through the plate again.

“He seems to have taken the prophesy and is attempting to disapparate. Wards are holding.”

As they passed the bodies of death eaters, and the body of a headless giant, the professors looked shocked. As they reached the station, they heard Harry again.

“Prophesy eliminated. Dropping wards. We’d better free this bird before he gets angry.” was followed moments later by “He’s disapparated. We’re returning to the Atrium to finish this mess.”

As the Professors looked over the twisted remains of the Hogwarts Express, Professor Flitwick frowned. This would require more than a simple Repairo.

A few minutes later, Harry’s voice came through Ron’s plate again.

“The Ministry has been secured. Returning to Hogsmeade Station.”

The professors watched as 16 students appeared in front of them, all clad in the same uniform, and looking a bit worn.

Harry looked at Ron.

“Mate, we need to up the ante in our training. If something like this happens again, I’d rather not have to throw the entire ADA into it.”

At this, Professor Flitwick looked up.

“You are in charge of this ‘ADA’? How many adults are in it?”

“Well, counting the five of age 7th years, five. I started it because the Aurors were poor at best, and no other adults were willing to fight. It currently has 43 members, 13 of which are non-combat.” replied Harry.

At this, Professor McGonagall’s eyebrows rose.

“Team 5, let people back into town. We’ve got the hazardous areas blocked off.” said Ron.

“Copy. We’re following the toad to make sure she doesn’t try anything.”
Saturday, 20 April 1996
Ministry of Magic

Dumbledore and nine members of the Order were currently lying in wait in the Ministry for Voldemort.

After five minutes, the guest of honour arrived, along with ten death eaters. Dumbledore and the Order stepped out from their hiding places, and attempted to stun them. Unfortunately, the cries of Stupefy completely ruined any element of surprise they had. As the battle commenced, four order members were taken out with stunners, forcing the rest to go on the defensive, while Dumbledore and Voldemort unleashed a stunning display of magic.

The death eaters were momentarily distracted by several Aurors and death eaters appearing in the Atrium, before disappearing again. Unfortunately, the Order was slightly more distracted by this, leaving only Dumbledore and Moody still in the fight. The death eaters, still not having suffered any losses, prepared for the inevitable arrival of Aurors, who showed up moments later.

Taken by surprise, the Aurors found themselves under attack the moment they appeared. Five Aurors were taken out of the fight after being hit with a number of hexes before the rest managed to get any shields up, forcing them to go on the defensive.

As Moody took out his opponent, the killing curses started to fly from Bellatrix Lestrange’s wand, forcing those in the hall to dive behind objects. As Team 2 appeared in the one corner of the Atrium on the Telephone booth end, they managed to duck a killing curse just in time.

“Shields! Move to the downed Aurors!” yelled the commander of Team 2, before taking out his plate.

“Team 2 is in the Ministry. Medics prepare to receive wounded, some of the Aurors are pretty banged up.”

“Medic unit copies. Send them over.”
Saturday, 20 April 1996
Ministry of Magic

Harry and Team 1 appeared in the other corner of the telephone booth end of the Atrium. Harry, seeing the killing curse flying everywhere, brought up his trademark dome.

“We’re moving to join Team 2. This shield should stop the killing curse, but get out of the way anyway.”

Taking out his plate, informed Ron of their status.

“Team 1 in position. Moving to join Team 2.” Said Harry, ducking as a killing curse impacted his shield, making a dull thump sound. “The Aurors better get their heads on, Lestrange is using the killing curse like a Lumos charm.”, he added.

As a mad cackle sounded in the hall, followed by an equally mad voice, Harry rolled his eyes and took out his staff.

“Why, it’s ickle-baby Harrikins!”

“Oh, sod off, Lestrange.” said Harry, who, not in the mood for bantering, let loose with spells from his wand-sized staff and his left hand at the same time. As Harry’s barrage of spells punched through her shield, Lestrange found herself feeling pain from a variety of sources, the most notable of which were her hip (hit by a bone-shattering curse) and her wand arm (missing the hand because of a reducto curse), before being stunned and bound.

As several more dull thumps sounded from his shield, Harry told Team 2 to deal with the wounded, before Team 1 set off to aid Dumbledore. Reaching him, he extended his dome around Dumbledore, giving him time to get some information.

“So, Dumbledore, what’s snake-face doing here? It must be important for him to attack Hogsmeade as a diversion.”

Dumbledore paled at that. “He is here to retrieve a prophesy that was made about” before stopping when a series of thumps were heard.

“Just killing curses impacting the shield. You were saying?” prompted Harry.

Dumbledore, looking surprised at that revelation, continued.

“made about himself and a child. He knows the first part, and he is here to get the ministry copy to hear the prophesy in its entirety. That must be prevented at all costs.”

“I’ll ask about that prophesy later, as I get the feeling it involves me. I’m going to stop shielding you, Professor. Extending the shield this far is apparently more taxing than I thought it would be.” Said Harry, before returning the blue dome to it’s original size.

Looking around, he saw that there were only about three Aurors still fighting against 5 of the six remaining death eaters. The sixth death eater was being worked on by Moody, who’s wooden leg seemed to affect his ability to dodge very little. Voldemort had managed to enter a lift and was started down, followed by Dumbledore in the second lift.

“Team 2, we’re heading after Voldemort and Dumbledore. Try to take out these death eaters.” said Harry into his plate, before switching to the ‘public’ channel.

“This is Harry requesting another Team for assistance in the Atrium. We’re running out of uninjured Aurors here and the fight is moving towards the Department of Mysteries. We have a new objective as well. Voldemort is after a prophesy. We must prevent him from leaving with it at all costs. Requesting Hermione to aid in setting up wards to prevent his untimely departure.”

As Team 1 rode a lift down to the level containing the Department of Mysteries, they checked their gear, and were joined by Hermione shortly before arriving. As they stepped out of the lift, they heard the sound of spells. As they neared the sounds of fighting, they rounded a corner just in time to see Dumbledore and Voldemort enter a room that was almost pitch black before the door closed.

When they reached it seconds later, they found the door would not open, despite trying every unlocking charm they knew. After a minute, they tried the door again, entering the room to find it empty. When they closed the door behind them, they knew it was a mistake. As the dim torches on the walls began to move, Harry cursed. When they finally came to a stop again, Harry spoke.

“Well, lets pick a door.”

They all took up defensive positions before Hermione nudged open one of the doors.

“All Clear. Move ahead.”

As the group moved through several more halls, they finally found the room containing prophesies, which now also contained Voldemort and Dumbledore. Hurrying forward behind some shelves, Hermione warded the room against apparition and portkeys, Team 1 moved stealthily towards Dumbledore and Voldemort, who was holding a glass ball in his off hand. Neither Dumbledore or Voldemort were doing much fighting, Voldemort because he didn’t want to risk the prophesy, and Dumbledore because he didn’t want Voldemort to hear it if it was broken.

“He seems to have taken the prophesy and is attempting to disapparate. Wards are holding.” said Harry quietly into the plate.

Harry, taking advantage of the situation, blasted Voldemort into the shelves behind him with a wave of force, sending dozens of glass orbs to the floor, and knocking the prophesy out of Voldemort’s hand. The contents of it were lost in the cacophony of voices caused by the many breaking orbs.

“Prophesy eliminated. Dropping wards. We’d better free this bird before he gets angry.” Said Harry into his plate, motioning to Hermione to drop the wards. As Voldemort disapparated, Harry continued.

“He’s disapparated. We’re returning to the Atrium to finish this mess.”

Teams 1, joined by Hermione, made their way back to the lifts, and started the seemingly endless trip back up. When they arrived, they found the medic from team 2 patching up Moody, and all the death eaters either dead or incapacitated. As the medic finished healing Moody, Harry called the teams over.

“The Ministry has been secured. Returning to Hogsmeade Station.”
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