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The Untitled Story - Year 6

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This follows year five for The Untitled Story. Same tags as Year 5. See Chapter 1 for detailed Summary. Year 5 is required reading if you want an idea of what is going on.

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The Untitled Story, Year 6

Powerful!Harry (But not Super powered, just above average), Smart!Harry, WellBalanced!Harry, TakesInititive!Harry

I used Dan and Emma as the names for Hermione’s parents. I couldn’t tell you why, as I haven’t the foggiest. If some bits seem cheesy, they probably are, as my social experiences somewhat limited. If you think you can improve those bits, I’ll be more than happy to look over what you come up with, and probably use it.

Chapter 1 – Wards and Surprises.
Saturday, 1 June 1996
Platform 9 ¾
King’s Cross Station

Harry and Hermione met Hermione’s parents on the Muggle side of the barrier. Dan was a medium sized man, starting to bald, who looked to be in very good physical condition. Emma, Harry thought, looked like an older, straight haired version of Hermione.

“You must be Harry. I’m Dan Granger, and this is my wife Emma.” said Dan Granger as Harry and Hermione reached them.

“Yes, I’m Harry. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Granger, Mrs. Granger.”

“An unusual way to blend in. You’ve got the uniforms slightly wrong.” said Dan Granger, seeing Harry and Hermione’s uniforms.

Harry grinned. “No, it’s exactly correct. We aren’t imitating the army, Mr. Granger. Has Hermione told you anything about the ‘ADA’?”

“No, all she mentioned was that she was part of a group of students training in Defence, what ever that is. It’s Dan, by the way.”

Harry turned to Hermione. “You do realize I had that modification made to the contracts so students could give their parents an idea of what they were doing, right?”

“Yes, I just never got around to it.”

Turning back to her parents, Harry continued.

“Your daughter said it wouldn’t be a problem if I came with her to help install some wards on your house. Will that be a problem?”

“No, not at all. I’d like to hear more about this ‘ADA’ as well.” said Dan, “Well, the car is this way.”

As the drove to Hermione’s house, a thought registered with Harry.

“Mr. Granger, were you in the Army? You mentioned the uniform was slightly off, suggesting you’re quite familiar with it.”

“Yes I was. Why?”

“I’ll ask later. The thought still hasn’t fully formed yet.”

Arriving at the house, Harry got out of the car, and cast a spell they had come across that allowed the caster to see magical objects and beings highlighted with a glow, the colour and brightness depending on a number of factors. What Harry saw caused him to stop. He cast it again.

“Hermione, could you cast that spell that highlights magical objects?”

As she cast it, she stopped dead as well. Both of the teens were now looking at her parents.

“I take it you saw it too?” asked Harry.

Hermione nodded. “I suppose it makes sense, but still, a bit of a surprise.”

“I imagine it would be.” said Harry.

“What? Did we sprout horns?” asked Dan with a laugh.

“Not quite, but almost as unexpected. Could we go inside and talk about this? The wards can wait a bit.” said Harry.

As they entered the house and took seats in the family room, Harry turned to Hermione.

“You want to explain, or should I?”

“I’ll do it. Mom, Dad, Harry and I just cast a charm that highlights magical objects and beings. The different intensities of the light, and the colour mean different things. You both had a fairly bright white outline, with black lines in it.”

“What does that mean?” asked Emma, suspecting the answer.

“Usually it indicates a wizard or witch whose magic has been bound. In your case, it may be family magic originating from the days of the witch burnings. Some wizarding families bound their magic to avoid persecution. There are theories that sometimes two of these different ‘family magic’ bindings may interfere when they attempt to combine in offspring, effectively cancelling themselves out, which is why Hermione can do magic.” explained Harry, picking up from Hermione.

“If we can figure out how to remove the bindings, you two could use magic.” said Hermione. “We’ll have to look through some genealogy books, and see if we run across any wizarding families. That might help identify and remove the bindings.”

Dan looked excited at the prospect of being able to do magic, and Emma seemed lost in thought.

“Well, shall we get started on the wards, Hermione?” asked Harry.

Saturday, 1 June 1996
Granger Residence
South East London

As Harry and Hermione finished the wards, Emma Granger came out.

“It’s getting late. You can stay for dinner, Harry.”

“That sounds good, Mrs. Granger. I can help with it if you want, I became something of a cook because of the Dursleys.” replied Harry.

“No need, Harry, but thank you. Dan told me to tell you he wants to know more about this ‘ADA’ you keep mentioning. He’s in the family room.” said Emma, before returning to the house.

Making his way inside, Harry joined Dan in the family room.

Seeing Harry enter and take a seat, Dan spoke.

“So, Harry, tell me about this ‘ADA’ you keep talking about.”

As Harry explained the ADA, Hermione stood in the doorway to the family room, listening.

“So, you formed a group to fight this ‘Voldemort’ character, made up of students?”

“Yes. As I said, the Aurors are always too late to do anything but identify the bodies, and no other adults are even willing to do that much. I figured that, as we have as much chance of being killed in this war as any adult, we might as well do something to prevent that.”

“And you’ve fought these ‘death eaters’ how many times?”

“Twice in any quantity. The only injuries we’ve sustained at all were some nicks and bruises from the side of a building being bashed apart and the debris landing on a team.”

“These Aurors don’t sound like they’re very good at what they do. Isn’t there a magical version of the army or even a swat team?”

“No. The Aurors are excellent at what they are trained to do, which is catch and bring in your run of the mill criminals. They aren’t trained to fight a war, which is what this is shaping up to be. Well, Moody might be trained to fight a war, but the rest aren’t.”

Dan Granger looked up at the mention of Moody. “Moody, Moody… Is the first name Alastor?”

“Yes, do you know him?”

“He was in the SAS at the same time I was. Excellent fighter. Had no idea he was a wizard, though. He didn’t care much for using guns, preferred a knife.”

At this Hermione looked surprised. “You were in the SAS? You never mentioned that before, Dad.”

Dan nearly jumped out of the chair when Hermione spoke. “It’s one of the things I try not to advertise. I didn’t know how you’d react, knowing your dentist father has had to kill people.”

“Well, my reaction now isn’t much, really. Nor would it have been much before, either. Being in the ADA has made me more aware that sometimes we have to do things we’d rather not do, though. It’s not like you gained a love of killing people. I do understand the reason you do that morning jog now.”

Dan looked up at that. “Oh? I thought you looked a bit different. That explains that. The Magical world finally seen the light about being physically fit?”

Harry laughed. “Not by a long shot. I started doing exercises in the morning with Hermione and my friend Ron. Once some of the students heard the reasons why, the group grew. I think about two thirds of the school takes a morning run around the lake now.”

“Would you be interested in training some of the ADA? I’d like all of us to be trained and armed with side arms, at a minimum. I also have no idea where I could get a hold of them.” asked Harry.

“Not at all. I have some favours I can call in that should work nicely.”

“You don’t need to hurry along with it. I’m not going to be ready for anything like that for at least a week.” said Harry.

At this point, Emma came in and announced that dinner was ready. After a fine meal and thanking the Grangers for their hospitality, Harry got ready to leave.

“See you Wednesday, Hermione.” said Harry, before popping to Privet Drive.

“So, anything we need to know about Harry, Hermione?” asked Emma.

“He’s just a friend, Mom.”

“So you say. It just that since your first year at that school, I’ve heard mention of a total of 6 boys: Harry, Ron, Neville, your nemesis Draco Malfoy, and the ‘Weasley Twins’, whoever they are. Harry is the one you talk about most, by far.”

“Besides, I don’t think he’d choose me for a girlfriend.”

“From what I saw, no he wouldn’t. Nor would he choose anyone else, either. He seems to value your friendship too much to risk any change in your relationship. He reminds me a lot of Dan. He wasn’t inclined to make a move, either. Tell me Hermione, how many other homes has he offered to ward?”


“He obviously doesn’t want you hurt, more so than his other friends. I have a knack for reading people, and he reads almost exactly like your father.”
Wednesday, 5 June 1996
Entrance to Gringotts
Diagon Alley

Harry met his four friends outside the bank.

“Well, shall we get this little adventure underway?”

Moving into the bank, they joined a queue. When the reached the counter, Harry spoke to the goblin.

“I’d like to speak to someone about my account and investments.”

“Name?” asked the goblin.

“Harry Potter.”

“One moment.” said the Goblin, scribbling something on a piece of paper before putting it on a coloured square of counter. A few moments later, another piece appeared, and the goblin took it.

“Fangnut will see you now. Follow the goblin over there by the end of the counter.” said the Goblin.

As they were led into a room, they saw a goblin sitting behind a desk, eating some jerky.

“Ah! Mister Potter! I wasn’t expecting to see you for another year. How can I help you?”

“Am I able to see a list of contents of the Potter Vaults and any properties the Potters own?”

“Certainly. Keep in mind that no money can be removed from the family vault until you are 17. Other items, however, can be.” said Fangnut as he rummaged around in his desk before pulling out a moderately thick file. Taking off some of the top papers, he handed them to Harry.

“You can keep those, we have more. Those detail the contents of your vaults. This,” he said handing another, much thinner stack to Harry, “Details the Potter properties. I’m surprised you don’t know about Potter Manor.”

“Potter Manor? Did Dumbledore know about that place?”

“To my knowledge, no. To know where it is, you have to visit it. You are the head of House Potter, so if you call your head elf, he should be able to take you there. His name is Geoffrey.”

Turning to Hermione, he sent an apologetic look. “Hermione, please don’t immediately try to free them.”

“I won’t. After seeing the elves at Hogwarts, I’ve realized that Dobby was a product of his treatment.”

Turning back to Fangnut, Harry asked another question.

“Is there some way to withdraw money from my vault without making a trip here?”

“Yes, we offer these money bags for wizarding money, and we have a debit card service through Barclay’s, but you need to be at least 17 to use it.”

“I’ll take one of the bags, then, and have enough galleons converted to have 400 pounds.”

As Fangnut scribbled on paper and moved it to a coloured square, Harry talked with his friends.

“So, do you want to take a look at Potter Manor?”

“Sounds like a good idea. We can look over the other properties later.” said Ginny.

“Well, if nobody has any objections, let’s do that.”

At that moment, another goblin hurried into the room with Harry’s bag and a stack of pound notes, which Harry took.

“Thank you, Fangnut. You don’t mind if we call Geoffrey from here, do you?”

“No, Mr. Potter, go ahead.”


A small pop announced the most unusual house elf any of them had ever seen. About 4 feet tall and looking more like a human than the caricature elves they were used to, he wore a sharp uniform, which had the Potter crest on it.

“Ah! Master Harry has called at last! We were beginning to think you didn’t know about Potter Manor.”

“Actually, I just found out about it from Fangnut, here. Can you take my friends and I there now?”

“Certainly, Master Harry.” said Geoffrey, before snapping his fingers and taking them to Potter Manor.
Wednesday, 5 June 1996
Entrance Hall
Potter Manor

They appeared inside what appeared to be an entrance hall only slightly smaller than that of Hogwarts.

“Welcome to Potter Manor, Master Harry.” said Geoffrey.

“Um, Geoffrey, how big is this place?” asked Harry, taking in the smooth granite walls and floor.

“Quite large, Master Harry. If I remember correctly, it is about a third smaller than Hogwarts.”

“Thank you, Geoffrey. And can you stop calling me master? I’d much rather be your friend than your master.”

“I can stop calling you Master, Harry, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are one.”

Harry sighed.

“How many elves do I own, Geoffrey?”

“34, sir.”

“While this is pleasant and all, weren’t we going to have a look around?” asked Ginny.

“Right. Can you give us a tour, Geoffrey?”
Wednesday, 5 June 1996
Drawing Room
Potter Manor

After the tour, which found the Manor to be an excellent residence for Harry, as well as the prefect place to base the ADA, Harry was sitting with Hermione looking over the list of properties, when she noticed something that caught her eye.

“What’s this ‘Storage House’ property, Geoffrey?”

“Many of Harry’s predecessors were avid collectors and archaeologists. Most of their finds and collections are stored there.”

“Have to make a trip there sometime in the future.” remarked Harry.
Wednesday, 5 June 1996
Granger Residence
South East London

Harry went with Hermione again, to speak to Dan about setting up some place at the manor for training, because, as Harry said “He’d have a better idea of what would be required than I would.”

Dan agreed to come with them to the manor that Saturday, and Harry went to find Hermione. He found her outside reading a book.

“Hermione, would you mind going shopping Saturday? I find myself without any clothes that aren’t Dudley’s cast-offs, and without a clue as to what to buy.”

“No, I don’t mind. I think you’ll look better in proper clothes, those shrunken ones just don’t look quite right. I can’t imagine why, your cousin is as wide as he is tall.” said Hermione.

“Yes, he is. He stuck to his diet for all of three weeks before giving up.” said Harry. “Pop over to Potter Manor whenever. I’m returning to the Dursley’s just long enough to clear out my stuff. See you Saturday.” said Harry, before popping off to Privet Drive to clear out his few belongings and inform the Dursleys of the change of residence.

Hermione headed back inside, which took her past her mother.

“What was that about?”

“He wants me to go shopping with him. To quote him ‘I find myself without any clothes that aren’t Dudley’s cast-offs, and without a clue as to what to buy.’ I’m supposed to meet him at his new house–heh, house. There’s a laugh. Castle, more like– sometime Saturday to go shopping. Why don’t you come with dad and I on Saturday, and you can look around.” said Hermione.

“He trusts you to choose clothes? How’d you manage to find one that lets you choose his clothes? And yes, I’ll come with you.”

“Mom, from what I know about how he grew up, he’s never been shopping for more than groceries.” said Hermione, walking out of the room.
Wednesday, 5 June 1996
Entrance Hall
Potter Manor

As Harry appeared in Potter Manor, he was greeted by Geoffrey.

“Good Evening, Harry.”

“Hello, Geoffrey. Geoffrey, do you know what wards are in place around the Manor?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Can you make out a list of them when you get a chance, please? I don’t need it right away.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Geoffrey, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but what makes you look so much different from other house elves I’ve seen?”

“I’m not sure, Sir. There were once more like me, but as far as I know, the only ones remaining are employed here.”

“Interesting. If you have any new thoughts on it, I’d be interested in hearing them. Maybe house elves are descended from your kind. They seem similar, and yet different. You seem more independent and well spoken than most elves. Is there a bedroom I can unpack my things in?” asked Harry.

“I’ll show you to your room, if you’ll follow me.”

As they made their way to one section of the castle that contained bedrooms, Geoffrey showed Harry into the master bedroom.

“Um, is there perhaps some place smaller? Less extravagant?” asked Harry, looking around the massive room.

“Certainly. The guest rooms are probably more to your liking.”

Arriving in one of the guest rooms, Harry looked around. “Much better. Still huge, but more reasonable. Thank you, Geoffrey.”

Apparently, in Potter Manor, even the guest rooms were like fully featured 1 bedroom flats without the kitchens. Harry unpacked his things, and then called Geoffrey and followed him to the kitchens, where he met the elves who did the cooking, named Toppy and Nod. After much discussing, he managed to convince them to allow him to help with the cooking, at least some of the time.

He went around the Manor, meeting many of the elves who worked for him, and found that while not used to the idea of time off, many did have hobbies, and he ended up agreeing that they would take at least one day off a month and do something other than their normal work that they enjoyed, but if they were needed, they would return to work. He noticed that the Potter elves seemed to speak using normal English, rather than the condensed kind that most elves seemed to use.

After helping prepare his dinner, and showing the elves that he was nearly as skilled as they were, he had the two elves sit with him at the table (that took some work), and they traded recipes and discussed food while he ate dinner.

As he headed to bed, he thought he had had a very productive day.
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