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Shopping, Shooting, and Spelling

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This follows year five for The Untitled Story. Same tags as Year 5. See Chapter 1 for detailed Summary. Year 5 is required reading if you want an idea of what is going on.

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A/N: Don’t mind my atrocious Latin. High School didn’t offer a class on it, so I’m going from limited experience with “Teach yourself” courses and online translators, which, incidentally, suck at going from English to Latin.

Chapter Two – Shopping, Shooting, and Spelling
Saturday, 8 June 1996
Granger Residence
South East London

As Hermione rounded up her parents for the trip to Potter Manor, she sighed.

“Yes, the way we’re getting there is safe. I travel that way all the time. Now hold on to an arm and we’ll be off.”

As she popped them to the Entrance Hall of the manor, they were met by Geoffrey.

“Good Morning, Miss Granger.”

“Hello Geoffrey, and it’s Hermione.” said Hermione.

Emma let out a small “Eep!” when she caught sight of Geoffrey. Seeing her look, Geoffrey laughed.

“He’s an elf, Mom.”

“One of those house elves you mentioned?” asked Dan, who seemed unfazed by Geoffrey.

“No, I am not a house elf, sir. I don’t know what kind of elf I am, actually. As I told Harry, there were once many more like me, but I believe the only ones left are employed here. Harry suspects, and I agree, that house elves are a subspecies of my kind, bred to be less independent.”

“Speaking of Harry, where is he?” asked Hermione.

“When I left him, he was talking to the elves that do the gardening. They seemed amazed that a wizard was speaking to them like an equal. Only Potters seem to do that.” remarked Geoffrey. “Would you like me to take you to him?”

Hermione ignored the raised eyebrow the “Only Potters seem to do that” comment drew from her mom.

“Yes, please. Oh, Geoffrey, these are my parents, Dan and Emma Granger.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Granger” said Geoffrey with a small bow.

As they made their way outside, they passed through seemingly endless acres of lawn, flowers, trees, and even by a good sized lake. They eventually found Harry still talking with a couple of the elves about the benefits of pruning.

As Harry said goodbye to the elves, they started back to the house–err, Castle.

“Ready to go, Hermione?” asked Harry.


“Mr. and Mrs. Granger, feel free to look around. If you need anything, call Geoffrey and he’ll either get it or show you where it is. Feel free to join me for a clothing bonfire when I get back.” said Harry, before popping to his room to get some money.

Hermione, shrugging, popped to him.

“This seems like it’s small for the master bedroom.” commented Hermione, looking at the room.

“That’s because it’s a guest room. The master bedroom was too large for me. Want to see it?” explained Harry.

“Sure.” said Hermione, before she looked at the amount of money Harry was taking. “Harry, unless you plan to–oh, never mind. You’ve never been shopping for clothes, have you?”

“No. The Dursleys left me at home or at Mrs. Figg’s. I have no idea what its likely to cost, where to shop, or anything.” said Harry, leading her to the Master bedroom.

As they reached the master bedroom, Hermione went in. “Yes, I can see how you might find it too big. Any larger and it would echo. Oooh! You have a private library!”

“I do?” asked Harry, following Hermione. “I guess I do. Remember, Hermione, shopping now, library later.”

“Oh, right! I’ll just pop us near a store then.”
Saturday, 8 June 1996
One of the Guest Bedrooms
Potter Manor

Hermione returned from their shopping trip with a new wardrobe for Harry, and some things for Hermione, who had eventually allowed Harry to pay for something for her.

As Harry unpacked his clothes, Hermione made a bee line for the library in the master bedroom. Changed into his new clothes, Harry joined her.

“So, have you found anything interesting yet?” asked Harry, finding Hermione near the back of the library.

“Some of these books are restricted by the Ministry, mostly because they have information of things the ministry would rather have a monopoly on. Un-traceable Portkeys, for instance.”

“Well, you’re welcome to come and browse whenever you want. Let’s go find your parents, since I’m supposed to show your dad around and look for a suitable place to train the ADA to use guns. Why don’t you show your mother around when I do that?”

As they left the library to find Hermione’s parents, a thought occurred to Harry. They found Mr. and Mrs. Granger in the main library. Harry thought Hermione must have gotten her love of books from her mother, since Dan looked bored, while Emma was emptying the shelves of any books relating to magical bindings.

“On second thought, it looks like your mom is quite engaged here. Researching magical bindings, I assume.” remarked Harry.

Hearing Harry, Dan looked up.

“Ah! Harry, you’re back! Before we found this library, I think I found a suitable place to train you. Why don’t we go there, and leave the ladies to their books?”

“An excellent idea, Mr. Granger. I guess I’ll see you later, Hermione?” said Harry.

“Most likely, though you may have a bit of a wait, looking at that pile.” said Hermione, before moving to the steadily growing mound of books on a table.

As Harry and Dam made their way to the prospective training area, they conversed about the dangers involved with finding libraries.

“I take it Hermione gets her love of books from her mother?”

“Yes. I don’t mind reading or anything, but well, you saw Emma.”

As they reached the area Dan had found, Harry looked around. They were standing in the grounds in a large flat area of lawn. Harry, having researched how guns worked, and the principles behind them, conjured a rather non-specific handgun, which he handed to Dan. After he conjured a target a ways down the field, Dan fired several times, hitting in a tight cluster in the centre of the target. The gun made nothing more than a series of “pfft” sounds when fired.

“Harry, what kind of gun is this?” said Dan, clearly impressed by the performance of the gun.

“It’s not really any particular kind of gun, I just conjured something that functioned like a handgun. I’ll need a physical gun, though, to carry around. Conjured items disappear after a time, which is why wizards don’t just conjure clothing or food.”

“How many will you need?”

“At least 30. The non-combat portion of the ADA won’t need them, but if they want to train to use them, I certainly won’t complain.”

“I’ll see what I can do. If you’re looking for ways to fight without magic, you might want to talk to Alastor. He was a, well, wizard, with a knife when I knew him.”

“That sounds like a good idea. That’s yet another weapon the death eaters won’t think to train for.”

As they returned to the library, Dan spoke again.

“I’ve heard that you wizards have a way to view memories. Would you mind letting me see the various things you’ve done so far? I might be able to give you some tips.”

“Sure. I’m sure there are ways to improve, but since we haven’t had anyone with any experience to train us, we’ve been sort of winging it. Geoffrey!” said Harry.

“Yes, Harry?” asked Geoffrey, appearing in front of Harry.

“Is there a Pensieve here?”

“Yes, would you like me to bring it?” asked Geoffrey.

“Could you take it to the library where Hermione and Emma are?”

“Yes, sir.” answered Geoffrey, before disappearing again.

When Dan and Harry reached the library, they found Hermione and Emma pouring over books, and the Pensieve on a nearby table. Walking over to it, Harry extracted his memories of the battle at the Ministry and Hogsmead, and the attack on the Gibbons, and placed them in the silver bowl.

“Just touch the surface, and you’ll be transported into the memory. Remember, you aren’t actually there, so you can’t be hurt.” said Harry, before touching the surface. Dan followed suit, and found himself in the Three Broomsticks with Harry standing next to him, and Harry with his friends a short distance away.

“The excitement is about to begin.” said Harry. Seconds later, the metallic explosion from the Hogwarts Express was heard, and the ADA began to shift into action after a piece of sheet metal crashed to earth outside the pub.

Dan alternated between shock, awe, and anger.

“Why did they attack the students?” asked Dan in a short lull before the news about the ministry arrived.

“They don’t care who you are. All they care about is causing you pain, no matter who you are. Ah, the Aurors bring the news.” said Harry, as the Aurors returned and then left again.

As they appeared in the Atrium, Harry started explaining what was happening.

“Those green jets are killing curses. The best way to survive them is to not get hit. That also happens to be the ONLY way, as far as we know. As you can see, the Aurors are not trained for heavy attack. I suspect that the death eaters will leave me and mine alone for the most part, now that we’ve shown we have no problem terminating them, and they want to see their families at the end of the day as much as anyone else. That person over there is Moody. Is that who you remember?”

“Well, he didn’t have so many scars or the peg leg, but yes, that’s him. Not that the peg leg seems to be causing him any issues.”

After finishing the memory of that battle, they viewed the attack on the Gibbons, starting from the beginning of the ‘test’.

“So, Dumbledore sprung this test on you at 4:30 in the morning? Nice response time, and good job securing the building.” said Dan, as he watched the team flow into the room from the storage closet and relieve Moody and Dumbledore of their wands.

“Thanks. The part I need the feedback on is coming in about 5 minutes.”

As Harry led the ADA from the room and upstairs, Dan and Harry followed. Arriving in the house with the team, Dan looked at the room they were in. Following the team, they arrived first at the kitchen, then the room at the end of the hall.

As that memory finished, they left the Pensieve, and Dan looked impressed.

“For having no prior training on how to handle those situations, you did remarkably well. It might have been less risky to enter the house from the outside through a door, though your appearing in the room like that certainly has the element of surprise.” said Dan, before they heard an exclamation of success from Hermione.

“You find something?” asked Harry hopefully.

“Maybe. We could try this spell that is supposed to remove binding on a person’s magic. It says that if it doesn’t work, all that should happen is nothing.” said Hermione, before turning to her mother. “Should I try it?”

“Well, either it works or not, so why not?”

“Annullo omnis magus coactusio” said Hermione, pointing her wand at her mother. After a few moments, her mother spoke.

“I don’t feel any different.”

Hermione case the highlight spell, and her mother no longer had the lines in the glow.

“I think it worked! There were no lines!” said Hermione excitedly, before pulling out her wand. Handing it to her mother, she instructed her on how to perform the Lumos charm. As a light shone from the end of the wand, Hermione was having a hard time standing still, with Emma having the same problem, until a thought struck Hermione.

“Harry, she just used my wand to do magic, and as it’s my wand, the ministry will think I did it. Will I get a–” started Hermione, before being interrupted by Harry.

“No, I doubt you’ll get a notice for underage magic use. If you do, I think you having your “Muggle” mother perform magic might get you off.” said Harry, with a grin.

After removing the bindings on Dan, they made their way to the kitchen to arrange for some food, as it was nearing five o’clock, and none of them had eaten any lunch. As Harry worked along side the elves making the food, Emma leaned over to Hermione.

“Oh, he can cook too! What other tricks can he do?”

Saturday, 8 June 1996
Potter Manor

While the Grangers and Harry ate, they discussed the training, and the education options for Dan and Emma. Hermione didn’t know if Hogwarts would teach them, and Harry was all for teaching them over the summer. Eventually, it was agreed that Harry and Hermione would teach them, and would look into whether they could attend Hogwarts. This led to another related topic.

“So, you two will probably want your own wands. When do you want to go and get them?”

“Well, the practice is usually closed Mondays, so we could do it then, if it’s not a problem.” said Dan

“No, it won’t be a problem, it’s not like I have a schedule to follow.” said Harry.

“I notice that you and Hermione don’t always use a wand. Is it possible to teach us that?” asked Emma.

“Oh yes. I taught Hermione some wandless magic on the train ride to Hogwarts in first year. Up until I got my Hogwarts letter, I didn’t know anyone else could do magic, let alone that there were ‘wands’ and things. Did you want to start learning some of that after we finish eating?” asked Harry.
Saturday, 8 June 1996
Potter Manor

Harry and Hermione sat in the Library with her parents, and a couple of books. One of the books was hovering about 6 inches off the table.

“I did it!” said Emma enthusiastically, before floating the other book up as well.

“Well, Hermione, you mother took to this like I took to flying. It took me ages to manage to control multiple things at once.” said Harry, watching the books float around the room at different speeds. Dan, who still hadn’t managed to levitate his book, was now asking his wife to return his to the table so he could continue trying.
Saturday, 8 June 1996
Potter Manor

As Harry checked the time, he stood up.

“Well, it’s almost nine thirty. If you want, I can set the three of you up in some of the guest rooms and you can stay the night.” said Harry, before he remembered he and Hermione could pop. “Or, we could just take you home instantly whenever you wanted.” finished Harry sheepishly.

“I think we’ll go home tonight. We didn’t pack anything, and since we don’t need to drive… We might stay tomorrow night though, so we can get an early start on our wands on Monday.” said Dan, Emma too busy floating books above them. Dan had finally mastered the wandless levitation, and suffered from the same problems Harry had.

“I don’t mind either way, and we can stop by the Ministry Monday as well. I need to speak with Mr. Weasley about whether adding some spells to those guns would be legal or not.” said Harry, wondering if he could get around the law because muggles would not be using the guns.

“What kind of spells?” asked Dan, thinking he knew where Harry was going with this.

“Conjuring charms on the magazine, so it never runs out of ammunition, for one. The bullets may eventually disappear, but you won’t become alive again when they do.”

“You could silence it with a spell, too, couldn’t you?”

“Probably, it’s something I hadn’t thought of.”
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