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Definately Not Disappointed

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Isobel and Bob's first date!

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Chapter 22

“So do you do this a lot?” Isobel asked. She and Bob were sitting by the wall of a restaurant which was primarily dressed in red. It was clearly a good restaurant, but nothing too fancy, like the hotel that Isobel worked in. This suited her perfectly, she was definitely sick of hanging around the posh snobs who stayed at the hotel and was glad to be rid of them for a night.
“Do what?” Bob asked, taking a sip of his drink, brow furrowing in confusion.
“Pick up girls while on the job.” Isobel stated calmly.
Bob almost choked on his drink then laughed, “Urm… no, you’re a first.”
“Wow, I’m flattered.” Isobel said with a half smile.
“Yeah, I’m a little surprised by myself for doing it.” Bob admitted.
“Why?” Isobel said, her turn to be confused.
“Well, technically I’m not really allowed to…” Bob confessed, frowning slightly.
“Very regulation kinda guy are ya?” Isobel mocked affectionately.
“Hmm… dunno, haven’t really thought about it. But I don’t go outta my way to get fired. Though I don’t really want to do this forever.” Bob said.
“What do you want to do?” Isobel asked.
“Not sure, but I don’t want to do this all my life, it’s just something for the meantime. Might do something in the music side of things.” Bob said, almost pondering to himself now.
“Cool, I have a friend, he works at the hotel with me, he keeps going on about how he and his guitar are gonna be famous one day.” Isobel laughed, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”
“Is he not very good?” Bob asked.
“No, no, he’s really good, but every time he finds a new band, says he’s gonna make it, and it never happens.” Isobel corrected.
“Ah, well maybe he just needs to find the right band.” Bob suggested.
“Maybe.” Isobel said, still slightly doubtfully.
“What about you?” Bob asked.
“Huh?” Isobel said, distracted.
“Gonna clean hotel rooms all your life?” Bob said, laughing and raising an eyebrow.
“Nah, just a temporary thing.” Isobel said coolly.
“What after that then?”
“Whatever comes along I guess.” Isobel shrugged.
“Not put much thought into it?” Bob said, neither of them had noticed that they were both leaning further forward into the table while talking.
“Not especially. Who knows maybe I will be a groupie if Frank ever does make it.” Isobel laughed.
“A foolproof plan, that one.” Bob said smiling.
“Yes, I thought so.” Isobel said.


It had gotten dark, and Bob and Isobel were walking back through central park, which was now lit up with the left over Christmas lights.
“So where do you live then?” Bob asked.
“Just round the corner here.” Isobel said, pointing to a street to their right.
“Well then, I will have to walk you to your door.” Bob said, smiling.
“Have to will you?” Isobel said, smiling back.
“Well of course.” Bob said, “being a police officer it is my duty to escort you safely to your house, where I can be sure you will be safe.”
“There’s no one around.” Isobel said, raising her eyebrow.
“That you can see.” Bob said darkly.
“Are you trying to scare me Detective Bryar?” Isobel said laughing.
“Are you mocking me?” Bob said, trying to hide his amusement.
“Would I do that?” She said innocently.
“Right answer! I’m afraid I don’t have a prize for you.” Isobel said, as they neared the door to her apartment building.
“Shame I like prizes.” Bob said, pretending to frown.
Isobel smiled as they came to a stand still. “Ah well I guess I don’t want you to go away disappointed.”
Then she leaned in and gave him a small kiss.
“Nope. Definitely not disappointed.” Bob said, smiling as Isobel turned towards the door to open it.
She turned around, “goodnight Bob.”
“Night Isobel.”
And she went into the building trying to hide her grin.


Isobel opened the door to her and Frank’s apartment quietly. She popped her head round the door, there was no sign of him.
She let out a quick sigh of relief, she hardly needed him drilling her right now. She closed the door gently behind her and went over to the couch, flopped onto it and smiled.
“Oh god, what have you done?” A voice sounded behind her. She snapped her head round.
Damn. He was leaning on his bedroom doorway, a smug look on his face as he looked at her.
Isobel didn’t answer him, but got up and made her way to her room.
“Oh dear, an even worse sign. Silence. From you. I should be grateful for this miracle, but I wanna hear what happened.” Frank mocked, following her.
She slipped into her room and tried to slam the door in his face, but he was too quick for her. He stuck his foot in between the door and pushed his way in.
“Go away.” Isobel moaned.
“Aww come on now, where’s the fun in that?” Frank said, pretending to pout in sadness.
“Leave me alone, I’ll tell you tomorrow.” Isobel pleaded.
“No you won’t.”
“I might…” Isobel said.
“No you won’t. Now or never, as Elvis said.” Frank pressed.
“Yes but you’re not trying to seduce me.” Isobel reminded him.
“Or am I?” Frank said, raising his eyebrows up and down.
“Piss off.” Isobel said.
“Do you talk to your lover like that?” Frank said, following her round the room while she tried to escape him.
“Fuck off.”
“Did he try to seduce you?” Frank said, trying to suppress laughter.
Isobel gave him a dirty look, but did not answer.
“Or was it you trying to seduce him?” frank said, pretending to cover his mouth in surprise.
“Shut up!” Isobel snapped, walking out the door and towards the bathroom.
“He a good kisser?” Frank persisted, leaning against the doorway.
“Frank, if you don’t leave me alone, I swear-” She began, trying to brush her teeth.
“Swear you’ll what? Ignore me? Give me the silent treatment? Please, it would be a luxury.” Frank chuckled.
Isobel spat into the sink and pushed past him.
“Come on Izz! I just want to know as your best friend. I have that right.”
“You have no rights to anything.” Isobel snapped.
“Well that puts me in quite a difficult position there doesn’t it?” Frank said, “that mean I have no right to clothes? Do you think I should take them off? Can I keep my shoes?”
“I don’t fucking care!” Isobel almost yelled.
“Better not, don’t want you getting over excited.” Frank said gleefully.
“Leave me alone!” Isobel groaned through her teeth.
“If I did that, I would never be able to annoy you. Then how would I live? How would I live Izz?” Frank continued, following her back into her room.
“I know I would live a lot happier.” Isobel snarled.
“All me me me with you, isn’t it? Do you act like this around him? Nah you’re probably too busy laughing at his jokes and batting your eyelashes.” Frank mocked.
“For fucks sake!”
“Oh and pouting, you do that too right? All you can to lure him in.” Frank winked.
Isobel was absolutely fuming now and she pushed him hard out of the door.
“For gods sake Frank, can I not have one night of peace? I will talk to you in the morning. That is if I haven’t killed you by then! Go run off to your little girlfriend at the hotel and bug her. Just leave me the fuck alone!” She shouted finally getting him out of the room and slamming the door.
“Love you too!” Frank said happily, resulting in Isobel chucking her hairbrush at the door where he had just exited. She listened to his laughter all the way over to his room.
“Asshole.” She whispered.
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