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Secretly Thrilled

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Frank goes to see Alex, and finds her in a bit of a state...

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Chapter 23:

Frank stood alone in the elevator this morning. Isobel had to work on the lower floors this morning. Frank’s happy mood from last night, after mocking Isobel, had disappeared. He held the short note that Alex had left him yesterday when they were meant to meet.

Sorry, Ray wanted to go out, meet me same time tomorrow, I’ll be there xxx

He remembered how gutted he had felt when he had first read the note, even though he knew he would only have to wait 24 hours to see her again. For some reason that felt like too long. Like he depended on seeing her now. Which was completely stupid and Frank mentally kicked himself.
He didn’t even know why he kept the note, it wasn’t exactly anything of significance. Another stupid sentimentality. He really had to get over this, it wasn’t like she would feel the way he did. Not that he felt anything much of course. This was just him being stupid again. And she was a guest. Which was bad. And she had just lost her parents. Also bad. Which meant there was no way he could tell her how he felt anyway. Not that there was anything to tell. It would only make things more difficult for her. He hardly needed to add anything more. That would be unfair. He wouldn’t do anything like that to her. That would be awful. Not that there was anything to do, because he didn’t like her. He was being stupid. That was it.
Frank mentally told himself to shut up, his own thoughts were annoying him. And confusing him.
He sighed just as he got to her door, he checked his watch, being paranoid. No need, he was right on time.
Frank slid the card key into the slot and opened the door cautiously. He popped his head around the side of the door and scanned the room for Alex.
She was her sitting up on her bed, hugging her knees to her chest. She jumped and looked up when she heard the sound of him entering the room. Her eyes were bloodshot and it was clear she had been crying.
“Oh, Frank.” She croaked, her voice rough. She swallowed, “sorry, hi, I forgot you were coming.” She reached a hand self consciously to her hair, which was unbrushed.
Frank walked over to her quickly, and sat beside her, he pushed her hair back from her face, resting his hand on the side of her face “What happened?”
“You’ll think I’m stupid.” Alex said, attempting to laugh, but failing.
“I would never,” Frank said, eyes wide in honesty.
“Well, it just…kind of all sunk in…ya know, that my parents are…” She choked and let out a sob, unable to continue.
Frank pulled her into a hug, “that’s not at all stupid. I don’t blame you for being so upset, I know I would be.”
Alex couldn’t say anything else, she just cried quietly against his chest, his arms around her.
“Where’s your brother?” Frank asked after a while. He was annoyed at himself, because even though she was upset, he couldn’t help but be secretly thrilled to have her so close to him as he held her.
“He went out, needed to go meet my auntie…make arrangements for…later today.” Alex just about explained, shaking with tears.
Frank guessed later was the funeral, he regretted asking and reminding her.
“Sorry, you gonna be able to go?” Frank asked quietly.
“I-I have to…I would never forgive myself if I didn’t.” Alex said, pulling back from Frank’s embrace regretfully and wiping her eyes with her sleeve.
“Yeah, I guess.” Frank said, his hand still on by her face reached up and wiped away a stray tear she had missed.
“I’m sorry you had to see me like this.” Alex said, trying to control her voice, “I’m a mess.”
“Hey, it’s fine. It’s only to be expected. Anyway, I’d hate to think of you up here alone dealing with this.” Frank said, dropping his hand down, so it rested next to hers.
Alex smiled weakly, reaching over to hold his hand, she squeezed it gently, “thanks. You really don’t have to, ya know.”
“I know.” Frank said, squeezing back, “but I want to.”
She looked up into his eyes and smiled slightly, trying to show her gratitude to him without having to say it. He smiled at her, which she took as that he got the message.
“Do you want to get out of here?” Frank asked.
“Nah. I don’t feel up to going out. Anyway I look awful.” She said, catching a glance at herself in the mirror and grimacing.
“No you don’t.” Frank said softly, she looked quite the opposite of awful to him. He instantly bit back his thoughts. Not the time. “Just want to hang out here then?”
“Yeah, I’d like that.” Alex said. “What shall we do?”
“Could book a movie on the TV.” Frank suggested, shrugging.
“Oh, no, those things are way too expensive.” Alex said.
“Alex, hello.” Frank said, “I work here, consider it on the house.”
“Really? You can do that?” Alex asked.
“You know me, I can do anything,” Frank said, flashing a smile.
“Let’s not go overboard.” Alex said, nudging him gently.
“Go on then, pick a movie.” Frank said handing her a remote.
“’Kay” Alex said, taking it from him and lying back on the bed while she flicked through the movies.
Frank lay back with her.
Through the movie each time one of them moved and brushed against the other Frank felt an electric jolt through him, his stomach flipped and heart skipped a beat. He knew it was stupid and crazy, but he couldn’t help it. And, if he was honest, he didn’t really want to help it either.
Little did he know that Alex felt exactly the same…

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