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Ch.9: Parametics

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911 phone call, parametics, and flirting

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"Call 911!" yelled Frank while running to Elena,"Come on Elena, wake up. Wake up! I don't want to lose you already. I just met you. Please be alright!" tears running down his face.

"The parametics will be her in a couple seconds," said Ember closing her phone shut. Just then the parametics arrived.

"Get out of the way!" yelled a parametic,"Who's going?" asked the parametic while putting Elena on the stretcher.

"I am!" screamed Frank.

"What is your relation to her?" he demanded.

"I'm her father."

They put Elena into the ambulance and Frank hoped in to.

"We'll meet you there!" yelled Bob, just as they shut the doors and sped off.

"Wanna come with us?" asked Mikey shyly.

"Um...ya, sure," answered Ember.

"Guys, this isn't a time for flirting!" joked Ray, earning him a punch in the arm from Mikey, a glare from Ember, and richious laughter from the rest of MCR.

"Bob's right. We gotta head to the hospital now," said Gerard. So they all climbed in to their bus and went on their way to the hospital.

I did it make it up I will update all the chapters that I was supposed to already have out, out now. R&R&R. Make sure to read my other story 'My Foster Romance'
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