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Ch.10: Pink Walls

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Hospital, pink walls, and a selfish Gerard

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I can't believe this...I have a fucking DAUGHTER! and right when I meet her she getts shot. WHAT THE FUCK?! I'm sad 'cause she's hurt and I'm bouncing off the walls because I have a daughter. Actually in can just be the skittles I just ate....Anyways....I know she will pull through. I just know it.

Normal POV

Frank and Elena arrived at the hospital and the parametics rushed her to the E.R. He waitedin the white waiting room for his friends to arrive. This place needs some color! he thought. Hmmm...maybe PINK! Then the guys and girl came in running.

"How's Elena?" they all asked, anxtious to hear the news and their friend and soon-to-be amost- like-a-sister.

"Um, I don't know yet, but don't you guys think this place should have pink walls?! shouted Frank. The people in the waiting room, staring at him.

"Frank, your daughter just got shot is in the hospital...and you're thinking the walls need more COLOR?!" screamed Mikey.

"Ya, and she saved my life!" yelled Gerard. The boys then cleared their throats," I mean OUR lives." Gerard corrected himself, blushing.

"Why does everthing have to be about you?" said Bob, Ray agreeing.


"Ya-hu!" replied Ray and Bob. While this was going on they didn't notice the doctor starting to approach them.

"Are you here for a Miss Beniero?" asked the doctor, scaring the living shit out of the guys and Ember.

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