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Ch.11:Doctor! Doctor!

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An impatient doctor, and a.....quiet Frank..?

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"Are you here for a Miss Beniero?" asked a doctor scarring the living shit out of the guys and Ember.

"Woah!" "What the FUCK!?" and "AHHH" was heard from all of them.

"Well are you or not?" asked the impatient doctor.

"God, you don't have to get all butt hurt...jeez," said Frank,"and yes, we are."

"OK, well, the bullet didn't get her internal organs, so she's fine. All we sis was pretty much give her stitches." at that Gerard flinched. He was deathly afraid of needles.

"Can we go and see her?!" screamed Frank and Ember together.

"Yes you can, just don't make a lot of noise." that being said, Gerard started laughing so hard.

"Yo-you can't b-be serious! laugh Frank ca-can't be quiet, especially after ha-having skittles," stuttered Gerard, wiping away falling tears.

"Well, if he doesn't then he can't go and see his daughter." Gerard stopped laughing immediately and looked directly at Frank. Frank closed his mouth tightly AND even stood still.

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