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Ch.12: Room 666

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a phyiciatrist?, another outburst, and pleading.

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The doctor led us to room 666(ironic).

"Don't make a lot of noise, she needs her rest after what she's been through," said the doctor. Hurry up and leave! Jeez. "One more thing," He's really getting on my nerves, " You might want to take her to a physciatrist."

"What? Why!?" I screamed. I looked at Elena, to Ember, then back to the doctor to see their reactions. When I looked at Elena, but she was asleep so that was hopeless. I lookes at Ember and she looked nervous. She was looking at the doctor with a...pleading look? I can't tell. I'm not good at those things.

"I'll her tell you," said the doctor, nodding his head in Elena's direction.

"Alright," I replied reluctantly, staring at Ember. She looked relieved...I wonder why.

I ran to Elena's bedside"YAY!!" I screamed," Elena, honey. It's time to meet your daddy!"

"Mr. Iero! One more outburst and you won't be seeing your daughter!" the doctor said, looking very angry.

"Sorry, sorry, God.." Can't you just leave already?

I grabbed Elena's hand and looked at her closed eyelids, pleading for her to awaken so we could talk.


I know, I know....EXTREMELY late.
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