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He's Gone, Move On

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Mike's POV. A little bit of cussing.

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I sat down on the dark blue couch, it had his memory all over it. The house was haunted with him. I rubbed my tear stained eyes. Tre walked downstairs. He had been crying.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey." he replied.

"Tre, do you think if we-" he cut me off.

"Mike! He's gone... Move on. He's not coming back, so what? Forget him!" he snapped at me.

"But, it's all our fault, we made him leave!" I exclaimed. I burst out crying. He shot me a glance. I ran, far away from him. It was all my fault my best friend left. I ran into the bathroom, I threw off my socks, revealing small cuts on my feet. I took the razor blade out of the cabinet. Tre didn't care to notice the razors had gone missing, he didn't care. Nobody cared. Green Day was over, I didn't matter to the world.

The door, and great place to carve a goodbye, and a sorry.

This house is haunted with your memory Billie, I'm sorry I drove you away. You won't miss me. I hope your happy wherever you are. Tre, you don't care. But I love you, I love you and Billie. Please don't cry, I was just a burden on both of you. I love you guys. Goodbye, forever.
-Mike Dirnt

Michal Pitchard

I sighed. The razor blade close to my wrist. One for the money, I cut a deep cut in my wrist. Two for the show, another deep cut. Three to get ready, one more cut. and four to go, a deep cut down my whole arm, cutting my vein deep. Fuzzy, I couldn't see very well.

"Goodbye fuckers!" I laughed, I fell down, dying, yes finally! Out of misery! Out of pain! Out of... Out of...
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