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“I swear if you tell her I will bury your short ass six feet under.”

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As Christmas got closer, Gerard got moodier. Frank pointed this out one afternoon as he lounged on Gerard’s bed while he sat working at his desk.

“I know why your in such a bad mood.”

“Why,” Gerard asked glancing over his shoulder.


“What about her?”

“You miss her.”

Gerard scowled, “No I don’t.”

“Yes you do. Ever since you two broke it off, you’ve had a bad attitude.”

“No I have not,” Gerard snapped, “If your going to be a nuisance you can leave.”

“Shutting up.”

“Thank you.”


Gerard’s scowl changed into a glower as he stared at the charcoal in his hand.

“Could you hand me that box of charcoal on the shelf?”

Frank nodded and stood up on Gerard’s bed. As he lifted the box off of the shelf, a smaller box fell off the edge.

“Here,” Frank said handing over the charcoal.

Once Gerard took the box, Frank bent down and picked up the small black velvet box.

“What the hell,” he muttered as he opened the box.

“What?” Gerard asked.

“You son uva bitch, you were going to propose to Pailsey,” Frank laughed as he studied the ring in his hand.

Gerard turned around and glared at Frank.

“I swear if you tell her I will bury your short ass six feet under.”
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